Unforgettable night with bhabhi

Hello all the readers of this amazing site. I want to share a true story of my own with u. I m Ankit from kanpur, 20 yrs old a young and handsome boy. I live with my parents, brother and bhabhi. bhabhi is my dream girl since she came in our house. Her name is

My lovely sister

My self harry patel I m from surat , gujarat . I usually see this story . I divided to tell my own story to world so plzz listen if u like then review in my email (which is in the end) 2 year ago when my parents go to couple trip for 10 days

Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-6

Hi all.!!! I’m Arun..! “Thanks sex4stories for the regular publish” Read part-1 , part-2 , part-3 , part-4 and part-5 before this…!!   To continue…..!!   “It was a LONG DREAM come TRUE DAY” “Me and MY LUSTY QUEEN in BED …sounds good right…” “After that incident , I was very happy and positive ,

PART TWO: My niece and her girlfriend seduce me at the age of eight for my cock

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Fucking my sister

Hi guys. I’m Sarath 19 years and i just entered Btech. I’m from Hyderabad but my college is far away so i live in a hostel. We got summer holidays so i was going back home. In my house i live with my elder sister Meghana age 24, my mom and dad. Our house is

Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-5

Hi all..!!! I’m Arun..! “Thanks sex4stories for regular publish” I hope you all enjoyed all previous parts.. Read part-1, part-2 , part-3 and part-4 before this part. To continue… “As Rani maa clearly shown me the intent , I was all pumped and ready for next day.” “As I decided that I should accomplish my

Sister forced on train

Once me and my sister Urmila was travelling in train from our uncle house to our home and what happened after is the rest of the story. Before starting the story let me introduce myself and my sister, my name is Rahul and my sister name is Urmila, her age is 24 and her size