It was always his fantasy to have a stocking slut wife

It was always his fantasy to have a stocking slut wife We have been married now for over ten years. We have had our good times and we are now going through the bad. Having had three children and working shifts have taken their toll on our relationship. More to the point our sexual libidos

Swapping bodies with family members

Family Mix-Up randomly swapping bodies with family members Jeff Cobble was thankful to finally be home. It had been a long day. But as he turned the doorknob and stepped inside, he felt all the stress and anxiety leave him. It was almost dinner time, and what he felt now more than anything else was

Confession of a Horny Mommy

Bharti felt an unusual burning sensation inside her as she sniffed her son’s used briefs in the washroom. She knew it was a sinful act, but her body acted against her will. Her hand was constantly messaging her clit. She went sniffing the raw smell of adulthood radiating from her 19-year-old son’s briefs in the

My Elder Brother : My Fuck Lord

My Elder Brother : My Fuck Lord Hello everyone, My name is Megha, and I am new here. I have a lot to share with you guys. And I will be sharing everything with you in my stories from now. I hope you will be interested in reading my story. I recently came to know

My Sluty Girlfriend Alpana & My Sister Bela

Hi All! Let me narrate the incident that has actually changed 3 lives. My Girlfriend Alpana and I live together. Though I am straight, Alpana is bisexual. There have been a couple of women she has been sexually involved with and I know of it. In fact Alpana and I have often talked about having

Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 3)

As the continuation of naked mom body was daily sighted by my tenant’s son venki. Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 2) I got bored off with his routine activity but he never missed the show. After a long gap, one early morning I woke up due to nature call as day yesterday I had some

Slut before marriage

Hi, my name is Tanisha; my name is in another caste, but I am a Hindu-Muslim mixed. My mom married a Muslim man, so my name was given to me by him, and my surname is the same as my mother’s. (About my parents: My mom is a Hindu woman and my dad is a

Actress Shubhangi Atre Brutally fucked by village old man – Part 2

Actress Shubhangi Atre Brutally fucked by village old man Ramesh : When you are gonna take your next child? i will be there to clean up the milks from your tanks. hahahahaha. Tell me, when. As she was still silent, he came forward and squezed her breasts hard. Mom cried out in pain. Shubhangi: Please

Me getting sex addict – Part 2

After my train journey, I was helping my family as much as I could with the preparations for the wedding. Me getting sex addict – Part 1 The first two days were just resting for me; I was too exhausted by the train ride. All my hickeys, all the hard face fucks, all the slaps, and

Seduction by neighbor uncke

Hello friends, my name is Arman, and I am 24 years old. I am 5’7″ with a 6″ cock and a bubble butt. I am a high school student. I would like to tell you my experience of how my neighbor uncle seduced me and then fucked me. I am living in the USA, and

Mother sister found that I am matured – Part-3

Hi All. My name is KKD. I am back with my sexual story with my mother sister. Read Mother sister found that I am matured – Part-2 before you start this story for better understanding. This is continuation of that part. After the memorable session in the crop fields, we came back to home and

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