Sudden sex with neighbour

My cock always salute her whenever I saw her . I always masturbate seeing her sexist picture posted by her on Instagram. One day she came to my home and it was a wonderful day when I was home alone . I was only on my v shaped underwear and while watching porn on my

Saw my mom with a man ( not dad -2)

Prev story part 1 Saw my mom with a man Dads going to be home by 9, So I’m going to teach that slut a lesson. Think she could trick me into fucking her. She was laying on her back next to me. Whit no clothes on, I had my morning wood in hand. I

Sexy Aunt and Her Sister – Part 1

STORY DESCRIPTION:- A story happened during the transformation of my body which happened where i fucked my aunt after winning a bet and fucked her and then fucked her sister who was also unsatisfied STORY:- Hi all, My Name is Jay (changed) currently 30 yrs old now well settled in my own business from Mumbai.

Slow seduction of Revathi, my mother – Part One

Revathi! I called my mom waking up from my bed for my morning coffee. I used to call her by her name since when dad eloped from us with our maid 2 years back. I, being their only son, she had just me after that, so she didn’t really mind me calling her by her

My horny married sister

I am a guy of 17 years old and my eldest sister Ana is 36 years old and is married since 5 years ago.I must say that since her marriage when I was 12 years old,I have seen her only 2 or 3 times during birthday parties or marriage .When she was home,I often took

Dad and daughter: Claire satisfies repressed desires for Daddy

Dad and daughter: Claire satisfies repressed desires for Daddy… My wife Angela and I live in a small city on the East Coast. We would be considered part of the top 10% of income earners; comfortable but by no means rich. My name is Michael and I’m fifty-two years old. I work for a well

Son finds out about his mother’s sex life

Son finds out about his mother’s sex life.. My son Tim had just arrived home from college. His friend Jeff stopped by one morning when Tim was at the gym. Jeff came onto me and we ended up having sex in the kitchen. After my son got back from the gym, both Tim and Jeff

Mother and son: Try me

Mother and son family taboo incest sex story… I came home from riding my bike in the scorching midday sun, feeling heated and a little dehydrated. It was my own fault; with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, it might not have been the most ideal time of day for outdoor exercise, but I was a

Got started early

Me male, and older cousin female. When we were younger she would want to play mother and baby, mom and dad, doctor, anything which would always end up with us naked. Anyway fast forward, I’m 18 moving now to Another state to live at the house of my uncles family including his daughter, yes, the

My daughters Curiosity

My daughter has always loved grinding her pussy into things chairs beds leg and especially With friends. I have watched her start orgasms very early to the point of A obsession. Know she has watched me and her mom have extremely hard sex. Also has watched her brother that is gay masterbate and have watched