My next door neighbor seduce me for my cock

Hi im Rusty I’m thirty years old and the hot chick that lives next door seduce me at the age of fifteen for my cock I was living with my parents we lived in a gated community with swimming pools in every backyard I was almost six ft thirty waist fourty inch rock hard chest

Fucking childhood friend under open sky at night

What can be more fun than having a passionate sex? I would say doing it under the open sky, when twinkling stars observe you, cold breeze of air passes through your body when you are heated up! And it can be more amazing when you do all these with your close childhood friend! Hi everyone,

I am slut…part-1

I am from kakinada I having of 36-26-32 stats I look like very sexy girl and every man looks me like opening his jaws and height of 5’9 and I used save my pussy hair and waxed body I maintain like that comming to story I was very highly active in social network like instagram

First love

This is short story about my fascination for a woman who is elder to me. The period of story is in the early nineties when I was a school student in Chennai. Then I am a boy in class nine and I was doing poor in math. My mother was a language teacher in the

First time sex with Hot Aunt

Hello this is my first time uploading a story here. I’m going to go as anonymous and I will call my aunt as aunty not by her real name to prevent any problems. Hope you enjoy the story. My aunty first came to my house when I was in 6th grade. She was married to