James was my first Black daddy back in 1984 (that summer and fall). White man Dusty was my very first daddy period. When I met James I was 24 and he was in his very early 50’s, he was a school teacher that lived across the courtyard from my mom and I on the 15th

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After being alone for a while, I was sex craved, couldn’t get a date. Posted many ads on dating sites, cruise Craigslist, found the men for men area. Mostly dick pics. Got a real turn on by the ads. After jacking off to the ads it got old. I seen several ads where there was

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Courious about cock sucking, I couldn’t wait to try. I have practice with dildos, I wasn’t sure hot to ask a guy could I suck his cock….. I started cruising craiglist ads, and I was unsure what type of cock I wanted to suck..me being 32 at the time. I was afraid of getting a

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Having done drugs from time to time, I was afraid of Rock. I sat one night to a different town. “ I had planed a weekend there” I got a hotel room and had been drinking. I ran out of beer, so I went to the gas station just around the corner to get some.

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One of my usual trips to the Adult book store, they had hired a new woman to run the place, she was about 40 yrs old, just a little chubby, but there was something about her. She slipped in a few free movie rentals for me, not noticing till I got home, they were about