Wait, what did you say?” Dave was in his wife’s office. She was the head honcho of the division, the big cheese. Dave, he was a lowly accounts representative, quite a bit down the food chain. he was a little nervous at first when she came on board, but there were several levels of management

Low-Caste Whore

Part 1 An East Indian native, Deepti – who spoke English – was a pervert long before the ensuing happened. Her large tits didn’t sag and her arse was firm, though she had submissive needs involving humiliation, golden-showers, scat, bestiality, rape and physical abuse. When she was 18, however, her 19-y/o boyfriend forced her to

Love after marriage 2

This is viplav again. In the previous story you Love after marriage read how I got married to my childhood friend. How we watched my mom and dad having sex after we arrived home. Let’s come to story now. Janvi hugged me. She said I was scared. I said nothing will happen baby. We started kissing.

Seducing Justin 1 – Meeting

It started in the first strict lockdown period due to the Covid pandemic. Schools were closed and only essential trips were allowed. I love gardening and started spending 4 – 6 hours daily in the garden, mainly mornings. I always dress sexy and casually, like high cut shorts, and tank tops with huge arm cut

Kate’s First Threesome

Kate never imagined she would be doing this. By all outward appearances, she never would. A 54 year old, mom of grown children, happily married for almost 30 years. When Anne asked he whether she would like to spend the weekend away with Anne and her boyfriend Rob, knowing her husband was away, surely Kate

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