Love trap from cute to slut – 1

Love trap from cute to slut – 1 This is Rohit from Tirupati I grow up in a different situation and become a therapist for free by profession (social service)and a small business to live my marriage life is not so happy in the matters of sex. I am now running 29 years old with

Beautiful girl deflowered

Hey guys this is my first story hereI am Nick and her name is Ananya I am 19.So this story is about 2 months old.I was desperate for an intimate moment after getting out from a toxic relationship.I started swiping on tinder .To my luck I met a beautiful girl not far away from my

My soilder Boy – Bangalore love story

Having read about everyone’s experience. I would love to write down mine. I never in my life thought that i would meet someone so handsome that i will get wet when I see him. Yes, it was one of those evenings of my life. I met Rohan, the army guy. I was at a friend’s

Unforgettable First Time

I’m Yash, 24 years old, tall, and of medium build. The incident occurred five years ago, while I was in my second year of engineering. I used to be an extremely bashful man who would never approach a female in college. A girl arrived unexpectedly at my home. She is tall and has a decent

Aunty sex

Hello friends this is basically im from telangana. Not mentioning my hometown. So coming to the story.we have house with 2 portions on it and we gave ot to rent . So days passing by we ame to know our neighbours well. So one day my parents to my relatives house and i was

Blackmailing My Hot Cousin and Fucking Her

Hello, my name is Aditya , age 26 and I live in Hyderabad. I am 5’8, with a good fit and lean body and honestly good looking. I always know to present myself well. im currently studying Engineering 4th year and she was two years elder to me. This story happened last month Feburary on

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