Dad and daughter: Claire satisfies repressed desires for Daddy

Dad and daughter: Claire satisfies repressed desires for Daddy… My wife Angela and I live in a small city on the East Coast. We would be considered part of the top 10% of income earners; comfortable but by no means rich. My name is Michael and I’m fifty-two years old. I work for a well known, Fortune 500 Technology Company at the top end of middle management. As I said, I make pretty decent money to support my wife of thirty years and our three mostly grown children.

Angela is fifty-four years old and had worked a high powered job until she got pregnant twenty-six years ago and opted for a career as a stay-at-home-mom. I was on board with that decision initially but once the third child was in school, I kept pushing her to get a job. I couldn’t figure out what she could possibly do with herself all day alone. I made enough money to support our life-style but an additional income would have been nice. Angela was always able to provide just enough justification for staying home and whenever the topic came up, it ended in an argument. I learned the hard way not to bring up the subject.


Truth be told, Angela had lost her confidence in her business prowess when her third child entered the school system sixteen years ago. She never used this truth when she argued her point of view. She started taking up her free time by volunteering for various charities and municipal boards and committees. She befriended many rich and powerful people over the last fifteen years.

Angela and I had been very much in love way back then when I was a sophomore and she was a senior in college. We got married soon after I graduated and we enjoyed our two childless years and had planned on several more. Angela was using an IUD when she unexpectedly found out she was pregnant with our first daughter whom we named Amelia. We called her “Melli” from day one and still do twenty-five years later.

Melli graduated from the State University with a Business and Financial Management degree at age twenty-two and accepted a job with the same company that I work for. That was three years ago. The company generally nips nepotism in the bud but as long as family members don’t work in the same department, there’s no problem.

Angela was anxious to get back to work after taking some time off to care for Melli. She had plans to use the company provided child-care facility. Before any of that could happen, she was pregnant again with a son, Matthew. Now she was starting all over again and when she thought the time was right to return to her company, her job wasn’t available anymore. She couldn’t contemplate starting a career all over again so she settled for staying home and convinced herself that she was happy doing so. Angela never found keeping a house and being a wife and mom to be particularly challenging which melded perfectly with her dwindling confidence.

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Matthew is twenty-four now. He always hated school and had no plans to extend the pain into College. His mother and I recognized Matthew’s struggles with school and had enrolled him in a vocational tech high school. He has done well and is apprenticing under a licensed Electrician. He is married to a wonderful woman, Sarah, one year younger and they have a beautiful six month old baby boy, Nicholas. Everyone calls him “Nicky”. They live next door to Sarah’s parents, which allowed Sarah to go back to work after her three month pregnancy leave. Nicky goes to her parents during the day. Angela has never expressed any interest in taking care of Nicky during the day and we see him only when Matthew and Sarah visit which is now only on holidays.

Three years after Matthew was born, to her dismay, Angela was pregnant again and gave birth to another daughter, Claire. She is twenty-one now and is a junior at the State University that her sister Melli went to. Claire and Angela never had a close relationship. She and I, however, always got along great. She’s a ‘spit-fire’ with a bubbly personality. She laughs a lot, which I’ve missed since she went off to college.

Angela and I had always had an active sex life, until a few years ago. If we argued, it was about that. Our marriage had crumbled into disrepair and now, indifference was the strongest emotion in the house. We had talked about getting a divorce but for the sake of the kids we decided to hold off until all three were up and out. With Claire’s graduation a year and half away, the horizon of our marriage was visible.

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I was sure that Angela had something going on the side. She was never home anymore. She had her friends that I didn’t care for and the same was true of me. We were already practicing our separate lives. We still slept together and even had sex on occasion and it was good sex. I always felt melancholy after.


The whole extended family came home to celebrate Christmas day. Melli brought a girlfriend, Janey who is one of her roommates. Everyone was trying to figure out if Janey was more than Melli’s roommate. Claire was home from college on semester break and she was staying in her old room, which had been Melli’s before she moved out. Melli left with Janey shortly after lunch. Sarah wanted to leave at the same time because she sensed the strain between her in-laws. Matthew insisted that they stay longer and they wound up staying until after dark.

When it was just us, Angela went to the kitchen to clean up from the family meal. Claire and I stayed in the living room talking about college and anything else that was going on in her life. She had changed into something more comfortable. It was a long tee-shirt that came down to mid-thigh. It fit her like a glove and revealed that she wore a thong, as indicated by the indentations on her hips, and no bra underneath it.

As Claire and I talked, she randomly but seemingly innocently spread her legs a few inches. Each time I would get a quick glimpse of her white thong. I didn’t think for a moment that Claire was intentionally trying to entice me. Regardless, my cock reacted to the view between Claire’s thighs.

I had to adjust my position in the chair to hide my erection. Claire smiled at me at one point, but I was sure I was being completely discreet. Claire got up and went to the end of the sofa and bent over the arm to get one of her Christmas gifts stashed beside the sofa, her tee-shirt pulled up to her crotch as she bent over. Her move was overt and I wondered for the first time if she was doing this on purpose. I watched for a moment before looking away. My cock was granite hard and I was flushed with embarrassment that I was having this reaction to my own daughter, even if she was deliberately eliciting just such a reaction. I plopped a pillow down in my lap and made sure I was looking somewhere else when Claire straightened up and came back to her chair. When she didn’t return with anything in her hand, I knew she had done all that with one intention.

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We continued our conversation and Claire’s legs continued to separate for brief moments before closing again. Angela came in from the kitchen and Claire’s thighs remained closed. Angela came over to Claire and bent down and kissed her good-night and announced that she was going to bed. Claire kissed her back and said that she would be up in a few minutes. My mind was swirling as I tried to wrap my brain around Claire’s intentions, if in fact there were any. I sat with the pillow in his lap and remained silent.

Angela left the room and went up the stairs to the second floor master bedroom. Claire stopped flashing her crotch at me and after awhile my cock went soft again. I placed the pillow back where it belonged and then stood up and said, “Well, it’s been a busy day. I’m beat. I guess I’ll go up. I’ll see you in the morning ‘Baby-Girl’. Have you thought about taking that job for the month between semesters?”

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