Son gives mother best present ever

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Son gives mother best present ever…

“Oh yes,” Sarah moaned, as her husband fucked her from behind, “pound me, Baby Boy.”

“You like my big cock, don’t you Mommy?” Gerald, her husband, role playing as her son, questioned as he slammed into her.

“Oh yes, son, Mommy loves when you use her as your personal fuck toy,” Sarah declared, near orgasm… pretending to be fucked by her son her greatest turn on… the idea of incest with the young man she had raised from a baby so taboo it always got her off.

“Come for me, Mommy,” Gerald ordered, knowing his wife was close and that she craved being told what to do when they were in the bedroom.

“Come inside me, son,” Sarah ordered back, the idea of her son really ejaculating in her cunt always adding to the forbidden sin of fantasy incest.

“On three, my Mommy-slut,” Gerald instructed, close to coming himself and always able to hold back a little to erupt simultaneously with his beautiful wife… he too somehow turned on by the idea of his son, his own flesh and blood, fucking his wife.

“Yes, son,” Sarah moaned, “you’ve got Mommy so close.”

“One,” Gerald began the count, continuing to slam into her as hard as he could, wishing he was bigger than five inches and knowing that his son’s nine inches would really drive her wild… something he’d noticed after a ball game last summer when they were both naked in the locker room.

“Mommy can’t hold back much longer,” Sarah moaned, beginning to bounce back to meet her husband’s hard thrusts, wishing he was as big as her college boyfriend who, at seven inches, had really filled her in a way her husband just physically couldn’t.

“Not yet, Mommy,” Gerald said, “don’t you dare come until I give the order.”

“Yes, son, I’ll obey,” Sarah moaned, even as she kept bouncing back like a horny slut… loving the role playing of being a submissive slut to her son… so different from her day-to-day high intensity job as a lawyer.

“Two, you filthy incest slut,” Gerald counted down, knowing the name calling really got his normally prim and proper wife revved up.

“Oh yes, son, fill Mommy’s cunt with your yummy cum,” Sarah moaned, the idea of having her son come down her throat, all over her face or in her cunt the nasty kink that always got her off like crazy.

“And Three, come now, Mommy-slut,” Gerald ordered, as he let his balls erupt and spew inside his wife’s heated box.

“Yes, Emmett,” Sarah screamed, as her orgasm erupted through her the moment she was given permission to come… trained like the Mommy-slut she desperately fantasized being.

Wife and husband, portraying mother and son, came as one.

Meanwhile, outside their door, stood Emmett himself, who had arrived home just a few minutes earlier from college, hoping to surprise his parents. But he was the one who was surprised as he listened to his parent’s role playing with him as the star sex object. He furiously jerked off listening to his mother begging for him to fuck her.

He, like so many other teenage boys (he would be turning nineteen in March), had fantasized about fucking his mother ever since he had learned how to jack off.

His mother was a MILF among MILFs, with huge tits, great legs and a sweet face… looking a lot like Audrey Hepburn, with a body and voice like Marilyn Monroe.

Emmett’s mom was a lawyer who always wore professional attire, even continued to wear it once she got home, often walking around in sheer nylons all evening… which had made Emmett a leg and stockings guy… so much so that he would only fuck girls who were wearing them… thus why he always brought back MILFs to his dorm room or screwed them in their homes (he had fucked a MILF in her home while her two children slept; he had fucked a MILF in her garage while her husband and four kids were in the house… awake; he had fucked a MILF while her daughter, whom he had fucked a few hours earlier, slept in the next room with his cum still draining out of her pussy onto the towel she was sleeping on that night).

Girls his own age seldom wore nylons, while women in their forties often did. Plus, older women knew how to please him: besides wearing nylons (thigh highs, stockings and a garter or pantyhose), they sucked cock better and more willingly, they were nastier in bed and they were grateful for nine inches of hard cock that could reload a few times in a row.

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