Sex with first girl friend

Hi friends ,this is shyam and this is my first time sex with girl friend lalli.Her body perfect shape and hair so long.we both friends from school ,later met occasionally. We first met outside of godavari river no one there at that time. We both looking each other. I saw her hair it’s open full

Fucking my mother-in-law

This happened quite a few years ago when I was married to my first wife (Second one was Jordan -first one was Janet). We both got married when we were 20 years old. After about a year of marriage, with help from my extended family, we managed a deposit for a house. My mother-in-law, Margaret

My innocent mom fuck by my dad’s brother part 2

Next part My innocent mom fuck by my dad’s brother Thn next day they do not talk to each other. ….becz of last night incident jetu went to work …. Thn came back in noon mom was cooking food .. now jetu ask for towel to went to bath . Today again jetu left his underwear

Thought This was wrong!

Growing up Me n My Sister have always been close n we didn’t have alot of Money so My two older Brothers shared a bedroom n so I had to share a bedroom with My Sister who is the oldest. When we moved n got a bigger house we didn’t have to share a room