Son wins his mother and aunt in a contest

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Lucky Son wins his mother and aunt in a contest – Incest sex stories

The medium-sized town I grew up in provided limited job opportunities for youths. Some kids mowed lawns while others worked on farms or helped with their family businesses. The lucky ones from wealthy families didn’t have to worry about finding work. I started as a part-time, unofficial apprentice groundskeeper at the age of ten. Of course, I was a “go-fer” for someone who knew what they were doing and I “went-fer” lots of things.

My desire for seeking employment at an early age came from a goal I had set to save for college. Fortunately, Mom heard from a friend of a possible opening for a minor. A widow with a large mansion was looking for someone to help her full-time groundskeeper. My interview took place in her massive house. Her housekeeper, Rebecca, showed me into Mrs. White’s study. After a short interview, I was immediately hired. It shocked me more than my mom.

From that time on I spent most of my free time helping Frank, the professional who lived in a small cottage on her expansive property. Impressed by his knowledge of plants, I learned all I could while toiling through the manual labor part of the job. We worked well together and as the years rolled by my college fund increased at a moderate pace.

Dad’s business schedule precluded him from being home much of the time which meant Mom attended my school events and activities. It was for the best anyway as he routinely exhibited a foul mood. I often heard my parents argue at night when I was in my room studying. He rarely talked to me and more than once I felt I had said or done something to offend him.

The only exception was when he accompanied me to the bank to open an account to hold my earnings. His approving look boosted my confidence as we began the joint account. As we exited the building, he told me he was proud of my thriftiness and would periodically supplement our account with a portion of his bonuses.

During my years of working, Mrs. White routinely invited me in for a cold drink and snacks. Through our conversations, it was clear she was highly educated and intelligent. She helped me with suggestions for assignments that involved writing papers. The next five years flew by as I attended school, worked, and saved money. My life changed when I turned fifteen.


Finishing my math homework one Friday night, I heard my parents engaged in a loud argument. I cracked the door to hear better. Dad was leaving her, claiming he’d had enough and was going to free himself from their stagnant relationship. She cried and repeatedly pleaded with him to tell her what was wrong, but he kept up his rampage about how he couldn’t stand staying here any longer.

Silence for ten minutes before I heard a thump and a suitcase latch click. Soon after, Dad spoke in a more controlled voice. “My attorneys have already filed for divorce and you should be happy. I’m giving you the house plus a quarter of our savings. It’s bad enough I’ll be saddled with child support. I doubt if he’s even mine.”

Mom screamed, “How dare you! You know you’re the father and how could you have already drawn up papers? How long have you been planning this? Why didn’t you talk to me sooner?”

“Six months or so. I was busy at work so I didn’t have time or the desire to talk to you. I already have another place to go to. I’m leaving.”

Mom cried as she whimpered, “What about Jason?”

Dad’s voice elevated and transformed to a harsh, condescending tone. “Why do you think I was so generous to give you the house? I didn’t want the little bastard in the first place. If I don’t ever have to see his ugly mug again, it was worth the generous offer I made you.”

Unable to hold back my own tears, I heard Mom’s angry toned reply come to my defense. “You bastard! He’s been nothing but a model son. How dare you talk about him that way. Get out. Now! I don’t want to ever see you again.”

“Fine by me, Bitch!” I heard the door slam before his car raced off. Closing my door, I trudged back to bed and had the worst night of sleep I could remember.

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