Sex starved Indian mother seduces her son

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Indian mother sex starved, Indian mother seduces her son.. Varsha along with her son Raju had come to attend her youngest sister’s wedding. Large number of relatives had come for the festive occasion. Though the house of her parents was big, it was not large enough to accommodate all of them in separate bedrooms. Because of this Varsha, her son, her sister in law, her brother, and his two small daughters shared a bedroom and were sleeping on the mattresses laid on the floor.

Varsha woke up from her deep slumber, because she had felt something touching and feeling her behind. She was lying on her side on the mattress and her son Raju was snuggled up behind her. She realized with great mortification that Raju tonight had an erection as two nights earlier. She could feel her son’s penis throbbing as it lay sandwiched between her buttocks and his lower abdomen.


She wondered if he was awake, but then after listening to his heavy breathing she was convinced that he was still asleep. Instinctively and embarrassed, she moved on the mattress to get away from her son’s hot rigid penis nestled against her body! To her horror her, relief was short-lived, as she felt her son fidget in his sleep and again rest his erection against her buttocks. There was not much room for maneuver, and any further movements would have disturbed others and may lead to embarrassment.

She just lay there unable to control the proceedings. She felt her son’s breathing getting rapid and heard his soft moan which sent shivers down her spine. As her son rolled away from her she was relieved, which was short lived, for she felt wetness spread across her buttocks and gasped, her son had ejaculated his juices on her night gown. This short interlude was second in last three nights. First time was two nights back when her reaction was absolute shock, which turned to anger and then disgust, but then he had not ejaculated. Tonight was different and as she touched the wet spot on her gown she realized her son was now a man. The touch of the warm rigid penis and the feel of son’s sperms against her fingers excited and convinced her to start treating her son as a man!

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The wedding festivities were over and in two days she and her son were to return home. Her brother and younger sister’s families had planned for a short sojourn to Goa. Her brother and sister were cajoling her into accompanying them to Goa.

She had resisted their pleas but now as she rested on her side on the mattress she wondered if it would be a good idea to go along. It would be a break from the monotony of house work and probably a chance to get physically acquainted with her grown son! Her love for her son as a mother had turned incestuous in two nights.

Next morning when the topic of Goa trip was broached by her brother, Varsha agreed to accompany them, though expressed her reservations as they were not booked at the Hotel. Her brother was confident of arranging for at least one room at the hotel, which meant mother and son will have to share the room and bed. Varsha was ecstatic, but did not show any emotions as she did not want to raise any suspicions in other members of family. Travelling to Goa was not an issue as they were to travel in their cars, but problem was of returning back to Pune. Varsha’s brother and sister were to go back to their home towns. Return journey tickets were to be booked and date of travel back also was to be confirmed.

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