Home alone with my young hot neighbours

Home alone with my young hot neighbours Hi everyone, My name is Jean and I’m 21 year old now. I am 6 feet tall and having a very muscular body as I am a athlete. This is a incident happend in 2020 during the lockdown. The heroine is 27 and she is a mother of

The MLM Conference Rapist

Baronne MLM conference (m/f, i/r, n/c) Standard Disclaimer! This is a fictional story intended for Adults only! The annual Baronne Multi-Level Networking Marketing (MLN) conference was happening in the Bahamas as usual. All the usual Baronne pyramid experts would be there showering fake praise on the people who had made them the most money and

Raped by my dog

We live in Florida and I’m naked most of the time. We have a gorgeous all white 100lb pit named Lucky. When hubby rescued him he was close to death, but he’s now a healthy big boy. Well one day I was going out to our pool. I was naked laying on my lounge chair

Wife with the boy next door and isn’t happy

Wife with the boy next door and isn’t happy He’d jerked off twice today and he was still horny. Worse than that, he was bored. At least in uni always had something he should be doing, even if it was only writing an essay. But even that was better than this because he could always text Debs

Sucking Sissy

Living alone for quite some time jacking off to regular porn just wasn’t doing it anymore, I started watching humiliation porn, cross dressing, and sissy. Reading about these guys wearing womens panties, stockings, guarders and such was a real turn on, they even had life like tits, I was very excited at all this, so

IAML: First Ride

I_AM_MARCUS_LENNOX: FIRST RIDE By GUE DRIP…DRIP…DRIP… The sound of a leaking faucet breaches the airwaves of the small hotel room as I sit on my queen size bed quietly, feeling uneasy, this isn’t working. I look down at my cell phone, the time states 12:31 am., but it feels like it’s already seven in the

Play with Silky Girl

Its a fantastic moment where it’s a chance to remember my silky hair queen. Its fantastic experience to remember silky hairplay and braid play. Some years ago I have my friend who have sexy hairs and beautiful shining braid. Its always flaunting till her bumps. Braid is also moving on her boobs when she take

Humiliation goes wrong

Being single and older, I learned through the years humiliation really was a turn on for me. I experimented with womens panties, stockings and such. Yea it was ok. Discovering Craigslist, I would get dressed up in my panties and such, read the ads, and jack off. There were many ads some I would answer.

Neighbour Mature Muslim Widow Fucked Hard

This incident happened when I was working in Guwahati. Last year around Diwali, my next-door neighbour Shazia, a widow age 49, asked if I can help her in cleaning as she was alone. I have lived next door to Shazia for a few years after her husband died I had never known her to date


Being alone for some time my sexuality wondered into, crossdressing, I started reading about and watching porn. The men all said it was a huge turn on. So I started ordering items. I found my look, and it was quite exciting, I just love the feel of nylon panties against my cock. I ordered some

Extreme measures to get pregnant lead to hot new fetish

Sally was staring into her coffee trying to sort out what she wanted to do next. She was at a truck stop at the edge of town that she had barely known existed a few weeks ago. Though it was pretty big, with a large diner and even showers available for the long-haulers, it just

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