Medical dilemma requires mom to examine son

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Medical dilemma requires mom to examine son… Laura was in a state of panic. Absolute horror. To make matters worse, this had all been her fault. She was the one who had rented a tiny two-bedroom vacation home in a small European town, during her son’s winter break from college, knowing that the weather would be icy.

She had good reason though. This had been her ancestor’s homeland for many generations. She had heard about this place from her grandparents and seen pictures of it in family photo albums. Who could blame her for wanting to explore her distant roots?

Unfortunately, her son Ben had fallen through a sheet of ice, plunging his body into freezing water. He was shivering and shaking when he made it out, showing all sorts of critical signs, but later insisted that he’d be okay.

Now, as Ben rested comfortably in his room, Laura spoke with a local doctor, a short elderly woman, who was nice enough to make the trip to their place. The conversation was rushed, however, since the doctor was in a hurry to leave because of an incoming snow storm.

“He is very, very lucky,” the doctor said with a heavy accent. “It was good he made it out of the water immediately and no serious harm was done.”

The doctor had an ultra friendly demeanor and seemed jovial about things. Even in her old age, her passion for helping people in times of distress had not faded.

“Thank you so much,” Laura exhaled. “I was afraid we couldn’t get a doctor here with the weather outside. You’re an angel.”

Once again, the doctor beamed, which highlighted every wrinkle on her face as her eyes lit up.

“It is my job.”

Laura reached for her purse and dug through it. “Thanks again. You deserve an extra tip, on top of whatever I already owe you.”

“No, no,” the doctor said, shaking her head, waving away the money. “Not yet. Not yet.”


“I don’t take money until patient is fully healed. I am honorable doctor.”

Laura was slightly confused by this. “Are you saying that Ben is not fully recovered yet?”

“We still need more check-up,” the doctor explained with a heavy accent. “People suffering from hypothermia often do not realize it, so he needs to be monitored for next few days. We need to make sure his sensitive organs have no damage.”

Laura nodded. “Okay, that makes perfect sense. You can stop by anytime.”

“I am quite busy – personal reasons.”

Laura resisted the urge to panic and tried to be calm about this. “What should I do then? Take him to the nearest hospital when the snow storm ends?”

“No, no. Not necessary. It is simple process and you can handle yourself. Okay?”

The doctor went over to her supply bag and put a notepad on the table. For the next few moments, she quickly jotted down some notes and instructions, then handed the paper to Laura, who quickly read it.

“Do you understand?” the doctor asked while Laura scanned the note.

Laura’s eyes were glued to the paper. “Is all of this really necessary?”

“Lasting effects of hypothermia may not be fully known. It is important to keep monitoring him.”

The doctor flashed another big smile and then gathered her things. She seemed hurried to leave, completely oblivious that the American values which Laura held were far more modest than those in this insular town.

Laura tried holding up the paper, pointing to specific instructions. “How about this part? Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes. Very sure.”

There was no sense of shame whatsoever on the doctor’s part. She clearly didn’t understand why this would be a problem for a woman like Laura. Once the doctor had gathered all of her things, she made her way to the door and left, giving a final bright smile and wishing Ben a speedy recovery.

“I will be back in two days to check,” the doctor said happily. “Please follow instructions. They are easy. When you do first exam today, call me and let me know! I’m eager to hear how Ben is doing. I suspect he will be fine, but we mustn’t take any chances.”

When the doctor left, Laura closed the door and sighed. This was going to be a long day.


A few moments later she entered Ben’s bedroom. He was resting comfortably, dressed in fresh clothes, tucked under the blanket with a remote control in hand to switch channels on the old television set he was watching. It was like nothing had happened.

“Feeling better?” she asked.

Ben nodded, taking his eyes away from the television. “I’m fine. A little cold still, but I’m okay.”

She pulled up a chair and sat next to his bed. Her motherly instincts kicked in and she fussed over her son – touching his forehead and checking up on his general condition to the best of her ability.

So far, Ben looked good overall, but looking in his eyes, Laura could tell that he was still slightly disoriented, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. It seemed like nothing to worry about, since he was recovering, but Laura was a worrier.

Laura examined him even closer. “You look a lot better than before, but I’m still concerned.”

“Don’t be,” he reassured. “I’m fine, seriously.”

“There’s still a small risk of some lingering effects of hypothermia, or worse, some of your vulnerable organs could be damaged.”

His eyebrow rose. “It’s that serious? All I did was fall into ice water.”

“Yes, but you were in there for too long and it took you a while to get out. Plus, we’re in a remote area and getting medical help during the snow storm is a big problem. This is my fault.”

There was genuine remorse in Laura’s voice, a slight trembling. She had always been overprotective of her son, who was the center of her universe.

He reached out and held her hand. “Don’t blame yourself, Mom. I was the one goofing around on the ice.”

“But I was the one who wanted to come to such an isolated area, in a country we’ve never been to. I should have planned this better.”

“It’s not a big deal. Like I said, I feel fine. Plus we’ve had plenty of cool experiences here, right?

Ben always knew how to cheer her up, and Laura felt better. He was right, too; the trip wasn’t all bad. At least they got to bond, have a nice vacation, and visit places new to them but familiar to their ancestors.

“You’ll understand my protectiveness when you become a parent someday,” she managed to smile. “Until then, I’ll start preparing lunch, hot soup, of course. Then later, we’ll begin the checkups.”

“Really? Come on. If there’s anything wrong with me, I’ll let you know.”

“I can’t take your word for it. According to the doctor, people who suffer from hypothermia don’t even realize it. So, since the doctor won’t be available, I’ll have to act in her place for the next few days.”

Ben gave a playfully frustrated look. “Fine, I guess so. Just make it quick.”

“Why? Afraid of your mother touching your body?”

His eyes slightly widened. “You’ll be touching my body?”

“I forgot to mention that part,” she smiled uncomfortably. “Yes, I’ll be touching you. Big deal, you came from my body, remember?”

“The next couple of days are going to be weird.”

Laura stood. “You have no idea.”

After making sure he was resting comfortably, she went to prepare lunch.


As an office manager, Laura was proficient in following specific directions. Her career success was based on the fact that she always followed instructions, was smart about her approach, and was persistent in getting tasks done.

Now, as she read the doctor’s note again, she may have finally met her match. She read the note countless times during the afternoon, wondering if she could actually do some of this stuff. But this was her son, and she was the only person who could do this at the moment. Ben’s well-being was of the utmost importance. Especially since she still felt guilty for even bringing him to the remote location.

A few hours after lunch, she told him to lay on his bed. He was dressed casually in loose fitting clothes. The room was warm from the heat of the fireplace in the living room.

She looked at him, knowing that this would be awkward. But she sucked it up, and, taking a deep breath, she sat on the bed next to where her son was laying.

“Okay, dude,” she said jokingly to lighten the mood. “Are you ready to be examined?”

“Yes, mom,” he joked back.

She wagged her finger. “That’s Dr. Mom to you.”

“Okay Doc, what’s on the schedule today?”

“Your health. First, I’ll need to check your pulse. Relax. Don’t move. And don’t say anything.”

Laura made first contact by reaching over to touch his throat. Checking his pulse was easy; this was something she’d learned in her youth. She was raised near a lake and all of her family and friends were trained in CPR and basic emergency procedures, just in case.

So far, things looked good. His skin was warm and his pulse was beating normally – much healthier than after the incident.

“Did I pass?” he joked when his mother moved her hand away.

“Easiest test of your life, right?”

He nodded, “Right.”

“Now onto the weirder parts. I’ll need to check your stomach.”

“I’m full from lunch. Thanks for asking.”

She flashed a playfully stern look. “Don’t be a smart ass, or else I’ll be forced to probe your bottom.”

“It was only a joke.”

Ben pulled his sweater up to reveal his bare stomach and Laura pressed her palm flat onto the bare skin, exactly as the doctor had instructed. As she had explained to Ben, this was to make sure that his body temperature was equally warm – that it wasn’t dropping in the areas that were most affected during the accident.

It was also to ensure that his skin wasn’t sensitive and his muscles weren’t aching. She rubbed and pressed her palm on different places of his stomach, then held it, to make sure she gave a thorough examination.

What a strange feeling for Laura to touch him like this. Ben didn’t seem to mind though. They both remained professional about it. Ben kept his eyes up at the ceiling, trying to keep his mind off of the awkwardness, and Laura was focused on her job as being Dr. Mom.

“Nice and warm,” she said, pleased. “Next I’ll have to check your legs and feet. Just lay still. I’ll do all the work.”

“Can I have a massage too?”

Laura playfully slapped his bare stomach, causing a loud smacking sound to echo around the room. Ben yelped from the sharp feeling.

“There’s your massage,” she smiled. “Enjoy it?”

He tried to relish the feeling. “I’ll take what I can get.”

At least the mood was light, Laura thought. She went to work on Ben’s lower extremities, pressing her hands on his feet and calves. Everything appeared to be okay, but, in her opinion, his feet were a little cold. She couldn’t be entirely sure because she had no formal medical training and she had certainly never done this before. Plus, it was hard to get an accurate measure since she had made the fireplace hotter to heat the place.

She didn’t want to take any chances though, not with her son. She had to do the thing she dreaded, she realized. There was little choice but to carry out the doctor’s orders for this part.

“I’m still concerned,” she said, moving her hands away. “Your lower body feels slightly cold.”

“Really? It feels okay to me.”

“Well, you have suffered trauma. Your senses may be dulled, apparently. So your opinion wouldn’t exactly be accurate.”

Ben paid closer attention, taking this more seriously. “Okay, what next? I can just get underneath the blanket and that should solve it.”

“You’ll definitely need the blanket and more warm layers. But the doctor gave specific orders for this situation.”


Laura gulped. “I’ll have to check your thighs. Is that okay?”

“You’re just going to press my skin again, right?”

“Correct. I’ll feel your skin to check the temperature, along with any sensitivity in the area.”

Now it was Ben’s turn to gulp loudly. “Okay. Sure.”

“Lay back. Look at the ceiling again. It’ll be over before you know it.”

As Ben fixed his eyes on the ceiling again, trying to distract himself from the awkwardness, Laura used both hands to pull down the elastic band of his sweatpants. His underwear was partially exposed. Thank goodness his penis was soft, she thought, as if the situation could get any more uncomfortable.

She bent over and put both hands underneath his sweats. She couldn’t bring herself to look as she slid her hands inside his pants to feel his legs. She was acutely aware of the fact that her face was only inches away from his penis. She tried doing this as quickly as possible – pressing her hands tightly against his thighs, rubbing and feeling every inch.

“Does any of this hurt at all?” she asked, holding her hands still. “Feel anything numb? Pain? Sensitivity? Anything that I should know about?”

“Trust me, mom, you don’t want to know what I’m feeling.”

Laura turned her head and looked Ben in the face. He was still looking away, and she wondered if he meant it as a sexual innuendo. With any other man, she could be sure it was a sexual reference, but her own son making such a comment? It couldn’t be, surely?

“I’m serious,” she said, focusing on his skin again. “Anything at all? You should tell me, no matter how minor it is.”

“Mom, I’m 100% sure that I feel okay.”

There was pure certainty in his voice, but there was still a lingering feeling that more needed to be done. Laura thought of the conversation with the doctor, along with the doctor’s very explicit note. Although the chance that Ben was still suffering from a very mild case of hypothermia was slight, Laura wasn’t willing to take that chance, no matter how small.

She pulled her hands out of his pants and sat upright on the bed. She looked at him, and he looked back at his mother. There was a serious expression on her face.

“Now here’s where things get interesting,” she said as calmly as possible.

“Things weren’t interesting a moment ago?”

Laura cleared her throat. “I’ll have to check your penis.”

“What?” Ben noticeably tensed up.

“You took a nasty spill. It was really scary for me to watch. We both know how bad it was and how difficult it was getting you out of that icy lake.”

“But my privates?” he questioned. “You’re actually going to do that?”

“According to the doctor, your vulnerable areas are most at risk. That includes your fingers, toes, limbs, and you know where…”


She raised her eyebrow after getting his attention. “And you certainly don’t want to lose the function in your penis, do you?”

“No, no,” he quickly replied, shaking his head fast.

“Look, I’m only doing this because I love you. I want to make sure that you remain a healthy young man.”

From that moment, there was a sense of understanding between them. Sure, it would be extremely awkward and pretty humiliating, but there was a good purpose behind it. Ben certainly didn’t want to put his cock in any danger.

“Let’s be quick about this,” he answered. “It’s not like I have anything to hide, anyway.”

“Yes, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to that magnificent cock of yours,” Laura said with a wink, which only caused Ben to tense up further.

“Jeez, Mom…”

“I’m only trying to lighten the mood,” she smiled. “Let’s begin.”

When she reached to pull his sweatpants further down, exposing his underwear completely, Ben instinctively jerked away, before ultimately relaxing.

“Sorry,” he blushed. “This is pretty bizarre.”

“Tell me about it. I’m the one doing all the work, while you can just close your eyes or whatever.”

He took a deep breath. “Actually, do you think we can skip this part? I’m starting to, you know…down there…sorry…”

“Oh,” she gasped, getting the hint. “Well, that’s okay. It’s not like I’ve never seen one of those before.”

Having said that, Laura glanced down at his underwear. By the looks of things, he was halfway erect with his cock pointing to the side.

“Looks healthy so far,” she quipped.

He blushed, “Jeez….”

“Sorry about the jokes. I think it helps to ease things.”

“You don’t have to touch it. Obviously my function works.”

“Let’s compromise,” she offered. “I’ll do the exam over your underwear. That way I’ll just be touching the cotton fabric. And I won’t have to see or touch your penis directly. Sound fair?’

He nodded. “I guess that’s the best option so…let’s get this over with.”

Here goes nothing, she thought to herself. She put her hand on top of her son’s erection and felt his manhood through the thin fabric. She immediately felt his cock twitch in response, which caused her to reflexively move her hand.

Next she placed two fingers further down, where Ben’s scrotum was, and pressed down on it, causing her son to moan audibly. Laura wasn’t surprised by this, after all, boys are boys. Men are men. Of course they’d react like this from being touched by a woman, mom or not.

All she could do was continue as his impromptu ‘doctor’ for the day. Her fingers rubbed his swollen balls and then moved onto his shaft, which had become fully erect and jerked under her touch.

She looked at her son, who had his eyes closed. The poor guy couldn’t stand to watch his mother do this to him, but his body had a far different reaction. Laura kept her eyes on Ben’s face as she stroked his shaft through the underwear. If she was honest with herself, this was totally arousing for her too. Ben wasn’t the only person getting pleasure from this.

The hardest part of this was knowing when to stop. From the feel of things, Ben’s cock was working fine. In fact, his cock seemed better than fine, it was throbbing. Pulsing. Laura wondered if he always got this hard, or if it was because of her? Did she have something to do with this?

No. It couldn’t have been her fault, she thought. Surely?

“That’s enough,” she said, pulling her hand away. “I think we’ve established that your parts are working just fine.”

Ben opened his eyes, his mouth slightly open from his labored breathing, a flustered look of sexual frustration on his face, as if he had just been cruelly teased.

“Well…ummm…thanks for that…I mean glad we’re done with this.”

She nodded. “We’re not done quite yet. I need to call her and let her know if I need to follow up on anything. Don’t move a muscle, okay?”

When he agreed, she turned on the tv for him and went to her bedroom, where she closed the door and picked up the phone.


Laura wasted no time in telling the doctor everything. She told the doctor about all of Ben’s improvements, the way his limbs felt, her concerns, and even about the examination of his crotch, which she was embarrassed to admit.

“Tell me more about his lower extremities,” the doctor inquired with that trademark heavy accent.

“Some parts felt a little…out-of-proportion at first. I thought some of his toes felt kind of cold, but that’s normal, isn’t it? I examined further, just like you instructed, and his skin wasn’t sensitive in any way. I think he’ll be okay, but I’ll check again later to be sure.”

There was a long pause on the line. “This concerns me. Uneven temperature could mean damage to nerves, which is hard to detect.”

“Oh my,” Laura gasped.

“How carefully did you examine skin?”

“I felt him with my bare hands.”

The doctor gave another long pause. “How closely did you check penis and scrotum?”

“What about it?” Laura gulped.

“How was reaction?”

Laura cleared her throat. “Fully erect.”

“Very good. Did you examine skin? Did you touch it?”

“No, but….”

“There are no buts in medical training,” the doctor replied forcefully, being stern for the first time. “Real doctor would not accept these excuses. The skin around penis and scrotum are uniquely sensitive. It must be checked for signs of frostbite or redness. Immediately.”

Laura wanted to reply, ‘But that’s my son we’re talking about!’ but arguing with this old doctor was pointless. The doctor was someone from a different culture and generation. This was nothing to her, and she had no idea how bizarre it would be for a city woman like Laura.

The doctor went into a brief explanation of all the potential effects of hypothermia that may still linger. Of course, the doctor was an expert on this since she lived in this cold climate. All Laura could do was listen and learn, and pretend that she understood what all those medical terms meant.

“I’ll get to it,” Laura replied.

“Yes, yes, right away. Call me back with results after.”

Before the doctor ended the call, she gave a new set of instructions which left Laura with a dumbfounded expression, along with an elevated heart rate.


Laura returned to her son’s room, who was still watching tv. This time, he had covered himself with a blanket, fully expecting the ‘exam’ to be over.

“Everything okay?” he asked with a jovial attitude to show that he was perfectly fine.

Laura took the remote control and turned the tv off. “Not quite. The doctor wants to add a bit more to your exam. She’s afraid of hidden nerve damage, and she wants us to take things a little further.”

“Further than what we’ve already done? Please don’t tell me you’re going to stick a finger up my ass.”

“Actually, just the opposite.”

Ben looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“She wants me to conduct a more thorough examination of your penis and scrotum. It’s to ensure that none of your nerves have been damaged.”

“But you already saw…you know…my hard-on.”

Laura took a short breath. “I know, but I didn’t check your skin. And, well, I haven’t checked your ability to ejaculate.”

There was a brief moment of silence between them and neither of them knew how to react. Who would?

“So you’re going to do it?” he asked uncomfortably. “You’re going to make me, you know, ejaculate?”

“It’s for the best. I’m the only person who can check it here.”

“I can check myself,” he insisted.

“With all due respect, you were disoriented a few hours ago. Your opinion doesn’t count. I promise to make this easy. It’ll be over before you know it.”

He nodded. “I guess so.”

“Please, relax. The sooner we finish, the better.”

Laura moved closer to him as he laid there. She gently pulled the blanket away and tossed it aside. Then she pulled his sweatpants down to reveal his underwear. His bulge was smaller, but still very much present.

Trying to summon courage with a deep breath, she pulled his underwear down too. Ben wiggled his hips so it could be slid down easily.

There it was: his exposed, half-flaccid cock. At a glance, it looked perfectly healthy and warm-blooded. The sight of it made Laura flutter with different feelings, none of which were appropriate. It was odd that she’d see her son like this, so up close, to the point where she could see every inch so clearly.

“Relax,” she said. “Tell me if you feel any pain, unusual sensations, or anything out of the ordinary.”


Laura touched his warm cock with both hands and it instantly twitched. It seemed healthy all right. Zero signs of any nerve damage. Overall, it was the cock of a healthy young college student, and it instantly grew rock hard while Laura caressed it.

“So far, so good,” she smiled at him.

This made him blush. “This is humiliating.”

“You certainly don’t seem humiliated,” she countered while stroking him, up and down.

“I know but…it’s just weird.”

Laura’s hands continued their motherly duty. This was for Ben’s own good, whether he appreciated it or not.

“I know it’s weird, believe me, I know how you feel. I’m the one holding you in my hands, stroking you like this.”

Ben closed his eyes and breathed heavier. He was embarrassed beyond belief. He was also completely aroused.

“Thanks, mom,” he said softly with his eyes closed.

It was mortifying to Laura that her son was enjoying this so much. But then again, it was supposed to be like that. He was supposed to become erect to show his health. And it was at her insistence that she make him cum. As a mother, it was her responsibility to ensure his good health at a time like this.

“Are you close?” she asked, praying that he’d cum soon.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. “Kind of. This feels nice. Your hands are great.”

“Not something you ever should have known.”

“I’m just saying. You’re good at this.”

This time, it was Laura’s turn to blush. As Ben became more relaxed, Laura became more unnerved by the fact that she was giving her son a handjob, albeit for medical purposes. She needed to put an end to this.

“Cum for me,” she said flatly. “Once I see that you can ejaculate normally, we’ll be done.”

“Will you check on me later? I mean, that’s the doctor’s orders, right? Doesn’t she want you to do this regularly?”

Laura tried stroking faster. “We’ll see how it goes. First, I need you to cum.”

“It might be messy.”

She was taken aback by the comment. “Why?”

“I haven’t cum since we started on this trip. There isn’t any porn and it’s been too cold to jerk off– I mean, handle it. I’m just giving you fair warning.”

“And I appreciate that.”

A minute had passed, which felt like an eternity for Laura. Stroking her son’s rock-hard cock to make him cum was something she never could have imagined when she birthed him 19 years ago. She could tell he was seriously enjoying this.

“At least you’re getting some welcomed relief from this,” she joked to break the unusual tension of an incestuous handjob.

“God yes…I mean…anything for good health.”

She smiled, “Don’t act like a girl hasn’t played with your penis before.”

“This is about as far as it’s gone.”

“Really?” she asked with surprise.

He nodded. “Nothing beyond touching or licking. So, not to be weird or anything, but this feels amazing.”

Although Ben didn’t intend to make things weirder, Laura felt a huge rush from this. Stroking her son was one thing, but her virgin son? She was giving him pleasure he’d never felt before. She was sure that her handjobs were better than anything his past girlfriends had ever done for him.

Maternal guilt came over her for enjoying it this much. Her pulse raced and her pussy clenched. God, she needed to end this, and soon.

“My hands are getting tired,” she said as a false excuse. “Anything I can do to speed things up?”

He thought quickly. “Can I see your tits?”


“What? You asked.”

The guy had a point. Laura sighed and removed her hands so that she could unbutton the top of her blouse. Just the top part. Then she opened the left side of her blouse to reveal her bra, which she pulled down to expose a bare tit. It was round and slightly sagging, with a large brown nipple that was stiff from arousal.

When Laura looked down at the tit she had just exposed, she realized that she had accidentally shown off her own arousal too. Ben must have realized that she was horny as hell.

“That should help,” she said, returning to stroke his cock.

He expressed his agreement and it was clear that this only made him hotter. Laura had become amused by this. Her son probably watched tons of porn at this age, yet he was still left dazed by mom’s breast.

“Can I touch your nipple?” he asked as he began to thrust into her hand.

“Only if you promise to cum. What we’re doing is completely inappropriate and wrong, but necessary nonetheless.”


Ben smiled and reached out to touch his mother’s brown nipple. He pinched, and this time it was Laura’s turn to receive physical pleasure. She inadvertently released a yelp and moan. Her nipples had always been a huge erogenous zone for her, and she instantly regretted letting Ben touch her there.

“Stop it,” she said, swatting his hand away, then continuing to jerk him off.

“I won’t be able to cum as fast without that sort of stimulation.”

“Do you normally take a long time?”

He nodded. “Especially when it aches this hard. It takes me longer to cum when I’m this stiff.”

“Looks like you’re fully recovered after all.”

“Does this mean you’re going to stop?”

“Not a chance. I set a goal, and I have to follow through.”

“I have an idea,” he said.

She continued stroking him. “What is it?”

“Do you think we could…you know…have sex? I mean, isn’t that the best way to prove that my penis and reproductive organs are working properly? We need to know if my penis can still handle a woman. Isn’t that the point of this whole thing?”

Laura was stunned by the request. Absolutely stunned. The audacity that Ben had, she thought. Yet, Ben did have a point. Laura had been pushing this all day. She was adamant that his health needed to be monitored, and she was persistent in checking that his sexual organs were fully functional.

“You’re too smart for your own good,” she said bluntly.

That was when she released his cock from her hands and stood up. Ben had a sadness in his eyes, figuring that he had just ruined this amazing feeling of sexual pleasure.

Instead, Laura pulled her bottoms down, removing her pants and panties, standing completely naked from the waist down, with her nipple still exposed. Ben’s jaw dropped at the very sight of his semi-nude mother, along with the realization that his virginity would soon be taken in a special way.

“You owe me for this,” she said, hands on her hips.

He quickly nodded. “Yes, anything.”

“Promise you’ll never tell anyone, right?”

He nodded even faster. “No one will ever know.”

Laura climbed on the bed and positioned herself over Ben’s cock. She lowered herself, just over his erection. She reached down to direct his cock upward.

“Swear it?”

Ben’s eyes widened. “Our secret! I swear! Our secret!”

“Good boy.”

She kept a firm grip on his cock, holding him upright. She lowered herself slowly, guiding herself onto his throbbing erection. His tip pressed against her swollen labia first, and then, inch by inch, it penetrated her.

All the while, Laura kept her eyes locked on Ben’s face. He was in heaven over this. His eyes were wide and his tongue hung out like a puppy. It was all too good to be true, at least for him. He was finally losing his virginity to a beautiful older woman, who just happened to be his mother.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “You pussy feels unbelievable.”

She clenched herself. “Watch your language young man.”

“Yes mom,” he mumbled.

Being called ‘mom’ while sitting on his cock was a unique taboo. An incredibly thrilling taboo. It lit a fire under her, and she became even more aroused than she already was. A button had been pushed in her brain which unleashed a sexual fetish she never knew she had.

With every thrust, every gyration of her hips, Ben’s virginity fell further into the past. She loved fucking him. She loved giving her son this intense pleasure. Most of all, she loved seeing that crazed look on his face from his first sex session.

All the while, Laura never lost sight of things. She knew full well what this was about. As much as she enjoyed fucking him, she had to remember her motherly responsibilities as well.

She reached behind and cupped his scrotum, which made him gasp from the touch.

“Everything appears to be working fine,” she breathed heavily, riding him.

He groaned, “You got that right.”

“For the moment, at least. We still need a proper test drive, so to speak.”

Laura thrust her hips faster. It had been a while since she last had sex – far too long for a woman at her age. Feeling a young cock like this was a much welcomed form of sexual relief, even if that cock belonged to her son. Or maybe because that cock belonged to her son?

“Any aches?” she panted. “Pains…oh god…anything sensitive that hurts?”

The bed started shaking as they fucked harder. Laura justified the intense fuck session by telling herself that this was all part of pushing Ben to the max, to make sure there was no nerve damage.

“No mom. Everything — oh shit — is fine. Except for…. oh fuck!”

As Laura continued riding him, her eyes widened with concern. She should have stopped, but it felt far too good, and she could tell that Ben was still enjoying this as well. So she continued this medical exam by riding him even faster.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with concern, pumping her hips.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum if you don’t stop!”

The thought of him cumming inside her was a shock. Sex was one thing. Flooding her pussy with cum was something else entirely. Plus, she wouldn’t be able to conduct a proper exam of his ejaculation with that cock buried deep in her pussy.

So she quickly hopped off his erection and got on her knees. She bent down to that wet, throbbing cock. Then she stuffed the cock in her mouth and sucked. Her hands stroked feverishly.

Laura sucked that cock with everything she had. Among the men she had slept with in her life, she was always known for having a mouth with powerful suction. She’d only been with a small group of men – less than ten – and each of them had showered her with praise over her cock sucking abilities. She was a woman who was blessed with tight suction. Her mouth had a nice feminine softness to it too. Combined, it was a potent combination that could turn any man weak.

When she worked her hands even harder, that was it. Ben cried out loud.

“Oh fuck!!! Mom!!!”

Again, being called ‘mom’ during sex was powerful to her. It was really hot. She sucked harder, took him deeper, and stroked faster. She took his cock down to her throat while she sucked and stroked.

When the first shot of cum arrived, Laura moved her head back so that the cum would shoot directly onto her tongue. Per the doctor’s orders, she didn’t swallow just yet. She needed to taste it, she needed to feel it, and she certainly got a mouthful. It was warm and shot with a high pressure. As she continued stroking him, she could hear the sounds of him whimpering. She continued this until she felt Ben’s body relax, and the cum stopped shooting into her mouth.

After it was done, Laura sat upright and looked over to a nearby mirror. She stuck out her tongue and looked at her reflection to see her mouth full of cum. Not to be lewd. This wasn’t a submissive gesture, but a way to check the color and consistency of her son’s cum. She even chewed on it to make sure it felt right. This wasn’t about perversions; it was about making sure his health was fine. It just so happened that she got a crazy adrenaline rush of pleasure out of it.

When she got the answers she wanted, and was satisfied with the results, Laura took a big gulp and swallowed the pool of cum in her mouth, taking it down her throat where it would be digested in her stomach.

“I think you get a clean bill of health,” she smiled after licking her lips. “Your erection was strong, your skin felt smooth, and your cum was…well…delicious.”

There was a naughty grin on her face as she said that, while licking her lips once more, which clearly delighted her son.

Ben breathed hard. “Oh Jesus, mom. That was amazing.”

She patted his thigh. “Relax there. Just enjoy your first sex session. I’m going to call the doctor.”

“Are you going to tell her about this?”



Laura smiled, “For your health, of course. And to see if she has any other medical recommendations we can use.”

They both smiled at each other, and Laura bent down to swirl her tongue around the tip of Ben’s softening cock. Then she walked over to the next room, bare-assed with a single breast still exposed. Going on this trip was the best thing that’s ever happened to them. They both could agree on that.

The End

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