Bengalee Film Queen 13

Episode : 13 ************ With his pants and underwear around his ankles, Kader sat down in his chair behind the desk without covering his slimy cock which was hanging obscenely like a pendulum from his groin. In that semi-nude state, he sat luxuriously on his wheel chair and rolled it forward. He trapped the young

Mummy aur Javed ki love story

Hi friends, mai hoon Raj, age 24 Uttar Pradesh se, aur ye ek love story hai, meri mummy ki. Doston, ye kahani suru hoti hai aaj se 4 saal pehle, jab mai 20 saal ka tha. Mai apni mummy Rupali k saath UP mai rehta tha. Mere family mai mere papa, mummy aur meri behen

Jacob fucks Sarada

Jacob and Melvin planned to fuck Sarada at any cost. So one night both went to her house when her husband was not there. Sarada was surprised to see them at that time Jacob pushed her inside and locked the door.Sarada got frightened and ran inside her bed room and both followed her. Jacob caught

Bebo or Lolo ke saath pyar ki Kaamlila

Karishma Kapoor or Kareena Kapoor (Film Actress) se pyar se Chudai Kari….. Hello Doston. mera naam Humraaz hai= Ahmedabad ki upper middle class family se hun. aapko aaj March 2000 ki ek sachchi ghatna Bata raha hun. Mumbai me main kuchh kaam se gaya tha. chopati par mashoor Film actress Karishma Kapoor (Lolo) ki kisi

Amazing affair with sexy reader

Hello to all readers. This is Kumar writing from Bangalore once again. Feels good to be writing one more story after long time and this one happened much before the lockdowns. As always, I would appreciate the support from the readers who share the feedback and comments via my email. This story involves one of

Bengalee Film Queen 12

Episide : 12 *********** Abdul Kader Sk then sat behind his oversized black desk spreading out pictures of the young, promising actress Rajnandini Dutta and reminiscing her Mother Indrani Dutta. He couldn’t forget that day when Indrani came to him to get a chance two yrs ago for his first film in Tollygunge Film-industry. Oh….

Fucked Up My Hot Neighbour Swathi

I’m Rakesh and this is my story about how I fucked my neighbour Swathi. I am tall well looking person. My dick is 6 inch and I’m 18 years old. Swathi is my neighbour and she is a masterpiece in our area because she has a perfect body which any one can look twice. Her

CHANDANI Lady Prefessor se Pyar se Kaamlila Sambhog

Hello Doston Mera naam Humraaz hai. Ahmedabad ki upper middle class family se hun. Umra 37 saal. Aaj main aapko Meri Zindagi ki ek Sachchi ghatna ke bare me Bata raha hum. aaj se 17 saal pehle ki baat hai. Tab main College ke pehle saal ki padhai Kar raha tha. Hamare college ki ek

Bengalee Film Queen 11

Episode : 11 ************ Eight months were passed since the introduction of her new profession as a high class callgirl and Gargi was now totally free from all types of monetary obligations. Now she entertained her customers once a week only…. earning more than six lakh in a month, so that she could spend most