Mom fucked by our security guard.

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Hi guys! My name is Aryan, today I will be telling you about my hot mom Anita. Her figure size is 35-30-35. Her big boobs and big ass are just amazing.

So my dad is a hotelier in the northeast and most of the time he is out of town.
My mom and I live in an apartment. The security guard over there is very friendly.
One day, the guard was ill, so they put another guard in charge.
My mom used to tell the guard to bring grocery items from the store every time.
So this time the guard was new. His name was Sumit. He was not that old, maybe in his 30s.
Mom called upon that guard to bring some stuff from the shop.

Mom: Sumit da, can you please bring these items from the shop?

He: Yes I will bring them.

Mom: Okay.

Since he was new, he went to the market whereas there was a store nearby our apartment.

After 30 minutes, he came back with all the groceries.

The door was open so he went in straight.

He: Maam here is your stuff, where will I keep them?

Mom was in the bathroom at that time, so she came out with a towel.

Mom: Oh Sumit da, keep it there.

He: Ok

Then mom went to her room, but Sumit didn’t leave. He saw mom going into the room.

He slowly went near the door and saw through the keyhole.

Mom was naked and she was rubbing her boobs.

He: Ohh…she is so Hot.

Then mom went to the cupboard to take clothes.

He: Where did she go.

Mom opened the door.

Mom: SUMIT! what are you doing?

He: Sorry ma’am…I was…just…like

Mom: You were looking at me through the keyhole.

He: sorry ma’am

Mom: No

He: Please ma’am

Mom: Why were you watching me?

He: Sorry ma’am

Mom: tell me or I’ll tell.

He: Okay…I like your boobs.

Mom: WHAT?

He: Yeah…I fell in love with your big juicy boobs.I want to suck them.

Mom: Seriously

He: Yes

Mom: You got guts

He: So

Mom: So I will give you what you want.

He: What?

Mom: Yes.

Mom was wearing a white nighty at that time.

After hearing this he rushed to me and took hold of her hips and started kissing her.

He: Mmmm… I love you.

Mom: I love you too.

He pulled up her nighty and started licking her big boobs.

He: They are so fucking big.

Mom: You like them?

He: I love them.

Then mom was touching his dick.

He: You want it?

Mom: Yes.

He: Okay.

Mom took him to her room. She pulled his pants and he sat on the bed.
As she pulled down his pants, his 7-inch dick flashed out.

Mom: WOW! It’s huge.

Sumit uncle grabbed her hair and put his dick in her mouth.

He: Yeah take it more take it.

Mom was slowly losing control as she wasn’t being able to take it in her mouth.

Then mom pulled

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