Mousy mom submits to son, Then sets up her friend to fall

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“Mom-” he interjected, still breathing heavily.

“I’m not a slut,” I said with sincerity, continuing to massage his balls and cock. I was choosing to do this. “I haven’t been with anyone like this for such a long time. Since Daddy left. No one makes me feel…” I wasn’t sure what I was trying to convey to him, but I felt the need to explain myself. I had been looking at his dick but I looked back up at his face.

“I’m falling for you,” I admitted. “This is so hard, as a mother… I’m so ashamed. But I need this, baby.” I squeezed his cock in my hand. He looked back at me thoughtfully, playing with my hair and caressing my face with both hands. “I read what you wrote about me.” I started kissing up the entire length of his penis. “It got me wet and I masturbated.” I licked all the way up his cock and sucked on the tip for a moment before asking, “You really think I’m pretty?”

“Mom, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. No one else comes close,” he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me to stand up. I felt dizzy. He held me in his arms and his cock pressed against my stomach. “I think of you every time I cum. Ever since I was old enough to get hard.” I shivered.

He kissed my forehead and then led me by the hand past the counter into the living room. He gestured for me to sit back on the couch. It felt so surreal to be in my familiar living room, in the dark, my eyes adjusted to the blue moonlight, with my naked son. My boy. His cock bobbed up and down as he moved to help me sit. Its like I was in another dimension.

“I wanna make you cum, Mom,” he said as I opened my knees instinctively and placed my feet on the couch. I looked down at myself spread before him. My lips were engorged and open, my shaved mound and inner thighs glistening and slick with my pussy juice. I had shaved and tried to be perfect for him. I knew this was going to happen. I had never been more aroused in my life, I felt like I was floating in a dream. It didn’t feel real. My nipples were so hard, poking against the satin of my nightwear. I pushed the straps off my shoulders and pulled my cami down to let it bunch up around my waist.

“No,” David said. I looked up at him, not understanding. “Take this off, Mom.” He had grabbed my cami and began pulling it off. I raised my arms to help him. It went past my head then onto the floor. When I opened my eyes, I saw cock. I zoomed back out and saw his whole body and his face. I’d never seen that expression before on my son. I looked down at my own body, now fully naked.

Fuck. I’m naked, I thought. A mother and her son as they really are, no hiding, no clothes. A man and woman. David knelt down in front of the couch, staring mesmerized at my aroused genitalia.

“You’re fucking beautiful, Mom, look at you,” he said as he drew closer, glancing between my pussy and my eyes. I looked at my own pussy.

“Look at me,” I repeated, in a daze. “Fuck,” I moaned, “Look at what you did to me, baby. Look at what you did to mommy..” I whispered.

He kissed my thigh. He put his hands on my legs and looked me in the eyes as he crept closer. He kissed my other thigh. I could feel my pussy literally dripping and going down the crack of my ass.

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