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The persistent ringing of the phone finally brought Denny out of his reverie. Sighing heavily, he reached and picked up,

“Mr. Alcott, just a reminder to call your daughter, as you asked.” His secretary was efficient, if nothing else, he thought.
“Thank you Miss Ella,” was his reply, “anything else….? I need you to hold all calls and re-schedule todays’ appointments please.”

He remembered that he was supposed to meet with members of a panel that represented various businesses in the small town to which he had just moved.

“Yes sir, even the one with the consultant?”
“Yes Ella,” he smiled to himself, “even her.”

He had been persistent in his quest for Ella to get the appointment and now it had to be postponed. ‘Who knows when I’ll get that chance again,’ he thought. Denny heaved himself out of the chair and moved from behind his rather large desk, left his office and made his way down the back stairs, he didn’t want to run into anyone, especially Ella. She was new to his firm, and seemed rather too efficient. A small black woman, there was a sense of a dynamic determination about her. And she had a rather nice ass and wore tops that over accentuated her boobs. He had been caught, more than once looking at her cleavage while he fantasized about burying his head between them.

Denny stopped his SUV just short of the house, surveyed the driveway and then eased in and to the side, where he could park without drawing too much attention. He walked to the side door and lightly knocked, then turned the knob and eased himself into the kitchen. He was mildly surprised at what he first saw.

“Yeah my little bitches, just like that, suck my tits good, make them nipples hard, and then I’ll let you taste my sweet love juice.” Assailing his eyes was a scene he would never tire of. The woman of the house had two young girls, each nursing on her breasts and a finger in her cunt, she was so wet a sloshing sound emanated each time she pulled it part way out, before jamming it back in again. A soft half-smile on her lips, her eyes half closed, she barely murmured. The two girls were naked their little boyish asses and small tits caused his cock to stir in his pants. Alice was a large woman with tits to match, her weight was in all the right places and well proportioned.
She had her left arm around both girls with her hand on the ass of one, pulling her into her causing the little girl to dry hump her hip, kissing each on the top of their heads, while she finger fucked herself.

“Oh Denny,” she breathed, “it’s about time, I thought I was going to have to have these girls fuck me, but now that you are here,……” she trailed off, leaving no doubt to the unspoken words. The girls stopped sucking and turned to look. “Denny this is my niece, Kendra,” Alice referred to the girl on her right tit, “and this” she said, referring to the other, a young black girl, “is Kelsey, she is new in town and a good friend of Kendra’s.” “Hi, Mr. Denny,” the little girl smiled a toothy grin, “are you going to play with us too? Tell us Aunty Alice, is Mr. Denny going to play too, please?” Alice chuckled and pulled the girls in tighter to her naked body, “just keep sucking on my nipples you hot little bitch, and if you are good girls, I’ll show you how to suck cock.”

“Well, it looks like I might have to find some energy, I have three women to fuck,” Denny pulled his hard cock out of his pants for the three to admire, and started stroking. “

And Miss Kendra, where did you find Kelsey, looks like she will be a great fuck” he was admiring her small form and wanted to spread her shiny black ass cheeks and lick his tongue deep into her asshole, but simply stood and stroked his throbbing cock.
“Oh,” replied Kendra, around her Aunts nipple, “she just moved here, with her Aunt, her mom has passed, just like mine did, so we kind of hit it off real quick. We both like the same things. I want to invite her and her Aunt to dinner one day, and maybe more!”

“That sounds so nice,” Denny had removed his clothes and was standing naked behind Alice, his cock smothered in the crack of her ample ass, his arms around her front, and he fondled the two girls small budding little tits. He couldn’t wait to suck a whole tit into his mouth.
“Ok girls, let’s take a short break,” Alice smacked each of them on their asses and let them out of her embrace. “And you Denny, go lie down on the bench, I have something special in mind for that hard meat of yours.” She grabbed his cock and led him to a padded bench, where she guided him down on his back.

Alice then pulled Kelsey over and had her straddle the bench and Denny, positioning her directly over his pulsing cock, her tight little black ass directed towards his face. “Bend over ‘Kel’ and let Mr. Denny see your asshole and pussy.” Kelsey did as directed and Denny got a view that made his already hard cock spasm. “That’s a good nasty little bitch,” Alice reached down and spread the girl’s pussy lips slightly, “now pee on his cock, like a good little girl.” Her niece, Kendra stood to one side watching with a hungry look in her eyes, playing with her own cunt, Denny noticed there was only the beginning of a fur patch there, and it looked inviting enough to eat, wondering if and when he’d have a chance to fuck his tongue deep into it. Alice saw he was looking at Kendra and licking his lips, “don’t worry Denny, Kendra you straddle his head, face towards Kelsey’s’ ass, so you can watch her piss soak his hard cock.” Kendra eagerly moved into the assigned position while Alice reached over with her free hand to pull Kendra’s’ cunt lips apart too. “There you go, now you can piss on his face.”

Both girls began to pee on Denny; he opened his mouth and let it fill with the warm, tangy, and salty quaff. The first stream to hit his pecker made it bounce and waver in the cool air, he reached down to grab it and his hand was pushed away, then he felt a warm, wet mouth engulf him, right down to his balls. Glancing down, between Kendra’s thighs on either side of his head, he saw Alice sucking on his cock and bathing in Kelsey’s piss, and she still had a hand on Kendra’s young pussy, pushing a finger in while she continued to piss. It became too much and with a loud groan he let go his load of cum, filling Alice’s mouth to overflowing and it began to dribble down from the corners and her chin, dripping onto Denny’s stomach and base of his cock. He was fairly fucking his hips into her face and reached down to hold her head as he pushed himself into her throat. As the girls’ pee began to subside, Denny reached up to Kendra’s small hips and pulled her back and down to his face, his tongue first licking her tight little pucker, then trailed to her wet, smelly pussy, pushing it in, tasting her acrid pee and sweet cum. He let her rest there for an instance, and then began to suck the rest of the pee from her pussy. Alice released the spent cock, swallowing what cum was left in her mouth, pulled Kelsey down onto his cock, stood, turned her head slightly and pushed her tongue into the girl’s mouth letting her taste his juices from her own mouth.

As the four relaxed and tried to regain their strength and energy, the front doorbell rang and with a start Alice looked up while Kelsey began to move toward the door as if she had been expecting it. Still naked, her dark skin shimmered in the summer sun that shone through the sheer curtains of the windows. It was enough to make his dick begin to stir again. As Alice was about to tell Kelsey to put something on first, she made it to the door and opened it wide, a huge smile on her face. Kendra was close behind her and bumped into her new friend as she stopped. The two girls giggled at their clumsiness and Kelsey exclaimed, “Aunt Ella, you’re just in time,” wrapped her arms around her Aunt and kissed her deeply.

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