Mother convinces daughter to help out with her father

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Todd rolled off of her, and she hopped off the bed to use the master bedroom . Todd and Miki sat alone as they heard the water turn on. Their started to sing.

Todd leaned over and kissed his . “Thank you again, honey.”

That evening, Kelly sat alone at a table in her favourite cafe. She texted on the phone with her , who was thanking her. She saw an email pop up on her phone, it was a bank transfer. She held her breath and deposited the money. It was, she understood, to be the first of many.

She had passed the interview, she thought to herself.

She looked up the phone and saw the door open. Her two friends Kitty and Abby came through the door, they were both dressed well, with makeup, hair done, and pretty dresses, though Kitty looked a little disheveled. Probably just had an appointment with one of her clients, Kelly thought. They looked like they would be going out afterwards, of course they were. The three of them were going to work. Kelly felt self conscious for a second, but then remembered that she would only be dressing up for her . They fixed their eyes on her and smiled as they sat down next to her. Kelly smiled back at them.

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“So!” Abby said excitedly.

“How did it go?” Kitty followed up her question.

“It. Was.” Kelly paused for effect, “Amazing.”

The two women looked at each other. “We knew that it would be!” Abby exclaimed.

Kitty laughed, “Abby told me all about it! I'm so happy for you!” She lowered her voice and asked “she said it's an exclusive arrangement?”

Kelly nodded shyly.

“And the money is good?”

Kelly nodded again. Kitty and Abby giggled. “So tell us everything!” Abby asked.

Kelly recounted her story, leaving out only the name of the man and woman who would be paying her. When she finished, her two friends were excited. “That sounds like a dream come true, a wealthy , his wife is into it so you won't have that drama. And it sounds like getting paid is no problem. You're lucky, it sounds like you have found a client who can make you cum.”

Kelly blushed. She wondered what they would think of if they found out it was her father that she was fucking for money. Hell, they might think it was cool. All the same, it was a secret she wasn't going to share. Abby spoke up again.

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“So when are you going to meet him? Are you going to call him tonight?”

“I have an appointment tonight at 11,” Kelly replied with a touch of nervous energy in her voice.

Kitty nodded. “Are you meeting him at your place or his? Are you staying the night?”

“No, not really.” Kelly said quietly. “I…” She trailed off. She would be sleeping in her own bed but twenty feet away from his. That was hard to explain “I'll be in my own bed tonight, we can leave it at that.”

“Oh, mysterious,” Kitty said, “ok, I'm going to grab drinks, want anything?” She stood up.

Kelly shook her head, Abby gave her order: “Decaf latté,” while staring straight at Kelly. Kitty walked off. They sat in silence for half a minute.

“Uh, Kelly, I'm going to ask a question, and I ask not just out of morbid fascination, but out of love.” They stared at each other.

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