Bdsm with girlfriend

Hi guys I’m nick and I’m a regular reader of S4S my average height is 6.2 and I have a dick of 7inches any girl who want’s to have fun can email me coming to story let’s start my girlfriend swati (name changed)used to live alone in her flat she had a big butt and

First time experience in threesome

Hello readers, this is John from Bangalore with an erotic new experience to share with you. An encounter for the first time with a new couple generally takes a few days to fall into place. But this one was a bit different. It happened almost in an instant with just a short notice. Cuckolding will,

Deepika Padukone Fucked By Vijay Mallya:An Unknown Story

Film Actress Deepika Padukone was feeling very depressed and low. The reason was her recent break up with Ranbir Kapoor,her boyfriend for 1 and a half years. It was just a few days, and they had broken up. Actually Deepika Padukone decided to break up with Ranbir as he had cheated on her by flirting

Stepmom joins the fun

Hey guys. It’s me Abhi again back with another story. If you didn’t read my previous one go read it it’s Sharing the Shower. So in the previous story after I got a piece of my best friend Srinija we cancelled all our plans for the remaining days and had only one goal : To

Sex in the Vehicle

Hi readers, This is Anand, 20 years old from Hyderabad. I’m sharing one of my stories with you guys. I was friends with a girl Mamatha from when I was 5 years old. Our parents were good friends hence we soon became best friends as well. She has an elder sister, Amrutha who’s 2 years

Sex with my hot mom mala

Iam sai.Iam 20 year old , Studying In Bangalore I’m athletic built standing 5.9 feet tall Now I will come to my mom ,her name is mala, details She is old at 40 age looks Gorgeous women with big boobs size 38, sweet pussy, comfortable body, any man would love to fuck her Normally We

Cindy pleasures – part 2

Like each morning, Cindy woke with an oversized butt plug installed filling her ass and a cunt sized dildo left inside her. She knew she was lucky her family insisted on it. She was called into the bathroom by Mom who heard her stirring. Mom had a heavy period and was to have Cindy wear