Blackmailed # 3

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Blackmailed # 3

Since that fat old man at the park restrooms six weeks ago I let myself get seduced into sucking my first cock..I instantly fell in love with the feeling of his hot cock in my waiting mouth him calling me names : slut bitch faggot bitch whore sissycunt queer pretty boy pussymouth

I dint care that I was naked on my knees in a public bathroom anybody could come see me licking kissing sucking making love to his cock moaning begging pleading for his hot sweet cum to fill my belly like a good little boy.

Of course Major Regrets set in I’m just a naive kidd scrawny little boy who let my hormones get the best of me. I always thought it would be with a girl not a older fat guy what was I thinking as I couldn’t stop looking at the package the old guy sent me naked pictures of me sucking his cock cum on my face his notes: My pretty little boy my cock slut my soon to be little girl pick out something for tonight at the park cum to my van.or remember I’ll post your pictures on the internet let your mom know her pretty little innocent boy is a cocksucking cumloving slut :

I told him to leave me alone I thought I did haven’t been to park or seen him for like three weeks. I wasn’t going to that ever again I kept telling myself.

I emptied the box panties nylons leggings lingerie training bra short skirt short minidress see tru sundress pink lipstick nail polish. I got hard instantly forgetting my vow not to.

I was never so excited horny turned on sucking his big cock being used like a cheap slut by him being videotaped photographed naked cum on my face my body and and now he wants me to be his little sissy girl I was confused little apprehensive how did I let this get so far out of hand.

It’s like I’m hypnotized in a trance as I slip on a pair of pink panties it feels silky sexy small tight barely covering my 5” cock I got hard looking in the mirror at my naked petite body I smiled thought I looked cute pretty like.I painted my nails feet n hands put on pink lipstick still in a trance I chose the white thigh high nylons I almost came in my panties looking in the mirror I looked cheap sexy whorish like pretty.

Next was the training bra pink of course I smiled. I chose the see tru sundress so I could show off more it barely covered my ass my sweet cheeks showing.

I put my long hair in a ponytail splashed on my mom’s perfume I gasped as I saw myself dressed like a girl like a slutty pretty princess knowing full well that I’m going to be his girlfriend his lover his slut that I’ll lose my virginity to this stranger being fucked like a girl getting seeded in my boipussy my belly.

Hypnotized I walk to the park dressed like a young girl I’m hot horny as I head down the road I feel cheap sexy showing off as I wiggle my hips.

A car pulls up to me “ Damn your daddy was right you are young n pretty get in I’m supposed to pick you up give you a ride to the park “
Confused I look in the window his pants are down playing with himself. “ Who..what daddy said what” i stammered as my eyes kept looking at his cock.

“;Damn girl you gonna get in or keep showing off your sexy little body your pink panties bra seeing tru your short dress get in Damn so pretty so young a perfect sweet innocent girl pretty boy”

I opened the door giggling “ You think I’m a pretty little girl sexy “;I whispered as I bend over sucking moaning loudly on this stranger’s cock in public door still open my sweet ass showing if anyone walked drove by.

“ Fucking little slut you don’t care if people see you it’s like you want to be caught your daddy told me how willingly submissively you are he told me you were in love with his cock damn girl I mean boy you suck soo good your mouth is like a girls pussy so soft so wet tight”

I was bobbing my head my ass up and down in time I loved being cheap slutty moaning loudly I pulled away as he started to cum splashing on my face I went back down filling my belly with his sweet cum.

Licking the cum off my face “ Don’t tell on me please can’t let daddy know what I just did “ I teased him as i went down licking him clean

“ It’s ok he told me your suck me now we got to go he’s waiting “

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