Natasha’s Desires Unleashed: Taboo encounters with an old man.

Natasha had always been known as the hottest girl in her college. Natasha is a captivating 19-year-old. Her dark hair frame her alluring pale complexion and stunning brown eyes. A nose ring adds to her seductive appeal. Her lips, plump and velvety, are painted with a deep shade of red. Defined collarbones and a perfectly … Read more

The cursed Beauty

The Cursed Beauty Episode -1The Enchanted Hut “Roopsi is an Apsara – a Demigoddess, she possesses supernatural magical powers and had been residing in Swarg. However, she was cursed by Indra, resulting in her expulsion from Swarg for three years.During this time on Earth, Roopsi lost her special powers due to the Curse. Eventually, after … Read more

Getting fucked by Professor leads to filthy sex with a beggar

I was failing the semester like any other whore who is too distracted to study. Most of the other topics were passable, but I was especially weak at Taxation. I desperately needed to pass by doing anything possible. On a fine day in the evening when my 53 year old Taxation professor Bipin usually got … Read more

The Descent

“Would you like to eat my ass?” she asked nonchalantly, while biting down on a piece of carrot she brought to her mouth. It was the clear late evening of a sunny August day. They were having dinner in the living room, while the distant city lights would peer through the giant window installed as … Read more

Roped In

She discovered the usefulness of her pretentious demeanor ever since an early age. Maybe it was the way she was destined to be or maybe it just was the simple way that the world works. Those who request often get what they want, while those who keep silent often miss such opportunities. Stephanie knew that … Read more

Fantasy with servant’s flip flops

Me and my wife have job so we depended on a servant lady for household works. The lady was so beautiful and she had big size breast and hoods. Her make up was so minimal yet her beauty was matchless. I have been acting decent to her. But inside me her beautiful legs was always … Read more

Fucking my girlfriend mother by accident

Mum of My Girlfriend, Fucking my girlfriend mother by accident My girlfriend Emma was in town and I was walking to meet her. She was my height and about a size 10 UK. For her size she had very nice C cup breasts. She had blonde hair down past her shoulders, a blue satin top … Read more

Long Jet Black Oily Hairjob

Hey guy’s ik ikr it’s been really long seens I had posted my last story :- My Muslim Tenant and her mangoes Been stuck In the circle of life 😅 seen then. I still have those mangoes in between no doubt NW they hav become bigger coz she got pragent 😉 This story has lil … Read more

Memories of a “Dirty Old Man”

I’m probably what you call a “dirty old man”. How “dirty” I am, I leave to your judgment. Only at a relatively old age, did I become sexually active and finally I came across the topic of “spanking”, which then shaped me quite a bit sexually. How it came about and how it went on, … Read more

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