Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“Jesus, Mandy,” I said after a long pause. “Are you going to tell the therapist all that? I’d be afraid to.”

“I already crossed the line, didn’t I?” Amanda asked, looking down.

“I don’t know. I’m in the same boat pretty much,” I admitted without saying how much. “I feel like I’m losing control.” I looked at my friend and tried to communicate with my eyes that I understood her feelings.

“What are we gonna do, Syl?”

“Well…” I said, thinking. The hamster wheel in my mind was churning overtime. “Why don’t we get our minds off of it today? We can go to a spa. Just treat ourselves and relax today. Tomorrow, you are going to see the therapist so there is no use worrying today.”

I was too scared to just be honest with her about me and David, but I could definitely relate to the conflicted feelings and thoughts she was having now. And the sexual need and hunger she was wrestling with.

“I don’t know, Syl, I really don’t feel like doing anything,” she responded.

“That’s why you should. Look, I just got a ten thousand dollar commission check. Lets go to the spa, and then go shopping. My treat,” I insisted. “You told me this stuff for a reason, I’ve been going through the same kind of feelings.”

I called to set up the appointment while Amanda got ready. I got us manicures, pedicures, massages, and a brazilian wax. I texted David while she was in the bathroom.

Hey baby.. I’m going to the spa with Amanda. There’s some tension with her and Robbie and she’s a little flustered.

Ok, Mom.

Yeah I heard about that..

From Robbie?


You didn’t tell him about us, right?

No, I didn’t.

Sorry.. Just checking.

Its ok.

What are you saying to Mrs. LaRusso?

I’m just seeing where she is at mentally. I actually admitted to her before anything ever happened with us that I had looked on your computer and how that made me feel.

Hmm. Do you think Rob has a chance?

Honestly.. I don’t know. They have a different relationship than you and me.

I told him I’d text him later on, once I’d talked to her more. Amanda was where I was almost a week ago, the last time I was at her house. I was very vulnerable, if I remember correctly, and that was the night my son peeled off my panties while we were watching TV. Maybe she’s that close too, I thought. She reached out for help, after all, but what kind of help could I give? Help to get her naked and cumming on her son’s hard dick? The thought made me extremely aroused, but I really couldn’t risk telling her my secret, so I just decided to play it cool for now. But I knew I would love to be able to share this secret with my best friend. I would love to have another mom with me on this journey going down the same road with her son.

As we drove to the spa, I was saying we should plan to go down the shore this weekend and get away from the boys, get a hotel room and have a night on the town. She was just going along with it but didn’t seem enthusiastic.

“Come on, Mandy. We could be cougars. We should go down to the beach where no one knows us, get glammed up and strut around in our bikinis. It’ll feel good to be sexy and get some attention,” I said.

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