Maid from Heaven – Part 40

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 39 ). Now let’s continue This is when my phone rang and it was Chetan. I took the call in the other room, Chetan said “Dear can I please come and meet you now”? I said “I am not sure if that is a … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 36

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 35 ). Now let’s continue I wanted to watch over her in case she got in trouble. After all I was the one pushing her to do all this for my own voyeuristic satisfaction. I reached home a little past 2pm and Uma took … Read more

Tailor made my mother wet

My name is Gautham (changed) from a Tamil family in Bangalore for three generations. The incident happened in 2014. You believe it or not, it really happened, but I have added some imagination to spice it up. It’s about my mother, who is traditional and deeply religious, everybody respects her, but also doesn’t know why, … Read more

Natasha, the Shopkeeper and the heavy rain

Let me begin the story by telling you about the main character. Natasha is a striking young woman with pale skin and long, black hair that cascades down her back in soft waves. Her delicate features are accentuated by her large, blue eyes, which sparkle with a mix of innocence and curiosity. A nose ring … Read more

Domination by sugar mummy – Part 1

Hi All, This is story were I became a slave to foreign lady. Iam joywin iam from Bangalore and working in a corporate company. Iam 28 and single. Coming to the story, i had a abroad friend her name is Sandra and she is from UK. She was in her mid 40’s and she was … Read more

Natasha’s Desires Unleashed: Taboo encounters with an old man.

Natasha had always been known as the hottest girl in her college. Natasha is a captivating 19-year-old. Her dark hair frame her alluring pale complexion and stunning brown eyes. A nose ring adds to her seductive appeal. Her lips, plump and velvety, are painted with a deep shade of red. Defined collarbones and a perfectly … Read more

The cursed Beauty

The Cursed Beauty Episode -1The Enchanted Hut “Roopsi is an Apsara – a Demigoddess, she possesses supernatural magical powers and had been residing in Swarg. However, she was cursed by Indra, resulting in her expulsion from Swarg for three years.During this time on Earth, Roopsi lost her special powers due to the Curse. Eventually, after … Read more

The Cave

The four of us were thrilled by our discovery. We cleared away the vines from the cave entrance and couldn’t wait to do some exploring. Roger ran back to the Jeep and returned with the head lamps. We quickly removed all of our clothing except for our hiking shoes and put on the lamps. Susan … Read more

Getting fucked by Professor leads to filthy sex with a beggar

I was failing the semester like any other whore who is too distracted to study. Most of the other topics were passable, but I was especially weak at Taxation. I desperately needed to pass by doing anything possible. On a fine day in the evening when my 53 year old Taxation professor Bipin usually got … Read more

The Descent

“Would you like to eat my ass?” she asked nonchalantly, while biting down on a piece of carrot she brought to her mouth. It was the clear late evening of a sunny August day. They were having dinner in the living room, while the distant city lights would peer through the giant window installed as … Read more

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