Tapu & Anjali in Goa

So what’s up everyone. Today I’m going to tell you a story that happened in TMKOC universe. The story is between Anjali Bhabhi (Sunayana Fozdar) and Tapu (Nitish Bhaluni). This story takes place when the entire society decides to visit Goa, without some characters. The characters left behind are: Jethalal, Tarak, Champaklal, Popatlal, Iyer, Babita and Pinku.

The story begins on a normal day when Tapu Sena was in clubhouse and discussing their college work, when Goli arrives and shows everyone that he has won free passes for a trip of Goa. Everyone is ecstatic, but when Sonu takes a look at the passes, she finds out that the passes are expired, hence the trip is cancelled. Just then Tapu declares, that he will figure something out to take all of them to Goa.

He makes a plan with everyone to convince the grandpa first then the remaining adults. Everyone acts according to the plan and they somehow manage to convince the grandpa. Later they go to Bhide’s residence and ask him about the trip. As you can guess, Bhide is furious upon knowing that the kids want to visit Goa, but his wife calms him down and he understands as well. He tells them to not to visit anyone else’s home, as they will discuss everything else in tonight’s meeting.

At Night…

Everyone is gathered in society’s clubhouse and is discussing about this Goa situation. Tapu Sena proposes they should visit Goa, but Popatlal interrupts them and tries to cancel the entire trip. Everyone looks at him in anger and he sits back down. Tarak says, “Look it’s cool that we’re discussing about visiting Goa, but I won’t be able to join you guys this time. I’m visiting out of station already tomorrow.

But Anjali will be able to come with you guys.” Iyer says, “Ever we won’t be able to come. I & Babita are leaving for Kolkata tonight.” Jethalal says, “I’m out too. I’m really busy this time of the year and dad is in the village too. So I hope you enjoy on my behalf.” Popatlal says, “I’m out as well. I’m visiting Nagpur and will return next week.”

Finally, Bhide says, “Ok so it’s decided that all the remaining people are coming on the trip.” They discuss on what time they will be leaving, how many rooms are in the hotel, ticket availability, etc. After all the discussions are done, everyone is excited for the trip and they will be leaving this Friday.


Everyone is gathered in the society compound as they have an early morning flight of late night 12 o’clock. When Bhide counts the number of people and confirms it with his list, he gives green light and everyone gets in the respective cabs and leaves for the airport.

Arrival at hotel…

Everyone right now is tired as fuck when they reach the hotel. Goli asks Bhide, “Uncle, why did you book a flight for this time.” Bhide replies, “We all agreed that this was the cheapest option, now let me go and check in.” At the reception desk, the receptionist welcomes them and hands everyone their room keys. Because all the rooms were given according to families, Tapu & Anjali were located together. Both of them didn’t mind this as they were tired.

When they reach in their room, Anjali was in awe on the big size of the room, but worried as there was only a single bed in it. Tapu offered to sleep on the couch, but she insisted on sleeping together for this trip. Anjali decided to change into her comfort clothes and Tapu went for a bath. When he returned, his gaze was fixated on her, as she looked absolutely stunning in her single piece nighty. Whereas Tapu on the other hand, didn’t wear much clothes for bed.

He asked if that’s okay and she too gave a positive reply. Later at night, Tapu was watching his phone silently, but Anjali wasn’t able to sleep. She turned and found Tapu was still awake. She asked, “Why aren’t you sleeping.” He replied, “I’m not feeling much tired. What about you? Why aren’t you asleep?” She replied, “My back has been really paining since we landed.” He said, “Don’t worry, I can massage you good.”

Without waiting for her reply, Tapu got behind her and kept his hand on her shoulders, lightly massaging them. He made sure to kept his distance, because of his raging hard on. Anjali moaned softly because of how good Tapu was massaging her entire back, from shoulder to ass. He later thought to try his luck a little and started massaging her ass. Her initial reaction was a small shock, but didn’t say anything much.

Tapu got the confidence he needed and climbed on the bed, behind Anjali. He started slowly moving her nighty upwards and kept massaging her bare skin. He got a little closer and now she could feel his tent on her ass. She asked, “I guess we should stop, before going too further. But thank you for the massage.” However, instead of stopping, he kept going and started rubbing the outer walls of her pussy.

Anjali just said, “Ohhhhhh Tapu, your hands feel good. But please stop, before we do something we regret”, but made no effort to stop him. He got the encouragement he needed and slid 2 fingers in her pussy, going as fast as he could in her. This time instead of slow moans, Anjali grabbed the bedsheet and moaned loudly, “Ohhhhhhhhh Ffffuuucccckkkkkk. Aaahhhhhhhhhh” Before this could go further, Tapu held her by her neck and pushed her face in the pillow. Now she was moaning & writhing in the pillow.

When Tapu felt that she was wet enough, he slid his 8-inch dick in her pussy and started bare-backing her. Anjali at this point had given completely in her lust and was enjoying her being fucked by this young man. He pulled out from her, only to turn her around and watch her facial expressions while being fucked. He once again thrusted in her and kissed her as well this time. She reciprocated the kiss and hugged him by her legs, making him go deeper. Both of them were now getting close and Anjali said, “Fuck. Put all that load into my cunt.” Tapu didn’t need a second invitation. He deposited his entire load into her pussy and she too climaxed.

Tapu rolled off from her and lied down beside her. He grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer, giving her bite marks on her boobs. He said, “Now this will help you remember who owns you.” Before she could even think about protesting, she drifted to sleep.

To be continued…

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