Date night out with my Babygirl and how it ended in some very naughty times

Date night out with my Babygirl and how it ended in some very naughty times It is finally date night. My babygirl has been talking about it all week. She has been excited to dress up for me and to have me take her out and have some “adult” time which is her reward for

Anamika My Sweet, Little, Horny Daughter

Hello everyone, my name is Tarun Sharma and I am here to tell you the story about me and my daughter Anamika. The story illustrates the wonderful night, I spent with my hot and cute daughter. We had a lot of sex, and we didn’t let each other at ease even for a moment. So,

Father beds daughter, so mother sets out to seduce her son

Monday morning in the Clemence household and never had the axiom appearances can be deceptive been more appropriate or on the nose. It seemed like the average American homestead in all its particulars, as if the gods of domesticity decided to create the ultimate example of what middle class family life could and should be. A harried and somewhat frazzled mother

I lost my virginity to my dad while mom was watching

Hey, this is my original story. I came from a very broad minded family. My dad is a porn film director and did nude photoshoots. My mom was one of nude models and porn star. As u can see I have seen my mom naked and dad’s female colleagues having sex with him and giving

Family fun day

Hi all, this is my first story that happen about 1 years back, this was something unexpected. This was a family fun day, let me introduce my family we from south Asian island country, my dad 55 years old, height about 5.10 feet sort of big made man, normal body person, He worked in cooperate

Dad cant resist me

Im 22 now and have a amazing story to share when i First slept with my own father, my dad was 48 at the time handsome as heck and single as well and i stayed with my mom and my dad decided to pick up me and my younger sister to stay with him for

Dad has secrets

Excuse my spelling if i misspelled something my name is maykal sharing my bestfriends incest story name Mya J. This story happen around lock down during covid-19 things got ugly and locked down everything and i had to leave my job so i was in my room jobless and thinking another way to make money

My father when he is unconscious

Hi, i am Leah i am 18 but not a virgin. My father name is Richard he is a great father always been there for me and for him my mom was never home so we were always there for each other. So coming to the story my dad had a small accident and now

My father’s sperm

Im alicia im 22 now and decided to share the story when me and my dad had sex and my mom was a full time worker and most of the time never home so when i was taking a shower during a rainy day and thunder and lightning and i come out with booty shorts

Parents find porn pics of sweet daughter

David Miller got home that Friday evening from work to find his wife of twenty-two years waiting for him. It was obvious from the expression on Michelle’s face that something was wrong. As he sat down in his recliner, David wondered if he’d put the toilet seat down that morning before leaving for work. But

Dad, Di and me

This is amit from delhi. Me dad and sister live in my house which is 2 bhk . It’s usual from my childhood relatives regularly come to my house. So still at 22. I work in mnc.I sleep with my di and dad . Dad is 40 and di is 24. My di has fair

Weekend With Dad

My name is Emily and I am twenty years old. I was home from college and I was to spend a weekend with my dad. My parents divorced a couple of years ago and I normally stay with my mother when I am home from school. This was my weekend to be with my father.

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