Dad has sex with daughter with mom’s permission

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Dad has sex with daughter with mom’s permission,

It was early spring. My wife Ada, daughter Lisa and I were sitting in the den resting from working in the yard. We had trimmed some trees and shrubs. Lisa had stacked the road for compost pickup.

Lisa was twenty. She had never had a steady boyfriend. She would date someone a few times then find a reason not to go out with them again. Lisa was five four. She had light brown hair that came to her shoulders. Lisa had a nice figure with 34B breasts. Her legs and shoulders were tanned as I knew from seeing her in shorts and tank tops.

“Lisa don’t you have a date with Jim?” asked Ada.”

“I did but I don’t want to go out with him tonight. He is getting too clingy. I need time away from him. I guess I’ll stay in tonight and watch TV or write fan fiction,” Lisa answered.

“Why don’t you get Daddy to take you on a date like you used to?” Ada asked.

I had until she finished high school made a habit of taking her somewhere once a month. Sometimes Ada went with us other times it was just Lisa and myself. We never did anything fancy. We would take in a movie or go out to eat. We had not had a daddy, daughter date in a long time.

Lisa asked, “Would you daddy? Would you take me out tonight?”

“If you want to,” I said. “We will do something.”

“Okay, Daddy we will have loads of fun.”

“Do you want to come too?” I asked Ada.

“Oh no. This is a Daddy daughter date. Besides I a meeting with the community development committee tonight at seven,” Ada said.

“Lisa, let’s get ready to go around six,” I said.

Lisa came down dressed for our date. She had on tight jeans that showed off her butt. .

“You look good,” said Ada “Doesn’t she Rick?”

“You are beautiful,” I told Lisa.

Lisa blushed cutely. “Thank you,” she said.

Ada called me to the bedroom before Lisa and I left for our date.

“Rick do anything she wants to keep her happy. Kiss her, if and only if, she starts it or asks you to. Touch her if you want but keep it above her waist over her clothes.”

“Are you telling me to make out with our daughter?” I asked somewhat surprised by Ada’s instructions.

“Yes I am. I have a theory about her. I hope you have noticed how sexy she dresses around you or how she finds ways to bump into you,” Ada said.

I took Lisa to a movie. Her perfume smell was very sensuous as we sat in the darkness of the cinema.

During an exciting action scene Lisa grabbed my hand. She held it the rest of the movie. Her hand was soft and felt good in mine. The movie ended and we exited the theater.

“Daddy don’t take me home just yet. I am having fun. I want more time alone with you,” Lisa said.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked.

“Let’s get some ice cream.” I took her to an ice cream parlor, where we had sundaes.

“Daddy do you think am I pretty?” she asked.

“You are very beautiful. I say that not just as your father. The man in me likes how you look,” I said.

Lisa blushed. “Daddy I’m glad you think I’m pretty. I want to look good for you.”

We left the ice cream shop to go home. Lisa surprised me by sliding over close to me on the seat.

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