Dad has sex with daughter with mom’s permission

Dad has sex with daughter with mom’s permission,

It was early spring. My wife Ada, daughter Lisa and I were sitting in the den resting from working in the yard. We had trimmed some trees and shrubs. Lisa had stacked the road for compost pickup.

Lisa was twenty. She had never had a steady boyfriend. She would date someone a few times then find a reason not to go out with them again. Lisa was five four. She had light brown hair that came to her shoulders. Lisa had a nice figure with 34B breasts. Her legs and shoulders were tanned as I knew from seeing her in shorts and tank tops.

“Lisa don’t you have a date with Jim?” asked Ada.”

“I did but I don’t want to go out with him tonight. He is getting too clingy. I need time away from him. I guess I’ll stay in tonight and watch TV or write fan fiction,” Lisa answered.


“Why don’t you get Daddy to take you on a date like you used to?” Ada asked.

I had until she finished high school made a habit of taking her somewhere once a month. Sometimes Ada went with us other times it was just Lisa and myself. We never did anything fancy. We would take in a movie or go out to eat. We had not had a daddy, daughter date in a long time.

Lisa asked, “Would you daddy? Would you take me out tonight?”

“If you want to,” I said. “We will do something.”

“Okay, Daddy we will have loads of fun.”

“Do you want to come too?” I asked Ada.

“Oh no. This is a Daddy daughter date. Besides I a meeting with the community development committee tonight at seven,” Ada said.

“Lisa, let’s get ready to go around six,” I said.

Lisa came down dressed for our date. She had on tight jeans that showed off her butt. .

“You look good,” said Ada “Doesn’t she Rick?”

“You are beautiful,” I told Lisa.

Lisa blushed cutely. “Thank you,” she said.

Ada called me to the bedroom before Lisa and I left for our date.

“Rick do anything she wants to keep her happy. Kiss her, if and only if, she starts it or asks you to. Touch her if you want but keep it above her waist over her clothes.”

“Are you telling me to make out with our daughter?” I asked somewhat surprised by Ada’s instructions.

“Yes I am. I have a theory about her. I hope you have noticed how sexy she dresses around you or how she finds ways to bump into you,” Ada said.

I took Lisa to a movie. Her perfume smell was very sensuous as we sat in the darkness of the cinema.

During an exciting action scene Lisa grabbed my hand. She held it the rest of the movie. Her hand was soft and felt good in mine. The movie ended and we exited the theater.

“Daddy don’t take me home just yet. I am having fun. I want more time alone with you,” Lisa said.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked.

“Let’s get some ice cream.” I took her to an ice cream parlor, where we had sundaes.

“Daddy do you think am I pretty?” she asked.

“You are very beautiful. I say that not just as your father. The man in me likes how you look,” I said.

Lisa blushed. “Daddy I’m glad you think I’m pretty. I want to look good for you.”

We left the ice cream shop to go home. Lisa surprised me by sliding over close to me on the seat.

“Daddy please kiss me on the lips before we get home. Park somewhere and kiss me like you do mom. I want to know how it feels to kiss a real man,” said Lisa.

I stopped the truck on a darkened street.

“Okay Lisa if you want a kiss come here,” I said.

Her lips were soft and yielding to mine. She moaned a bit as I gave her a passionate kiss, that until then I had only shared with my wife.

“Daddy that was fantastic. Kiss me again.” This time as I kissed her I put my hand on her clothed breast.

“Daddy I like that,” she said pushing her breast into my hand. I touched her other breast feeling it’s softness under her clothes.

“Daddy I love you. Can we do more of this. I want you to keep kissing me and touching me,” Lisa said. We kissed a few more times while I fondled her breasts over her clothes. I began to get an erection and knew it was time to stop.

“I love you Lisa, but we have to stop. I am beginning to like kissing you a bit to much,” I told her.

“I’m getting a little turned on myself,” Lisa said. “I guess we better go home. Daddy will you take me on another date soon and do more things like this?”

Ada was waiting up when we returned home.

“Well how was the date?” she asked Lisa.

“It was great mom. No wonder you fell in love with Daddy. He is so much fun to be with. Where can I find a man like him?” Lisa responded.

“Whoo,” said Ada. “What did you do? She seems euphoric.”

“Actually I kissed her,” I said. “She asked me to.”

“Is she any good at it?” Ada asked.

“She does OK, listen I only kissed her a few times.”

“Define a few,” Ada said.

“Well, actually several times,” I admitted.

“Did you touch her?” Ada asked. “Just a bit. I touched her tits over her clothes,” I replied.

“Did she like it?” Ada asked.

“I think so. She said she was getting turned on,” I answered.

“It did stop with that didn’t it?” Ada asked.

“It did. She asked for more but I refrained,” I said.

“Fine, kiss me now,” Ada said. “Take me to bed and and you can touch my tits without clothes. My pussy needs daddy’s attention.”

Ada and I went to bed. She snuggled close and said in a sultry voice trying to mimic Lisa. “Does Daddy want to fuck his baby girl? Kiss me Daddy, kiss your Lisa.”

Ada and I kissed passionately. “hmmmm Daddy,” she said stripping off her nightgown. Ada pressed her 38D breasts against my face much to my enjoyment.

“Suck my tits Daddy. Oh Daddy that is soooo good,” she said as I sucked her erect nipples. Do you like my tits Daddy? Lick my pussy Daddy get your baby girl hot for your big cock,” Ada continued.

Ada’s shaven pussy was wet and emitting a sweet musky scent. I licked her slit bottom to top pausing to suck on her erect clit. Ada moaned in ecstasy as I worked my tongue over her pussy.

“Fuck me Daddy,” Ada said. “Put that big cock in your baby girl.”

My cock slid into her well lubricated pussy with ease.

“Ooh, Daddy you are so big,” she said. “Fuck me good Daddy.” Ada came very quickly as did I. Her role play had gotten us both highly stimulated.

After we finished our love making, Ada lay naked snuggled against me.

“Wow Ada that was fantastic,” I told her.

“I strive to please. How did you like my role playing? Don’t you wish it were Lisa you were fucking?”

“I must admit it was stimulating. You pretending to be Lisa,” I said.

“Speaking of Lisa you do know by now what she wants?” Ada asked.

“I think so,” I said. “She keeps finding ways to rub her ass and tits against me. The way Lisa behaved tonight leaves little doubt. She wants me to screw her.”

“Your daughter has a severe case of Electra Complex. I have known for a while. To be sure I wanted to see if she would initiate anything while you were alone,” said Ada.

“What the devil is Electra Complex?” I asked.

“It is when a daughter wants to have sex with her father. Most girls have it to some degree. Lisa is in love with you. It’s not just infatuation or the I want to try Daddy thing that girls have. Lisa’s is the ‘I want Daddy to marry me’ kind. That is why she can’t stay with a steady boyfriend. None of them can compete with you or are you.”

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“She’ll get over it,” I said.

“Maybe she will, but there is a chance she won’t and have serious psychological issues in the future,” Ada said. “Many manic depressive women have been diagnosed with unresolved daddy issues. A lot of female suicide attempts can be traced to father figure issues. You need to get her through it. ”

“How can I help her?” I asked.

“Fuck her,” Ada said bluntly. “Either that or get her a good therapist.”

“I can’t fuck her. She’s my daughter,” I said.

“Yes you can. It happens more often than people realize as does sons screwing their mothers. Incest while illegal is thought by some psychologists as being normal instead of a perversion.”

“You are serious,” I said. “You actually want me to screw our daughter.”

“I really want you to,” Ada said. “If you have sex with her that could go a long way toward her mental stability. Besides you really would like to screw her wouldn’t you?”

“Yes I would,” I admitted. “What if I want to keep screwing her?”

“Then keep doing it. I won’t object as long as you keep doing me too. Lisa Is a virgin, or so she tells me. I have no reason to doubt it. You need to be the one to take her virginity. I had rather you do her than some idiot that don’t know what he is doing. If you’re as gentle with her as you were with me it will be a good experience for both of you.”

“I seem to remember you doing some squealing and crying when I did you the first time,” I said.

“A lot of that was acting,” Ada stated. “It did hurt a little, but I had an orgasm which is unusual for a woman the first time. Admit it Rick, men like to think the woman is hurting the first time. It has something to do with male conquest, so I yelped more than necessary and cried just to please the man I love. You do have an above average cock. Seven and a half inches is a lot.”

“How do you know what average is?” I asked.

“I read,” Ada said. “The average cock is about five and a half inches when erect. The myth of men having huge cocks is just that. Look it up on the internet if you don’t believe me. You my dear husband are an exception much to my delight.” “Take her out again next weekend. Make out with her a lot before bringing her home. Kiss her and play with her tits. I want you to get her hot and make her cum but don’t fuck her. You can take her orally if you wish but for your big cock she needs to be lying down with a pillow under her butt. Let her play with your cock if she wants to. Teach her how to suck it. You can do anything you want except fuck her. She is going to be in a bed at home for that. Take her to a motel and have oral sex with her. Having a sexual relationship with you is the best way for her to maintain emotional control. If you don’t soon take her she is going to find some older man that reminds her of you that will.”

Friday afternoon Ada announced that some of her girlfriends were coming over to make plans for a community yard sale.

“Rick why don’t you and Lisa go somewhere and stay out of the way so we can plan this?” Ada said.

“Lisa do you want to you go out with me?” I asked.

“Yes. If mom don’t care.”

“Mom don’t care,” Ada told her. “Now go get ready. I want you and Dad gone before the girls get here.”

I followed Lisa to her room. “Baby don’t wear those tight jeans this time,” I told her.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Well baby we might finish what we started last week if you want to.”

“Wow, really Daddy? I will wear something easy to take off.”

We went out to dinner at a family style restaurant that served good food at reasonable prices. After dinner I asked Lisa, “What do you want to do now?”

“Daddy can we you know, fool around, you said we might and that is what I want to do,” Lisa said.

“Are you really sure that is what you want to do?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy that is what I want. I want you to treat me like a woman.”

“OK if you want to do things we will go to a motel. It will be more comfortable than my truck. It will give more privacy and be safer than just parking somewhere,” I told her.

“Oh yes daddy. Take me somewhere and treat me like a woman,” Lisa said.

I registered at the Lake Side Inn. It was one of the better motels in the area with a five star rating. Not one of the sleazy rent by the hour fleabags.

Lisa came to my waiting arms and we kissed passionately. “Lisa,” I said, “We will stop any time you want. You do not have to do anything you don’t want to. I want you to like this not do it because you think you have to. We will not have full intercourse. I don’t think we are ready for that just yet.”

“OK Daddy what are we going to do?” Lisa asked.

“Just go with the flow. just let things happen,” I said. I carried her to the bed and lay down beside her.

“Daddy I love you. Teach me how to please you,” she said.

We kissed ardently. I kissed down her sweet neck to her collar.

“Take off your blouse,” I told her. Lisa shed her blouse revealing a light pink bra that form fitted her breasts. I kissed her shoulders and the exposed areas of her breasts. I kissed below her bra to her stomach. Lisa began to become flushed.

She gasped slightly then said. “Daddy I am getting hot. My pussy is getting wet.”

I helped Lisa remove her pants. I kissed her legs stopping at her crotch I saw a damp spot forming on her pink panties.

“Take your bra off. Let daddy see your tits,” I said.

She stripped to her panties exposing her lovely tits to me. Her breasts were perfectly formed with erect light pink nipples.

“Daddy suck my tits.” she said.

I used my tongue to tease her erect nipples. I took one in my mouth and sucked it while rolling its mate between my thumb and forefinger.

“Daddy that feels so good. It is making me so excited,” Lisa said. I gently pushed her back on the bed and removed her panties. Lisa shivered slightly as I did his. Lisa had a fine covering of brown pubic hair concealing her slit. The hair I noticed was damp.

“Daddy what are you going to do?” she asked.

“Lisa I am going to give you oral sex. If you don’t l like I will stop. Now be a good girl and spread your legs for Daddy,” I said.

“OK Daddy,” she said spreading her legs revealing her pussy to me. Her pussy lips were puffy and wet. Her clit was erect. I gently kissed her pussy inhaling the fragrance of her stimulated sex.

“Baby you smell and taste so good,” I said as I licked her slit.

Lisa moaned in delight saying, “That feels so good Daddy.”

My tongue found her clit. I licked and sucked it bringing her to orgasm. Lisa pushed her crotch against my face as she came.

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“Daddy I love you. That was fantastic. Are you going to fuck me now?”

“No baby. I would love to but this is not the right time,” I told her.

“Daddy you made me cum. What about you?”

“I stripped to my briefs. I held her naked body close and said, “I want you to suck my cock.”

“I’ll try Daddy but you will have to tell me what to do,” My sweet daughter said.

“Baby start by licking my balls. Then lick my shaft. After that put my cock in your sweet mouth,” I told her as I took off my briefs.

She gasped when she saw my erect cock. “Daddy you are huge,” she said as her tongue went to my balls.

“Baby that feels so good,” I told her. She licked my balls and worked her tongue up the length of my shaft. My cock was soon slick with her saliva. Precum oozed from the tip and ran down the side. Lisa put her mouth on my cock head. I could feel her tongue lick the precum off it. I stroked her silky hair and ran my hands down her back to her butt.

“Yes baby make Daddy feel good. Suck my cock with your sweet mouth. Don’t try to take it all in your mouth. Even mom can’t do that,” I told her.

“Mmmmmm,” was her response as she took four inches of my cock in her mouth.

“Baby you are sucking Daddy so good. Keep it up. I love you so much Lisa. Show Daddy how much you love him. Make Daddy cum with your hot mouth,” I said as she worked my cock with her mouth.

She paused long enough to ask. “Am I doing it right?”

“Yes baby just right. Do you want me to cum in your mouth?

“Daddy please don’t cum in my mouth. I want to watch it come out. Cum on my face and on my tits,” Lisa said.

“OK I will tell you when I’m cumming.” Her sweet mouth went back to my throbbing cock. She bobbed her hot mouth up and down on my cock getting me to the edge of cumming.

“mm mm,” she moaned as she coaxed me to cum.

I held back as long as possible enjoying the feel of her mouth working my manhood. “Now baby!” I said. “Get on your knees for me.”

She pulled her mouth off my cock, slid onto the floor and went to her knees. I stood up in front of her. I stroked my rod and shot four thick ropes of cum on my beautiful daughter. Two streams splattered her face. A third coated her brown hair. The fourth found her heaving tits. She wiped the cum from her face and tasted it. “Daddy you taste so good,” she said.

I stopped her from wiping her tits. “Rub it in,” I said. She smeared the cum over her breasts and still hard nipples.

“Your cock tasted so good. Was I good at sucking cock?” she asked.

“You were fantastic,” I told her. “I’m going to have you suck my cock a lot.”

“Thank you for not cumming in my mouth. I am not ready for that yet,” she said.

“Let me taste your pussy one more time before we go,” I said. I licked and sucked her pussy to orgasm. This time she shuttered all over as she climaxed.

“Did my pussy taste OK? I want it to taste good for you,” she said.

“Your pussy tasted very good,” I told her.

“Daddy I am so in love with you. I want to do it all the way, but I’m to tired right now. You made me cum twice,” Lisa said.

“Did I satisfy you baby girl?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy you have made me so happy,” she said.

“Go take a shower then we’ll go home,” I said.

We got home around one thirty.

“Where the hell have you two been?” Ada asked. putting on an act. “Lisa go to your room and Rick get in here I want an explanation.”

“Well what happened?” Ada asked. “Did she suck your cock? Was she good? How did her pussy taste?” I described to my wife the details of our tryst.

“I am going to have a bit of fun with her,” Ada said. “I’m going to give her the mad wife act just to see her reaction. I’ll talk to her tomorrow morning in the guest room. It still has the old intercom security system hooked up. I’ll turn it on so you can listen from our bedroom.”

Around eight the next morning Ada started her game.

“Lisa,” she called. “Come to the guest room I need to talk to you alone. You stay out if this Rick. Us women need to have a heart to heart talk about some things.”

I went to the bedroom and was able to hear their conversation

“Lisa you and Daddy had a good time last night didn’t you? He told me about the things you did in that motel. Sounds like it got pretty hot between you. Well young lady what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Mom please don’t be mad because me and Daddy made out some. It was my fault. I was just trying to make him happy and show him how much I love him,” Lisa said.

“Cock sucking and pussy licking is a hell of a lot more than making out. Why didn’t you just go ahead and fuck Daddy? I know you want to,” Ada said.

“Mom please don’t blame Daddy it was all my fault,” said Lisa. “I wanted to fuck him but he said that was not the right time. Anyway we were tired from doing other things. Mom I don’t want to hurt you but I need Daddy to make love with me. If I don’t get his cock in me soon I think I’ll go nuts.”

Ada could no longer carry on with with the angry act.

“Young lady I am going to tell you something,” she stated with a stern voice. Then said softly, “I am not mad. I told him do those things with you. He had my permission. I just wish I could have participated.”

“You knew what we were going to do and you are OK with it?” Lisa asked. “Why mom?”

“Because you are so in love with him and you need him to screw you. I totally approve of it. I don’t want you to go through life having unresolved father issues,” Ada explained.

“Mom thank you. I have wanted daddy for such a long time, but was scared to tell him and I was afraid of destroying your marriage,” Lisa said.

“No darling it won’t destroy our marriage. There is enough love in Daddy for both of us,” Ada told her. “Lisa you are going to take my place in Daddy’s bed for a while. I know you need and want your daddy,” Ada told her.

“Mom are you sure you are alright with this?” Lisa asked.

“Yes I am. Daddy will teach you how to be a woman. Do you want to sleep with Daddy tonight?”

“Yes mom. I want Daddy tonight,” Lisa answered.

“I have to tell you Daddy is big,” Ada said. “He will be very gentle with you, but it might hurt you a bit the first time. It did me the first time we had sex. It’s OK to cry out when he breaches you and even more OK to cry while he fucks you.”

Lisa said. “I know he is big. I sucked his cock. Mom dad was easy with me doing that. He didn’t make me take more of his cock in my mouth than I wanted and I didn’t have to let him cum in my mouth.”

“Daddy is a good man,” Ada said. “Did you like it when he did you orally.”


“Yes Mom and he was really good. He made me cum,” said Lisa.

“Daddy does have a talented tongue. I love it when he does me orally,” Ada said.

Ada found me in the bedroom. “Did you hear?” she asked.


“Is there anything else I should tell her? Does she have pubic hair? If so do you want her to shave it like I do?” Ada asked.

“She does have some hair, but let her be natural for now. Just tell her to be sure she is clean and smells good,” I said.

“I will and I’ll take her shopping for some nice perfume. You like that cinnamon kind I wear don’t you?” Ada said

.”Very much so.”

“I’ll get her some. Do you want her to wear a sexy nightgown for you?”

“No, she is sexy enough. Just have some warm pajamas or a warm robe for her to put on after.”

“Do you need a condom or are you fine if she gets pregnant?” Ada asked.

“I had rather be natural, but ask Lisa. I would like to get her pregnant but that is between you and her.” I told Ada.

“I want you to get something for her while we go shopping,” Ada whispered her request to me.”

“OK I will do that.”

Ada escorted Lisa to our bed that night. While she stood beside the bed Ada slowly undressed her. When she was naked Ada kissed her and said, “Here she is, ready for her daddy to make her a woman. Take her to bed and make each other happy.

Lisa got into bed with me. I embraced her naked body and kissed her willing lips giving her plenty of tongue. My kisses wandered down her body to her breasts. I paused there to enjoy sucking her hard nipples. After a few minutes with her breasts I continued kissing her body. I kissed her legs and silky thighs. While kissing her I used my fingers to stimulate her cunt. I massaged her labia feeling the wetness beginning to form. I rubbed her clit causing her to moan loudly. Lisa was touching my balls and cock as I played with her beautiful body.

“Daddy it feels so good having you touching me. Kiss my pussy.” Lisa said. I moved my mouth to her sweet smelling snatch. It smelled of cinnamon. She had apparently sprayed it with perfume. I very much liked it. I licked her and she shivered.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“I am fine,” she said. “It feels so good.” I parted her pussy lips to gain access to the inside of her sex. Lisa was rubbing her pussy against my face.

“Yes do me I love it. Take me with your mouth.” My tongue went to her clit. I manipulated it with my mouth alternately sucking and kissing it. “Daddy I m so close. I need to cum. Daddy make me cum,” Lisa said. I gave her clit a final lick then sucked it hard. Lisa shuddered all over as her orgasm rocked her body.

Do you want my mouth on your cock now? Let me have it in my mouth. Cum in my mouth this time,” Lisa said. Her hot mouth wrapped around my hardness. She tried to take it all but gagged.

“Sorry Daddy I can’t take it all,” she said.

“Lisa I told you before not to try to take it all,” I reminded her.

She took five inches and began to move her mouth up and down it, pausing to lick my cock head with her hot tongue with each cycle.

Her manipulations soon had me needing to cum. “I’m ready baby,” I said just as my jizz spewed into her mouth.

Lisa gagged a bit but managed to swallow it. “Did I do it right?” she asked.

“Yes darling you did. Thank you.”

“Daddy I need to go to the bathroom,” Lisa said.

She got up and went to the attached bathroom. She returned to bed and I went to the bathroom myself. We cuddled with each other. Lisa’s naked body was warm against mine.

“Daddy, Mom said you would be gentle, but that it might still hurt,” she said.

“It might cause you some pain, but I will be easy with you. If you need to cry it’s OK,” I told her.

“Daddy if I do cry don’t stop. I want you to get my pussy used to your cock,” Lisa said. We snuggled a bit more. I played with her breasts and pubic hair.

“Daddy do you like me having pubic hair? Mom said she kept her pubic area shaved.”

“Lisa I like you having hair there so don’t shave it unless you want to,” I told her.

“Daddy I want you in me,” she said.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you now darling?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy,” She said. “Fuck me like you do mom.”

I again started with passionate kissing. I stimulated her breasts feeling her nipples harden at my touch. I rubbed my cock against her slit. Very slowly and gently I began to penetrate her virgin pussy. Lisa was very wet. My cock slipped past her labia and touched her hymen.

Lisa inhaled deeply. “Do it Daddy,” she said. I began to push against her barricade feeling it yield to my shaft. Lisa’s body became tense as I broke her.

“Relax baby,” I told her. “It will be easier if you do.”

“Daddy I love you,” Lisa said. Her body became more relaxed so I pushed harder. I slowly entered her deeper.

Lisa began to cry. “Daddy it hurts,” she said. I stopped allowing her to adjust to the four inches of cock that was in her. “Daddy don’t stop put it all in me.”

I thrust my entire length into her. Lisa cried out as she felt my cock fully in her. I slowly took her feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate me. Lisa was sweating as I worked her pussy with my cock slowly at first then faster as I felt her become more and more stimulated. She continued to cry.

“Do you want to stop?” I asked

.”No Daddy. Keep doing it. I can take it. It’s beginning to feel good. Oh Daddy, fuck me cum in me. Give me what I have wanted for so long,” I kissed her lips and sucked her nipples as I continued to fuck her tight pussy. Lisa began to loosen. She started to softly moan. “Daddy that’s it. Now it feels good. Do it harder,” Lisa said.

“Baby get on top. That way you control the action,” I told her.

Lisa mounted me and lowered her hot wet pussy onto my cock.

“Oh Daddy this is great,” she said. “Play with my tits while I fuck you.”

I fondled her lovely tits while she rode my cock. Her pussy was felt fantastic as she moved it up and down my cock. She began to talk while riding my cock. “Oh God Daddy. It is so good. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me hard. I love your cock in me. I’m about to cum. Cum with me Daddy. Fill my pussy with cum. Daddy I want you to get me pregnant. Cum in me. Make me pregnant. I’m cumming so hard. Lisa’s body trembled as she orgasmed. My cock shot ropes of cum deep into my daughter’s hot pussy.

I embraced her sweating body as we finished.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too baby,” I said. I wrapped a robe around her and kissed her.

“Lisa we have something for you. Mom wanted us to give it to you. She opened the box containing a wedding ring.

“Daddy it is beautiful,” she said putting the it on her left ring finger where it belonged.

“Lisa you are now as much my wife as mom is,” I told her.

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