My best day with vizag aunty

Na name aditya. And I am from vizag. VIZAG AUNTIES OR GIRLS FEEL FREE TO MAIL ME OR PING ME ON HANGOUTS….ekkada leni sukham istha🙈….prema tho istha🥰 Nenu vizag lo manchi top engineering college lo B. Tech second year chaduvtunna. This is my first story. 2 years nundi kamakathalu chaduvtunna. Okasari na real life experience

I’m your MAN and I’m gonna tear you apart “BITCH” – First ever POV story – Part1

Hi this is me Aadhi, a 25 year old Passionate Wild guy from Chennai. I’m Slim, well built, nice brown color, black eyes and curly haired. We have been known each other for few months.. We met through a random app. We shared a great bond. Days past we became really close and we started

Enjoying a nice threesome with sisters

Hey guys, it’s me Ranjith again. So in the last part I banged my elder sis Pratyusha and my little sis Siri saw it. So that night we both planned for a threesome. We didn’t know how Pratyusha would react if ask her directly so we made a different plan. After dinner we were casually

How cousins turned into lovers

Hello everyone this is Danish this side. I am a great fan of sex4stories and a regular reader as well so I decided to share a real life incident that happened in 2004 between me and my cousin sister (Masi’s daugther) who is about 6 years elder to me. Since the incident is very old