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Welcome back my dear lovers reader… Hope every one was doing great. My name is Praveen and I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. Ika story loki velte maa intlo nenu pinni babai matrame untunnam. Ma amma nanna Dubai lo unnaru. Nenu urlo undi chaduvu kuntunnanu, nenu degree 1st year chaduvutunna. Nenu intermediate holidays lo

My Mother, My Love

Hi Readers, I am Vinay (a.k.a Vinny), currently 26 years old, we reside in New Delhi and I am going to tell you a real incest story happened between Me and my real Mom, Anita. Somehow I gathered the strength to write down my experience. Happy reading!!! Let me describe my family first. We are

Quickie in the Office

As I sat on a bench outside my office building, reading a mystery novel, I was lost in my own world. Sure it was a bit chilly, but it was quiet and a chance to escape the busy world. Occasionally someone walked by, but I barely noticed; the book was too good. Without a word,

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Hello folks. Hope all doing good firstly let me introduce my self, nenu Praveen reddy. I’m from Tirupathi and 6 feet unta, nenu working as professional on top mnc. My dear readers nenu mi Varun reddy, gurthunda untanu ankunta. Andaru bagunnaru ani asisthu katha prarambisthunna. Chala long gap vachindi, corona tho ika story vishayam ki