The Hot Threesome with my Sister in Law

I’m back with another story of how I fucked my sister in law and shared her pussy with her cousin. It was a family party planned one weekend and my sister in law and her cousins were invited. After an awesome get together, we all decided to drink a little and enjoy the music. Now … Read more

Sex with my best friend

I am a 6 foot 1 inch male working in a corporate and loves to have sex. I am married and enjoy sex with my wife. However, when at work, I suddenly developed a crush on a girl named Poonam. She was short, slim, with a beautiful face, beautiful legs, a curvy little butt and … Read more

Coincidences pile up and a cheater is exposed

This one is about an unusual set of circumstances that allows a husband to see his wife for what she really is. No sex in this one. What Are The Odds? Fuck! Another delay! Am I ever going to get out of this fucking airport? I told Jannie not to book me through Denver. Who … Read more

My Wife My Life-5

The night is still not over for Rekha and she gets some more hot action from John, Charles & Vicky….. Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better… The time was 2am and I went to John at the reception. On the way I … Read more

Mom takes care of son’s bully

A short story about a caring mom and milf slut. I was tired of my son raj coming home in tears because sai had bullied him after college. I had reported it to the school administrator but it still continued. I didn’t want to go to the police yet because I knew his mom and … Read more

America’s Watching

It was six years after the show and five years after the divorce. Life went on. Lynn had just put her baby down for a nap when the front door bell rang. She quietly walked through the house hoping that whoever is at the door is not so impatient as to ring the bell again … Read more

Tapu & Anjali in Goa

So what’s up everyone. Today I’m going to tell you a story that happened in TMKOC universe. The story is between Anjali Bhabhi (Sunayana Fozdar) and Tapu (Nitish Bhaluni). This story takes place when the entire society decides to visit Goa, without some characters. The characters left behind are: Jethalal, Tarak, Champaklal, Popatlal, Iyer, Babita … Read more

After father in law ploughed me

Hi this is Deepa again. In 2021 2nd wave lockdown i was stuck with my father in law who fucked me. This is one of incidents that happened after fuck in farm hut. Next day morning we slept hugging naked in farm hut. Since no one will be coming due to lockdown we decided to … Read more

Father in law ploughs me

This is Deepa from chennai. 5 years ago i got married to a bank employee. My husband is kowsik. My husband is coming from a Farmer’s family whose Father takes care of all family business. My father in law is 63 year old man a widower and also a farmer. Around 2021 when lockdown second … Read more

Cathy rides to the rescue again, with a surprise

Coming home and facing an internal crisis. Cathy rides to the rescue again, with a surprise.======= The trip home was anticlimactic. No last minute calls from Ana Isabel, no nefarious visits from men in black suits, and we were on our own at the airport. No mile-high club. My new favorite stewardess wasn’t on our … Read more

Experience with my neighbour sister – Part 2

Yeah, after getting the glimpse of hips and boobs on blouse ( Experience with my neighbour sister ). Next step, I thought of touching them. We used to speak daily in phone once her husband leaves to office. We became very good friends. After completing my graduation, I need to move to another city, so … Read more

Sex education with unnati aunty – part-1

Hello readers I’m Surya from Bangalore age 21. medium fit body. I’m a Tamil boy. I love big boobs and armpits sweet and licking stuff and a traditional lover. I’m doing my bcom final year and kind of bored with the life we were staying in flat Next to my flats was vacated I was … Read more

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