My Lust life

Hope everyone fine. This is my first story and I used to masturbate daily reading sex stories. I am 35 years old and I am married at the age of 28. My marriage life was going on well and my sex life was good initially and my wife lost interest in sex as the days

My high school English teacher taught me much more than literature.

Mrs. B. was a great teacher for 10th grade English. Funny, engaging, personable—and a bit flirty. She was in her late-20s, just a couple years out of The University of Michigan, cute, nice body and flaming red hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. She knew the boys all lusted after her

First time with my neighbour senior

This is Ravi from Chennai. I am 19 years old. This is about my story of losing virginity with my senior. This incident happened last year. My senior name is Saradha. She was 2 years elder to me. She moved nearby when i was 14 in class 9 and she was 16 in class 11.

Sex with girl in college

Hi, this is me again, 28 years old, presently residing in Bangalore.  Speaking about myself, I am a chubby guy. Nevertheless, I was always successful in talking to women because of my good communication skills. Then my good academic record, good professional life and the fact that I was extremely rich attracted the girls. This

Karen and the virgin

Here is another story of my wife Karen’s younger men adventures. Karen is 33 when she started this with me knowing. She had affairs for the first 4 yrs we were married. When I found out from her girlfriend I started wondering what is be like to watch. I setup the first encounter for her,then

Best Friend Diksha

Today I would like to share my hot sex4stories story of banging my best friend Diksha. I hope you will like it. I am Shubham, a gamer from Nagpur. I am a medium fair color boy, with a toned body. My height is 5.9 feet and my dick size is 8 inches. It’s all about

Enjoying with sister

Hello guys this is Siva i’m 25 years old. My sister name is shuba she is 2 year younger than me. She is gorgeous in look. Her structure is 34-32-34. Ok let’s move to the story. One day my parents went to some family function for a week. Then i drop my parents in railway

I became Slut of My Coaching Maths Sir, Manish in Bhubaneswar

I Fucked my Lover My Maths Sir, Manish Hello friend my name is Bharti Pal and I am 21 years girl from Cuttack, Orissa. I am horny kind of girl and have always craved for more and more sex in my life. I’m in a relationship withthe love of my life, We are in a

Losing virginity to Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Hello friends, I am ramesh. I have been living in Pune since my birth. Currently I am 19 years old but I am a virgin. My favorite hobby is watching sports particularly football. My idol has been Messi and I hated ronaldo. In July it was announced that ronaldo’s team will travel to pune for

Hot wife

I spent the full afternoon watching vicki pamper her self in preparation for what we had arranged it had been years in the planning i had finally convinced my wife to enjoy another man. From delicatley shaving her snatch and moisturising alover her body down to painting he toe nails bright red to helping her

Christmas Love – A shy teacher falls for her new assistant

I love my job, I want to be absolutely clear about that. But sometimes being a teacher for second grade is beyond frustrating and there have been moments where I thought I would quit right then and there. I must have been too vocal about my struggles because after a few months into the school

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