Unsatisfied wife

I had known Sarah n Tim for about 4 years now. I was friends with Tim since our college days in Arizona. He wasnt very good looking but had worked a lot to reach a good place in his firm. Being the sales head kept him busy but kept the money flowing in. He got … Read more

Coincidences pile up and a cheater is exposed

This one is about an unusual set of circumstances that allows a husband to see his wife for what she really is. No sex in this one. What Are The Odds? Fuck! Another delay! Am I ever going to get out of this fucking airport? I told Jannie not to book me through Denver. Who … Read more

Biology lesson at the faculty Christmas party

Greg was so pissed he lost his Christmas spirit. The problem was that he is a subject matter expert in this field. He knew the answer to this question cold, but he did not want to get dragged into this discussion. He just wanted to lay low until dessert was served just before the party … Read more

Hyderabad call boy satisfying bangalore client

Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the cheating wife sex story. I hope your fingers are ready under the blanket One day I got a mail from a Bangalore woman in her mid 30’s. Let’s call her Riya Riya: Hi varun, I’m Riya. My friend told me about you. I want to hire you … Read more

Hot Step Mom

After my folks divorced, my younger brother and I move to a different state with my Mom. But Mom had promised I could attend high school and graduate with my old friends, so I moved back in with my Dad and his new wife when I was a senior. My Step Mom Jen was 8 … Read more

Tapu & Anjali in Goa

So what’s up everyone. Today I’m going to tell you a story that happened in TMKOC universe. The story is between Anjali Bhabhi (Sunayana Fozdar) and Tapu (Nitish Bhaluni). This story takes place when the entire society decides to visit Goa, without some characters. The characters left behind are: Jethalal, Tarak, Champaklal, Popatlal, Iyer, Babita … Read more

Wife loses everything

I held my hand near the flimsy support as the printer ejected the note I’d just printed. I quickly scanned it, not much more than half a page. I shook my head, six years of marriage, ended on half a sheet of paper, unbelievable. I carried the note into the kitchen and placed it on … Read more

Experience with my neighbour sister

It All started when I was studying in final year college. I was in hostel. But whenever I come to my hometown, I have a neighbor sister. She is slightly black in colour and her age was 45. But she looks like a 30+ year lady. She always used wear saree, revealing her hips. Sometimes … Read more

The General’s Wife

This story is completely unrealistic, written just for fun and is 180 degrees from my first submission. Please leave feedback so that I can improve. All comments are welcome. offkilter123 The General’s Wife Executive Offices Ascendent Entertainment Enterprises Hollywood, CA Doug Showalter, CEO of AEE heard the faint “ding” heralding the receipt of a Teams … Read more

Organize my gangbang

So, I guess you need some background. I have been planning this gangbang for months. The most I’ve ever been with before was 11 guys. That’s a whole nother story, haha. To organize this, I went to a sex club that is local to me. I know the owner. I know him real well. I … Read more

My ex lover desires a hard fuck

Hey eyeryone, my name is Arjun, and I’m here to share a beautiful story from Chennai that is based on a real encounter that I had with my girlfriend Sandhiya. She is married and have a couple of kids.A voluptuous woman who every guy would want to date paid her a visit in a renowned … Read more

Son’s best friends turn a MILF into a depraved fucktoy

Emilia burned for her husband to notice her again. It wasn’t that they stopped having sex, but over a twenty-year marriage, Jim’s insatiable need for her dwindled to perfunctory clockwork humps that usually ended with him using her vibrator on Emilia to come long after he did. And when they were done, he’d almost immediately … Read more

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