Mother convinces daughter to help out with her father

Mother convinces daughter to help out with her father

This is a work of fantasy, don’t try this at home, it won’t work out. All characters in this story are over 18.

“Your father…” Miki took a deep breath and dove in, “has a very…” she hesitated for a moment, looking at the table “very high sex drive.” When she finished, she looked at her daughter’s face to get a sense of what she thought about what she had just said. That face was suddenly confused and a little grossed out.

The two women sat on stools in their kitchen with a wide countertop between them. The table was empty except for a bottle of white wine and two glasses.

“Jesus, mom.” Kelly looked away from her mother. “This is what you wanted to talk about? Why are you telling me this?”

“Just listen to me, this is important.” She poured herself a second glass of wine, her daughter was still working on her first. “This was something I knew when we first met, your father had a bit of a reputation. Not as a player, but as a man who knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid of going and getting it. He was, and still is, very straightforward.”

“What he wanted? You mean to sleep with a lot of women? Doesn’t every guy?” Kelly is continued. She hoped this wasn’t going to be a lecture about avoiding college guys.

“Well, yes, but with your father it’s a little different. He was very honest about it but he’s also very handsome, and in a lot of ways most women… are okay with it.” Miki reflected for a moment, feeling at a loss on howto explain the effect that her husband Todd had on women. “We met in class in the university, and we fell in love immediately. Our sex life…”

“Mom!” Kelly said, shocked and concerned.

Miki had known this was going to be a hard conversation. She continued “…our sex life was intense immediately after we met. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me and I was comfortable with that.” I paused and took another small sip, “At first,”

Kelly put her hands over her face “Jesus Christ, Mom.”

“Look when you meet the right man, you’ll understand. The issue is that his needs have always … outstripped mine. And I’ve had to rely on others to keep him satisfied.” Miki watched her daughter’s expression carefully for her reaction.

Kelly’s face relaxed in understanding, she turned to her glass of wine, swished it around the glass and sipped it again. Miki could tell her mouth was dry. Kelly mulled over the thought. “You’re saying that you two have an open relationship. That makes sense.”

“Well, I guess you could say that HE has an open relationship, but sex and a relationship are two different things. Your father, while he has sex with other women, is deeply committed to me, and to this family.”

“Okay, okay…” Kelly’s eyes were wide, but she was accepting the new information. “So you wanted to tell me about this in case I would find out.” She put her hands out in front of her. “I’m glad you told me.”

“Well, that’s the first part…” Miki saw her daughter’s posture change again. She sat up a bit straighter and raised an eyebrow “I need your help.”

Kelly turned to look her mother dead in the eye. “Wait, what are you asking me to do?”

“I want to start by saying that your father and I are paying for your university and nothing is going to change when it comes to that, we will always help you cover essentials but…” Miki opened her hands to emphasize the point, “maybe you want…more.”

Kelly squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head, “Mom, just tell me what you’re asking me to do.”

Miki tried to seem enthusiastic. “Think of it like extra chores, but for doing these extras you get…” she paused for emphasis “more than you would normally receive. You could call it your allowance.”

Kelly watched her mother as the both of them took a drink of their wine. “Okay Mom, your reluctance to actually tell me what it is that you want me to do is pretty telling. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you want me to get my friends to sleep with dad, in which case I can tell you that I don’t really have friends like that.” She paused to think about it; she absolutely did have friends like that, and her mother probably knew it. Undeterred, her mother picked up a pen and a scrap of paper from the table, Kelly continued “well, I do have one or two friends like that, but I don’t think that I could…”

Miki shook her head, “No it’s not that, what I’m asking you to do would be to help me out. I have a lot of… work to do and I could use someone to help out every once in a while.”

“What, like a personal assistant? Mom, I’m not getting what you’re asking here.”

Miki was getting increasingly frustrated, she had imagined this talk would be easier. She told herself to be calm and clear. “Kelly,” her mother said as directly as she could, “I’m asking you to have sex with your father.” Kelly’s eyes grew wide. “In exchange for one session a day, this will be your allowance.”

Kelly’s composure had turned to glass, hard but fragile. She was terrified, her mother, a woman she loved and trusted, was asking her to have sex for money. The answer was an immediate no, until she looked down at the paper that her mother had slid before her.

She looked up at her mother, “I didn’t think we had that kind of money.”

She reached over and put her hand on her daughter’s. “Look, I know you’re sexually active, we don’t need to pretend that you aren’t. This is a big step, taking on this role in the family, but I know you’re capable of it. Also, you have to know what huge favour this would be for me.” Miki smiled at her daughter as Kelly squeezed her mother’s hand.

Kelly broke their eye contact “I have to think about this. Honestly, this is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me and I don’t know how to deal with it.” She sat up from her stool and began to walk away.

“That’s ok, honey” she picked up the slip of paper with the dollar amount on it, and held it up for her daughter. “Just remember, whatever you decide, your father and I love you. Nothing will change that.”

Kelly took the slip of paper, and said, skeptically, “Thanks, Mom.”


Kelly didn’t know what to think. She was glad she had some wine in her system to blunt the shock of what her mother had asked, but it was still a lot to take in. Only once had she ever considered anything romantic with a family member, a similarly aged cousin, and even then it was just a passing thought. She knew her father was handsome, and she loved him deeply but she had obviously never considered it… She was considering it now.

She had thought before about having sex for money, and though she would never have told her mother, her peer group were getting more and more involved with escort services. A friend had started during a lean first year of university, after a few months she had new clothes and a new car, along with suggestions that her friends join her for exotic vacations. Soon, every pretty friend of hers was making hundreds in just a few hours a week.

Kelly, who still lived at home, had not been interested but found herself more and more jealous of her friends’ success. She still lived a pretty privileged lifestyle but she was falling behind them – she still had clothes from high school and a two year old phone. She wanted more.

But the escort lifestyle didn’t appeal to her. She was never the type to tell people what they wanted to hear, and she knew that she could never convince a man that she wasn’t into that she wanted to fuck him. She couldn’t dream of being intimate with someone she wasn’t interested in, no matter what the price. But here, out of the blue was a chance to make that money, working from home, so to speak.

She needed to talk this over with someone. With her body still metabolizing the wine, she laid down on her bed, and pulled out her phone to call her friend Kitty.

Kitty was a slim woman of Chinese descent that she knew from highschool who had gone into the fine arts. Training to be a dancer, she had started working as an escort only a couple of months ago, and had since been the most eager of Kelly’s friends to recruit her into the work.

Kitty picked up immediately, “Heeyy,” she said cheerfully. “Kelly baby, how are you?”

“Hey Kitty, how are you? Listen, I have something really important to talk about.” She pressed her fingers to her eyes and thought about what she was going to tell her friend. Could she explain the whole story? It probably wouldn’t be wise.

“Sure, uh, no, mmm problem.” Kitty breathed hard into the phone.

Kelly heard the strain in her friend’s voice. Was this a bad time? “Sorry, I should ask, what are you up to right now? Am I interrupting anything important?”

There was a long pause and she heard rustling sounds. Kitty breathed deeply then said “No, it’s fine. Ahh-I can talk now.”

Kelly sat up in bed, her eyes suddenly alert. ‘Uhh are you okay, why are you talking like that,” she thought she heard a thumping sound on the other side of the call

“Talking… like.. What?” her friend said, with pauses after each word.

Kelly listened and the thumping continued, and she finally understood what was going on. “Oh my god, Kitty, are you taking a call while you’re having sex?” through the phone she could hear the tell-tale slapping sounds of hips thrusting into hips.

“Oh don’t… be such… a prude. Howard… wanted me… ugh.. to take… the-uh call.” She breathed heavily into the phone. “He thought it was my… uh-boyfriend.”

She heard a male voice groan in orgasm over the phone as she started to hear her friend panting and whining. Kelly hung up quickly and threw her cell across the room. She stood up, planning on leaving her room to leave the house. As soon as she got to the door she realized that she’d never be able to go out like this. She went back to the bed, wiggled out of her pants and angrily put her finger to her moist clit.

Once that was done she got back on the phone to try to get a fresh opinion from one of her friends. Paranoid now that any friend that she called would be having sex for money with some random older man, she sent a text to her friend Abby, and they arranged to meet for coffee in an hour.

The cafe was just loud enough to drown out their conversation for the next table over but not loud enough that they would have to raise their voices. They claimed a table in a wood framed window looking out on the evening city sidewalk.

By the time they both sat down and had coffee in front of them, there was no alcohol left in Kelly’s system. She no longer had the courage to tell the whole story and instead, she let her friend guide the conversation. Abby began talking about problems she was having with her new car, which eventually turned into a story about how she found out about a new store which sold natural supplements in a neighbourhood Kelly wasn’t familiar with. She was half listening but mostly her mind was on the bomb that her mother had just handed her at the kitchen table. Her mind suddenly flashed to putting her hand on her father’s chest, and him wrapping his arms around her, his lips kissing her neck. She watched her friend’s hands as they moved across the table, animating the story that was falling on Kelly’s distracted ears.

“Abby,” she cut her friend off, “I’m really sorry but I have something on my mind.”

Her friend regained focus, “Oh my god, I’m sorry, we were supposed to be talking about your thing, and here I am talking about my own random life. Okay,” Abby made a gesture that said she was ready to listen “give it to me.”

“So, I know that you and some of the girls have started having sex for money,”

“We’ve been working as escorts, yes” Abby gently corrected her.

“Well, kind of out of the blue, someone made an offer,” her eyes traced the outline of the table, not able to look at her friend who was staring at her intently, “to me. For me? Someone I know asked me to have sex for money.”

“Oh, and you’re thinking about doing it?”

Kelly was aghast, “No! No… No. I can’t.” She paused, before whispering, “I shouldn’t.”

“Ok, so why did you call me up and drag me out here? It sounds like you’ve made up your mind. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.” Abby said decisively.

Kelly looked at her, “Well, it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I shouldn’t.”

“What, shouldn’t because of the money? Look, I know that there are a lot of puritans out there…”

“It’s not that. It’s more about who it is.” Kelly was unsure of herself, trying to figure out if she could give the details without letting it slip who the person was. Abby couldn’t help but notice that she was feeling shifty.

“A teacher? A priest? A cop who pulled you over?” Abby looked for a reaction. “You’re not going to tell me who it is are you?” When Kelly didn’t reply, Abby continued. “Well, we know it’s somebody who has money, probably older since most of the guys our age wouldn’t really have the knowledge or the guts to just come out and ask you.”

Kelly interrupted her, Abby would probably figure it out if she worked through the logic. “Look, this is a big deal for me, I’ve never been asked for anything like this before, and the money is… surprisingly good.” Kelly pulled out the sheet of paper that her mother had given her. Abby took a look at it, she raised her eyebrows.

“What’s this for?”

“It’s to be on call, to provide, uh, services at specific times of day, 7 days a week. I get the sense that the kind of things that this guy might be into are pretty standard.”

“Pretty standard? You don’t know? You should probably ask before you get involved with anything.”

“Well, how do I ask?”

“You just ask. It’s as simple as that. Some of my clients,” Abby looked around to make sure no one could hear. She spoke quietly, “don’t really want to do anything at all, they just want to talk. Maybe that’s all he wants”

Kelly looked down, “I’m pretty sure that’s not all he wants,” she said quietly.

“Just ask, ask him right now actually, I can tell you if this is a good deal that you’re getting.”

“Right now?” Kelly was undone by the immediacy. Was she really considering this? Her heart leapt into her throat, she looked around the cafe, all of those people just having normal conversations, and here she was about to upend her life.

And yet she found her hand pulling out her phone, she put in her mom’s contact info and Abby reached over and took it from her, “I’ll type out the message.” Kelly was horrified until Abby said “Jesus Christ be careful! You put your mom’s phone number in here.”

Kelly fake laughed “Wow, that would have been awkward!”

Her friend removed the contact and continued on. Kelly thought that she should stop her from typing out the message, maybe this has gone too far, but she didn’t. She watched her friend typing away and then held her hand out as Abby handed it back.

She read it over. “I’m considering your offer, but I have a few questions. First, what kind of services will I be expected to perform? Please be specific, and I’ll be able to let you know what I can and can’t do. Second, can we clear up when I’ll need to be available for these duties? Last, as far as payment, we may need to negotiate the number based on the other two questions.” She looked at the words, and read them over again. She knew on some level that she shouldn’t send this message, that it would start her down a path that one couldn’t come back from. Maybe this was something that she really wanted to do? She typed “Mom” in the To field, and without thinking she hit send.

She immediately felt scared, her stomach lept into her throat. Her friend saw her concern and reached her hand over and placed it comfortingly on her friend’s shoulder. “Hey! You’re just asking questions you don’t need to do anything you don’t want to. You’re in control!”

But Kelly wasn’t so sure.

The message was received in Todd and Miki’s room. The room was dark and the phone buzzed from an end table.

Todd’s eyes went to the phone, he was relaxed, fully naked, in a leather chair at the corner of the room, facing the bed. His wife, Miki, was on her knees between his legs, sucking his cock. He stroked her hair as a way of letting her know what a good job she was doing.

Miki had heard the phone, and when she released the shaft from her mouth, she looked up at her husband. “Can you let me know who that was?”

He reached over and picked up the phone. He saw that it was his daughter and read the message out loud. Miki continued her slow, deliberate blowjob.

“Miki, are you serious about this?” His wife nodded while she continued to suck, “I shouldn’t be surprised but, she agreed to it? How did you ever know this would work?”

She let his cock out of her mouth and began pumping with her hand. “I’ve always been good at knowing what motivates people.” She returned his cock to her lips.

“Oh yeah? What motivates me?” He asked, stroking her hair.

“Fucking young women.” She smiled as her head resumed bobbing on her husband’s member.

“That’s very true.” He thought for a moment, and then added, “you knew I would do it?”

Without pausing, Miki moaned “mmm hmm.”

Todd stroked her hair lovingly, “You’re also good at knowing what makes you happy.”

She stopped blowing him and began to kiss and muzzle his shaft, speaking into it, “making you happy and making our girls happy makes me happy.”

“You make me happy,” he told her.

She kissed the inside of her husband’s thighs, and felt the warmth of his hard penis against her face.

It was late, Kelly’s two sisters were sleeping, and she was up in her room, preparing with her mother. She was wearing a small amount of makeup, not too much, same with her perfume. She had on lacy black underwear under a blue robe. Even with her robe open, Kelly felt like the temperature in the room was rising.

“Remember, if anything doesn’t feel right, you can stop at any time.” Her mother reminded her for the 5th time.

“I know, Mom.” She brushed her hair nervously.

“This is a big step, and I want this to be as good for you as it is for him.” She said, to her daughter, with worry in her voice.

Kelly felt if she waited any longer, she was going to lose her nerve, so she put her hairbrush down on her desk. “Is he ready for me?”

“He’s ready.”

Kelly stood up, tied up her robe and opened her door.

She walked down the hallway towards his bedroom and went in, closing the door softly behind her. Her father came out of the adjoining bathroom, and she walked over to the bed. He was wearing a robe as well, but when she looked below his belt, she could see the outline of his cock. He saw her and took a deep breath.

“Are you ready for me?” She asked, in a seductive tone.

“Oh yes, I am.” He answered.

She looked at him, and noticed that he was nervous, he didn’t seem to have the confidence she suddenly felt. “You don’t have to be scared, Daddy. I’m just going to take off your robe.”

He laughed, and held his arms open for her. She pulled the robe from his shoulders, and he stood there, in front of her, naked.

She had never seen him like this before, and now she had to admit that he had the kind of toned body that she had always looked for. Her entire life she had seen him as a father, and now she was forcing herself to see him as a man.

She turned around, standing before him, letting him look at her body. With her back to him, facing the door, she opened her robe. She let it slide down and hang off her waist as she showed off her back to him. She looked back, seductive, then let the robe fall to the floor. She slowly turned back towards him, in her black lingerie.

His eyes were wide, his mouth was open. His cock was throbbing, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

She took a step forward, and placed her hands on his shoulders. He leaned forward, and she kissed him deeply. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, and felt his tongue touch hers. It was strange for both of them. He hadn’t expected her aggression. But they both found it erotic.

He moaned, and finally wrapped his arms around her.

She enjoyed the closeness for just a moment, but then gently pushed him away, keeping her hands on the toned sides of his stomach

She had been trying to avoid looking at his penis since he had taken off his robe, but she knew that it was the next step of her journey. She looked down at it, it was a good size, but it was just, she thought, very aesthetically pleasing.

She knew that to please a man, she should start with a blowjob and so, with her hands on him, she knelt down in front of her father. She reached out with one hand, wrapped her fingers around to stroke his shaft and pulled herself forward. She slid her other hand down and touched his muscular thigh.

She ran her hand along his cock, feeling the hardness, the length, the girth. She looked up at him, and smiled. “Do you like my touch, dad?”

“Yes.” He said, his voice shaking.

She put her mouth over the head of his cock, and licked the underside. “I’m glad you chose to do this with me,” her father said.

But then, with the feeling of that warm member pulsing in her mouth, something came over her, she felt incredibly nervous. What was she doing? Was she really going to have sex with her father for money?

Todd felt the change in her. “Honey, are you okay?” He asked.

“I…” she stammered, “I have to talk to Mom quickly.” She stood up and walked out of the room. She found herself running down the hall. Todd didn’t follow.

“Mom, I don’t think I can do this,” she said as she came back into her room. Her mother was lounging on her bed, reading a book.

“It’s okay honey, come sit here.” Miki said as she stood up.

They sat down on the edge of the bed, facing each other. “I’m sorry I don’t think I can, it’s just too much.”

“Oh, it’s perfectly fine, sweetie. Don’t worry about it. This is a big step for any woman to take.” She gave her daughter a hug, stroking her bare shoulders. “But could you tell me what the issue is?”

“I don’t know, mom, I had his,” she paused wondering what euphemism she should use for penis around her mother, “uh, member in my mouth and I just grew self conscious. I’m not sure I want to be a… whore?”

“Honey, don’t talk like that. Sex is just a thing that people do together. There’s nothing wrong with doing it as a job.” Miki lifted her face up so they were looking each other in the eye, their faces close. “Besides, it’s not just the money, you’re doing it to help me and your father. But more than that, isn’t there a part of you that wants you to do it?” They looked into each other’s eyes, Kelly smiled.

Kelly thought for a moment. She was excited when she saw him naked and the thought of sharing herself with her father was appealing. “Mom, this is so overwhelming, do you think that maybe … you would help me by being there with me, so I wouldn’t be as nervous when we actually do it.”

Her mother smiled, she liked the idea. “That’s fine honey, why don’t we go back in together?” The two of them went back to the master bedroom, holding hands. When they got to the door, Miki indicated that Kelly should go through first.

Kelly saw her father reclining on the bed. He was wearing his robe again, but it was loose and showed his muscular chest and abs. Her heart fluttered. Todd had just been staring up at the ceiling and both women could see that he had a worried look on his face. He looked towards them and saw the two of them framed in the door. He smiled, relieved.

“Todd, Kelly is feeling a little nervous, and she asked me to come with her.” Miki told her husband. “She wanted me to come and sit in with you two.”

Todd got up, and walked over to his daughter, took her hands in his, and pulled her close to him. She was still nervous, but she felt a lot better after seeing his reassuring smile.

He let go of her hands, and took her face in his own. He kissed her gently, and then held her hands again.

“I’m glad you came back. I want you to share this part of my life with me.” He whispered in her ear. “But only if you’re comfortable.”

“It’s okay, Daddy.” She said. “I want to do this for you.”

They both stood back, and faced each other. Todd took a moment and admired her beauty. Her long blonde hair, her soft skin, her full lips, and finally met her big, loving eyes.

“You’re beautiful, Kelly.” He told her.

She blushed, and smiled shyly. “Thank you.” She wanted to touch him again, and she wanted dhim to touch her.

“So, how about you come lay on the bed?” He asked her. “We can take as long as you want.”

She nodded, and he led her over to the bed. They sat down next to each other, side by side. He put his arm around her shoulder, and they started kissing. Their tongues intertwined as their lips played against each other.

Kelly pulled away gently. “Daddy, can we just kiss for a while, like this? I want to feel your body.” She slid her hand down his back and felt the ripples in his muscles as his body responded to her touch.

“Sure honey, we can take this as slow or as fast as you like, whatever it takes.” He ran his hand down her leg, feeling its smoothness.

Miki watched as the two of them kissed and touched each other. She was excited, thrilled that her plan to get her daughter to take over some of her sexual responsibilities was working.

Todd was surprised at how sensual Kelly was being with him. He wondered how much experience she had had with other men. He felt no jealousy, though; he knew that even if they continued this part of their relationship, she would have to lead her own life. He was only renting her body for a short time; he would enjoy it fully for an hour or two and be the best father possible for the rest of the day.

He ran his hands through her hair, and felt her soft skin under her chin. She felt her bra unclasp. Their mouths explored each other’s lips, he ran his hands across her breasts, cupping and squeezing them, thrilled that she had taken after his family, where the women were busty and petite. She moaned softly as he caressed her soft skin.

Miki pulled her robe around her and joined them on the bed, sitting back against the headboard, watching a daughter explore her father for the first time. They kissed and caressed lovingly, not paying attention to anything else.

As Todd’s body shivered under her touch, Kelly wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him closer to her, pressing herself against him. He kissed her hungrily, he couldn’t get enough of the sexy woman in his arms, his daughter.

Kelly was happy to feel her father’s strong hands on her body, running over her breasts and down her belly. She loved the way his body felt next to hers on the bed, and how his hands felt every part of her.

When he reached her thigh, she felt him move closer. He slid a finger under the waistband of her underwear, and started moving it slowly against her. Kelly gasped.

She could feel him going farther, spreading her open. His fingers pushed into her pussy, stretching her lips, and causing an intense sensation inside of her.

Kelly groaned softly as he continued moving his finger in and out of her. Then his finger slid back out and found her clit, and he circled it gently. Kelly quivered.

Miki bit her lip as she watched her husband tilt her head and take her daughter’s mouth to his, while slowly, gently pleasuring her with his fingers. She could see how good the two of them looked together.

Kelly was already very turned on. “Oh my God…Daddy!” She cried out, reaching up to hold onto his shoulders.

“Does that feel good?” Todd asked her.

“Yes, it feels good,” she said breathlessly.

“Would you like me to stop?” He teased.

“No!” She said, “This is… incredible.” She kissed him again.

Her initial nervousness was quickly giving way to excitement. She had had sex before, but this was something different. She had forgotten that this was for money, and about the fact that this was her father. This was a man, whose body filled her with lust. She forgot that her mother sat nearby, watching them; she forgot about her sisters sleeping nearby, oblivious.

She closed her eyes, and lost herself in the pleasure he was giving her. She wanted this to last forever.

Todd continued to move his finger in and out slowly, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“How does that feel?”

“It feels so nice,” she breathed. The situation was so intense and she felt aroused by every place their bodies touched, every aspect of the situation.

She felt her mother stroking her hair. “You like that, honey?” Miki asked.

“Yes, I love it.” She responded. “Thank you for being here with me, Mom,” she said with her eyes closed.

Todd started kissing his daughter’s face again, and then he pulled his hand out of her panties, and he moved up next to her.

He kissed her neck. She moaned softly. He kissed down her skin, his lips grazing along her collarbone, sending sparks through her body. When he moved down to her chest, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Let’s take these off,” he told her.

“Okay.” She said, and then she pulled her underwear down, and let them fall onto the floor.

He looked at her, admiring her body, and he kissed her again, his tongue entering her mouth as their hands moved on each other’s bodies. He felt her hands on his chest as they ran over his body, and felt his muscles.

She felt his hard cock pressing against her stomach, and she moved her hand up to it, and started rubbing it.

“Oh god, yes.” He groaned.

“Do you want me to make you cum with my hand?” She asked.

“Not yet.” He told her, “I want to see you take my cock in your mouth.”

Miki interjected gently. “Why don’t I handle it this first time? You two can get better acquainted.” She began moving down to the end of the bed, and settling herself between her husband’s legs.

“Are you sure, Mom?” Kelly asked, “I think I can handle it now.” She spoke into her father’s hair as he buried his face in her neck, kissing and nuzzling her skin. Her mother didn’t reply, she had already started taking Todd’s cock into her mouth.

Miki took his entire length and Todd sighed loudly into Kelly’s hair. It made Kelly’s heart flutter with excitement. She felt her father’s reaction to what Miki was doing with her mouth in her father’s kisses and caresses. Every time his wife would slide her mouth down his shaft, Todd with hug his daughter more deeply.

Kelly closed her eyes again and enjoyed the sensual feelings of kissing and touching her father. She could hear her mother sucking on his cock. His arms squeezed her tightly. She heard him moan.

She opened her eyes to watch her mother in action and she watched as her father gripped the back of Miki’s head. Kelly put her hand over her father’s, as he helped to direct Miki’s blowjob.

She was getting more turned on by the second.

“I’m gonna cum.” Todd moaned, and he felt his cock start to swell. He kissed his daughter as his body tensed up, Miki’s head was bobbing up and down quickly now, taking him deep into her throat.

Kelly felt him shake, as if she could feel his seed shooting into her mother’s mouth. He moaned into her mouth. “Oh fuck.” He cried out as they both gripped Miki’s hair tightly.

Miki swallowed all of his cum, and then she pulled his cock from her mouth, and looked up at him, smiling. She kissed his cock, and stood up, heading towards the bathroom. Kelly and Todd watched her go, then the father and daughter relaxed in each other’s arms.They kissed passionately once again.

“That was amazing.” Kelly told her father

Todd told his daughter, “Thank you for being a part of that.”

By the time Miki had returned from brushing her teeth, they had fallen asleep together. She crawled into bed with them, and cuddled up next to her husband.

The next morning, Miki woke up early and looked at the clock. Kelly and Todd clung to each other, still asleep. She sat up and leaned over her husband to whisper in her daughter’s ear. “Kelly, you need to wake up,” Miki said.

Kelly was groggy, and she mumbled something.

“Kelly, you need to get back to your own bed, so your sisters don’t find out about this.” Kelly’s eyes shot open.

“How much time do I have?” She asked, sleepily.

“About an hour. You’d better get up.” Miki put her hand on her daughter’s cheek. Kelly put her own hand on top of it, holding it to her face and kissing the palm.

“I still have time,” she pulled herself closer to her still sleeping father and whispered into his ear. “Wake up, daddy. Wake up and fuck your daughter.” He took a deep breath, Kelly continued. “You paid to fuck your daughter and her pussy is open and waiting for your hard cock. Do you want to fuck your daughter, Daddy? We don’t have much time.”

Todd’s eyes opened slowly, and his mouth opened in a giant yawn, “You really know how to wake a guy up, honey.”

She laid on her back and pulled his shoulder to indicate that he should roll on top of her. “I’m so horny from last night, that was the most sensual experience of my life,” she spoke into her father’s ear. “I need your cock in me now.”

Todd rolled over on top of her, positioning his now erect cock between her legs. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” He whispered to her.

“Daddy, please make me cum, I need it so bad.” She begged him.

“You’re going to be a great whore for your father, aren’t you?” Todd asked her.

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll do anything you ask me to.”

Todd moved his hips forward, and his cock entered her pussy. He felt her wetness, and he moaned as he pushed himself into her. Miki watched, lounging on the side of the bed.

Kelly, who had been wet all night from the kissing and touching, felt every inch. “Oh God, Daddy, you feel so good inside me.” Kelly sighed.

Todd began thrusting his cock in and out of her slowly, wanting to savour their first time together.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re so big and hard, and you feel so good.” She moaned. She reached down and grabbed his ass as she spread her legs further apart. “Fuck me, daddy, fuck me hard.”

Todd did just that, he fucked his daughter, and he felt as her pussy clenched and unclenched around his cock. He felt her fingernails digging into his back, and her toes curled.

He picked up the pace, and his cock slammed into her, over and over again.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck me harder.” She begged him.

Todd could feel her orgasm building, he knew she was close. “I’m gonna cum.” He told her. “Cum in me, Daddy, cum in me.” She whispered into his ear, and he felt his cock swelling inside her.

He pushed himself as deep into her as he could, and he felt his hot seed shoot into her. He held her rightly and she wrapped her legs around him. As she felt him cum, Kelly’s body shuddered in orgasm. She called out loudly into the room, her body shaking and squeezing him tightly. His cock stayed hard and he kept thrusting into her even after he was done, determined to get every last bit of pleasure.

When she stopped shaking, he fell onto her, and they both lay there, catching their breath and kissing the sides of each other’s faces.

“Wow,” he said, “you were incredible. That was unexpected, but very, very satisfying.” He laid on top of her.

“I’m glad you enjoyed me.” She told him. She kissed him on the cheek. “You should get off of me though, I’ve got to have a shower.”

Todd rolled off of her, and she hopped off the bed to use the master bedroom shower. Todd and Miki sat alone as they heard the water turn on. Their daughter started to sing.

Todd leaned over and kissed his wife. “Thank you again, honey.”

That evening, Kelly sat alone at a table in her favourite cafe. She texted on the phone with her mom, who was thanking her. She saw an email pop up on her phone, it was a bank transfer. She held her breath and deposited the money. It was, she understood, to be the first of many.

She had passed the interview, she thought to herself.

She looked up the phone and saw the door open. Her two friends Kitty and Abby came through the door, they were both dressed well, with makeup, hair done, and pretty dresses, though Kitty looked a little disheveled. Probably just had an appointment with one of her clients, Kelly thought. They looked like they would be going out afterwards, of course they were. The three of them were going to work. Kelly felt self conscious for a second, but then remembered that she would only be dressing up for her Daddy. They fixed their eyes on her and smiled as they sat down next to her. Kelly smiled back at them.

“So!” Abby said excitedly.

“How did it go?” Kitty followed up her question.

“It. Was.” Kelly paused for effect, “Amazing.”

The two women looked at each other. “We knew that it would be!” Abby exclaimed.

Kitty laughed, “Abby told me all about it! I’m so happy for you!” She lowered her voice and asked “she said it’s an exclusive arrangement?”

Kelly nodded shyly.

“And the money is good?”

Kelly nodded again. Kitty and Abby giggled. “So tell us everything!” Abby asked.

Kelly recounted her story, leaving out only the name of the man and woman who would be paying her. When she finished, her two friends were excited. “That sounds like a dream come true, a wealthy older man, his wife is into it so you won’t have that drama. And it sounds like getting paid is no problem. You’re lucky, it sounds like you have found a client who can make you cum.”

Kelly blushed. She wondered what they would think of if they found out it was her father that she was fucking for money. Hell, they might think it was cool. All the same, it was a secret she wasn’t going to share. Abby spoke up again.

“So when are you going to meet him? Are you going to call him tonight?”

“I have an appointment tonight at 11,” Kelly replied with a touch of nervous energy in her voice.

Kitty nodded. “Are you meeting him at your place or his? Are you staying the night?”

“No, not really.” Kelly said quietly. “I…” She trailed off. She would be sleeping in her own bed but twenty feet away from his. That was hard to explain “I’ll be in my own bed tonight, we can leave it at that.”

“Oh, mysterious,” Kitty said, “ok, I’m going to grab drinks, want anything?” She stood up.

Kelly shook her head, Abby gave her order: “Decaf latté,” while staring straight at Kelly. Kitty walked off. They sat in silence for half a minute.

“Uh, Kelly, I’m going to ask a question, and I ask not just out of morbid fascination, but out of love.” They stared at each other.

Oh my god, thought Kelly. She knew.

“This man, this… client of yours. Have I ever met him?” Abby took time with her words, expressing them with care.

“I’m not sure I should say,” Kelly replied cautiously.

Abby kept looking at her “Would you say he’s a good, um, family man?”

Kelly stared her right in the eye. She started to reply, then stopped, before saying cautiously, “Many people could be described like that.”

“And has this man ever, say, for example, picked me and you up from soccer practice?” Suddenly Kelly felt flush all over. Before she could reply Kitty was back at the table with two drinks.

“I’m going to give that barista a blowjob in the back when he goes on break.” She said as she sat down. “My client Adam will pay either of you 200 dollars if you make out with me afterwards on video.”

Abby, still looking at Kelly who couldn’t meet her gaze, ignored Kitty’s proposal. “Kelly, does this arrangement make you happy?”

She looked up at her friend, “it does.”

Abby continued, “and this is all consensual?”

Kelly looked more confident. “It is.”

“Then I’m happy for you, no matter who your client is.” They stood up and hugged. Abby whispered softly into her friend’s ear “you always were a Daddy’s girl.”

Three months later, their arrangement has become a part of their routine. Kelly would slip into her parents’ room quietly at 11 pm, her father would fuck her brains out, she would tidy up in her parents bathroom and she would be in her own bed by 11:45. Occasionally, for extra money her father would ask for her during the day, and if she wasn’t busy she would accommodate him, sucking his cock or giving up her pussy in the way that he wanted.

She was building up a great investment account in the meantime, and with some easy calculations she determined that she would be able to move out into her own place in about three years with some level of financial independence.

Kelly pondered this as she stood in the shower, letting the water run over her body. She heard the bathroom door open, and then her father’s voice.

“Hey, your mom is gone for a while. Do you mind if I fuck you in the shower, ” Todd asked his daughter.

“Sure,” Kelly said back at her father, “you know the going rate.”

“Good answer,” Todd said to his daughter, closing the bathroom door and stripping off his clothes.

Todd opened the shower curtain and stepped inside. He stood behind her as she continued to apply body wash.

“Do you want anything in particular?” Kelly asked her father.

“I think I might just fuck you from behind,” Todd said to her as he gripped her wet hips.

Kelly smiled. “Why, that would be perfect,” Kelly replied, rolling her arms against the wall, arching her back and pushing her firm ass backwards, causing her father to press his hard cock between her ass cheeks. He rubbed the tip of his cock over her asshole and then around her vulva, playing with her. She quivered as he touched her clit.

“Come on, you know you want it,” Kelly said back to her father, raising her ass slightly to meet his hard cock. “You should fuck me quickly before my sisters hear you in here.”

Todd chuckled. “Alright,” he said to his daughter, leaning his body forward so he could run his cock up and down her slit, “I guess you win.”

“Yes I..!” Kelly was cut off as he slid his cock into her pussy. She gasped then moaned.

“God, you’re so tight,” he said, thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Kelly continued to talk as she fucked her father. “God, Dad, your cock feels so good inside me.”

“You’re just, Ugh, saying that to, Ugh, get me off faster,” Todd grunted with each thrust of his hips. He held her tightly around the waist. His hand pressed firmly on her ass cheek.

“But you like hearing that, don’t you? How much your daughter loves it when you fuck her?”

He answered “yes, I do, yes, oh yes,” as he drove his cock home, deeper and harder. Kelly ground herself into his hips to help him along.

Kelly cried out with each thrust, bringing a moan from her father. “I’ll cum quickly,” he told her, “fuck me!”

“Do it, Dad,” Kelly said, she pushed back faster against his thrusts.

Todd grunted as he fired his hot sperm into his daughter. He pushed his cock all the way into her. Kelly cried out at the feel of her father’s cum shooting inside her pussy and started to shake with a small orgasm herself. She leaned against the wall still in the grip of her father’s hands as he thrust into her to get the last aftershocks.

He moved his hands over her wet body, enjoying its softness. He stroked her breasts and leaned in to kiss his daughter’s cheek. “Thank you, honey.” His cock was still inside her, losing its hardness.

“Thank you, daddy.”

“I’ll let you clean up.” He said. He got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Kelly continued on without him. “I’ve left you some cash on the counter.” He dropped a handful of bills as payment.

“That’s great, thanks.” She said, washing out the cum that was dribbling down the inside of her thighs. “Hey, I’m thinking of going over to Megan’s for dinner, so you may not see me this evening until later.”

“Ok,” he said, drying himself off, “but you’ll be back to meet up with me before 11:00, right?”

She poked her head out from behind the shower curtain, she looked incredulous. “Of course, you know I will.”

Tood laughed, and wrapped the towel around his waist. He walked over and kissed Kelly on the lips, just a quick peck. “Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter.”

He went to the bathroom door and opened it, to find his second born daughter, Mackenzie, on her phone walking by the door. He cursed himself in his mind but kept his composure. She didn’t look up from her phone. “Hey Dad,” she said dully, not even breaking her stride.

Todd held his breath as he watched her go, and then quickly went into his own bedroom to get dressed.

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