An older couple rediscover the joy of anal sex

Edward and Agatha are an outwardly conservative middle aged couple, happily married in all of their 30 years together. He work’s as an accountant, and she went back to school after the kids grew up and sells real estate, which even though the economy has taken a downturn, she has been in the business for

Anjali got fucked in the ass

Hi horny people, I’m TJ, this is my story of Tinder date, Anjali who then became my sex doll. I met Anjali on Tinder. After few days of chatting and video calls we met. Our first meet was in KFC where she gave me handjob while eating crispy chicken. That was the moment I knew

Hyderabad Software Ammayi Puku Pagala Denganu

Welcome back my dear lovers reader… Hope every one was doing great. My name is Praveen and I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. You can share your feelings and fantasies to me Ika story loki velthe, idi 2019 lojarigina experience. Nenu oka mnc company lo software job chesthunna. Ma campus chala peddadi, 13floors untayi.

Two hindu boys have threesome with horny Muslim teacher

Hello im rakesh and this is the second part of me fucking my history teacher, salma Hindu boy fucks Muslim teacher in her bedroom – Sex Stories. After the wonderful day at her house, we decided to keep on having sex when her husband’s out for work. We had a good few 4 days, one

Hardcore Sex With Bangalore Lady

Hi, my name is Praveen. I am a consistent writer of my real-time experience of sex and make-outs over S4S. Please read my previous stories here. I am a 26-year-old guy currently residing in Bangalore. I have the wildest fun and eroticism in bed by meeting real horny, wild, erotic women. This story happened way

Hindu boy fucks Muslim teacher in her bedroom

Hi guys my name Is Rakesh and Im telling about an incident where I fucked my history teacher, Miss salma who was a muslim . she was a goddess. she had big tits and was brown in color. she had a ponytail which made me more horny. I also imagined how her armpits looked like.

Brutal Gangbang and humiliation

Neha, she was a cute girl, aged 21 living alone in the town. She did a part time job at a local food chain. Although she was cute, she had a sexy round boob sized 34B and a fine fat Ass. So this is her story.   It was a Sunday night. She was returning

Brutal forced gangbang on Train

Hey guys, myself Shivani (not my real name tho ). So this is my first attempt so please do forgive the flaws and errors. I’m sure ur gonna enjoy this as much as I do. So, let me introduce myself. I’m Shivani, a 19yr old Chubby girl with a perfect 32D boobs along with a

Lisa’s First Anal Fuck

Here’s how it happened the first time… It was late at night and Lisa and I were in bed. We were wrestling and roughhousing prior to sex, just like we often did. Yeah, I know at first it seemed a little weird to me to be fighting before fucking. That’s how Lisa got turned on,

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