Expect the Unexpected-6

Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-5 ). Now let’s continue Nina feeling his cock ejecting his warm seeds deep inside her womb went into raptures too. With her eyes closed her body convulsed in violent spasms as if a giant tsunami had crashed thru her. Bunty looking at his mother trembling wildly, … Read more

Traditional Mom made into whore by all due to my mistakes part 2 (final)

Hi friends tqs for response .I’ll contine my story Traditional Mom made into whore by all due to my mistakes . After owner uncle banged mom she came tired and disturbed .I saw mom hair completely spoiled and red Mark’s on her neck and her 36 boobs are swollen I can see from above nighty . … Read more

I have witnessed my mom and brother

Hi All, I am Amrita (name changed) I am 32 yrs happily married and i have 4 years old son. However this story happened before 8 years, I have witnessed something of this kind for the first time in my life. Our family is of 4 members me my mom, dad and my younger brother … Read more