Mother convinces daughter to help out with her father

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Oh my god, thought Kelly. She knew.

“This man, this… client of yours. Have I ever met him?” Abby took time with her words, expressing them with care.

“I'm not sure I should say,” Kelly replied cautiously.

Abby kept looking at her “Would you say he's a good, um, family man?”

Kelly stared her right in the eye. She started to reply, then stopped, before saying cautiously, “Many people could be described like that.”

“And has this man ever, say, for example, picked me and you up from soccer practice?” Suddenly Kelly felt flush all over. Before she could reply Kitty was back at the table with two drinks.

“I'm going to give that barista a in the back when he goes on break.” She said as she sat down. “My client Adam will pay either of you 200 dollars if you make out with me afterwards on video.”

Abby, still looking at Kelly who couldn't meet her gaze, ignored Kitty's proposal. “Kelly, does this arrangement make you happy?”

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She looked up at her friend, “it does.”

Abby continued, “and this is all consensual?”

Kelly looked more confident. “It is.”

“Then I'm happy for you, no matter who your client is.” They stood up and hugged. Abby whispered softly into her friend's ear “you always were a Daddy's girl.”

Three months later, their arrangement has become a part of their routine. Kelly would slip into her parents' room quietly at 11 pm, her would her brains out, she would tidy up in her parents bathroom and she would be in her own bed by 11:45. Occasionally, for extra money her father would ask for her during the day, and if she wasn't busy she would accommodate him, sucking his or giving up her in the way that he wanted.

She was building up a great investment account in the meantime, and with some easy calculations she determined that she would be able to move out into her own place in about three years with some level of financial independence.

Kelly pondered this as she stood in the , letting the water run over her body. She heard the bathroom door open, and then her father's voice.

“Hey, your is gone for a while. Do you mind if I fuck you in the shower, ” Todd asked his .

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“Sure,” Kelly said back at her father, “you know the going rate.”

“Good answer,” Todd said to his daughter, closing the bathroom door and stripping off his clothes.

Todd opened the shower curtain and stepped inside. He stood behind her as she continued to apply body wash.

“Do you want anything in particular?” Kelly asked her father.

“I think I might just fuck you from behind,” Todd said to her as he gripped her wet hips.

Kelly smiled. “Why, that would be perfect,” Kelly replied, rolling her arms against the wall, arching her back and pushing her firm backwards, causing her father to press his cock between her ass cheeks. He rubbed the tip of his cock over her asshole and then around her vulva, playing with her. She quivered as he touched her clit.

“Come on, you know you want it,” Kelly said back to her father, raising her ass slightly to meet his hard cock. “You should fuck me quickly before my sisters hear you in here.”

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