From Cousins to Fuck Buddies

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Hello everyone. This is Romeo. It all started when I decided to satisfy ladies, satiate my hunger for sex, and earn some extra bucks. It is my third time on this platform. I returned home for a vacation at the time this incident happened.

My family and I traveled to one of the hill stations where my relatives reside. “Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love,” is how I see it. This is how I felt about my cousin Saanvi. Grab your dicks and stuff your pussies in preparation for a pussy warming ride.

As the car curved into a meandering road, I was enthralled by the view of the verdant woodlands outside the window. The chirping of birds permeated this unique place as mist enveloped it. This moment was enhanced in memory by the music. I was so at ease that I fell asleep at my destination. When the destination finally arrived, I was still sound sleeping. A hand on my cheeks startled me out of my deep sleep. When I opened my eyes, I saw Saanvi, a bespectacled eighteen-year-old girl with flawless curves and a wheatish complexion. Since I had last seen her, she had undergone a significant transformation. I got out of the car and went inside the residence. My aunts approached and advised me to get ready as soon as possible.

When I arrived at the dining hall after getting dressed, there was an abundance of dishes spread out on the table. I took a seat to start the feast. My aunts were about to serve me when Saanvi interrupted them. After a long time, I devoured the food and relished the handmade dinner. After lunch, I gulped down a lemon-flavored drink. After seating me, Saanvi began probing me about my life. I was cool and collected as I responded to all of her inquiries. I asked her how she was living. I listened to her stuff as she opened up to me. We had a great time, and I made an excuse to go to bed. This is the first error I have made.

I neglected to bring my phone. Since I never locked my phone, she was able to open it easily. She went through everything on my phone, including all of my written stories, inappropriate pictures, and sexting. Upon opening my phone later, I became suspicious of something. She avoided me when I came across her. This supported what I had assumed. I went to her and asked if we could go for a walk together. She shouted out “I love you” as we made our way to the Teak plantation. I remained silent, confused. She went on to say “I have liked you since childhood, I like the way you treat me as well as others, I love you from the bottom of my heart”. I asked, “Do you love me even after checking my phone”? “Yes”, she replied.”I don’t care what you did”, she said.

Me: It’s just an attraction

Her: No it’s not.

She hopped on to me placing her lips on mine. I fell on the grass, and she too fell on me. I placed my hands on her butts.

Me: I am not into Love. I’ve never felt such strong emotions towards anyone. Please try to understand. You’re knocking at the wrong door

Her: Fine! Let’s end what we started.

This time, she gave me a more intense kiss, sucking my lips and sticking her tongue in my mouth. I inserted mine into her. We had no intention of stopping. She’s wearing jammies. I was giving her a hard butt massage. She paused, inhaled deeply, grasped my hands, and bolted into the forest, where she has a hidden tent where she can retreat whenever she needs comfort.

It was excessively dim by then, at that point. After lighting the bonfire, we entered the tent. I eliminated the buttons of her shirt which has floral imprints to uncover her exposed chest shrouded in a light blue bra. I put her nipple in my mouth and playfully removed her bra. I sucked her areolas in a substitute way, squeezing the other free bosom with my unpleasant hands. I don’t know about the size but rather I’m certain they didn’t accommodate my hands. She stooped down and pulled my shorts down. My cock showed respect for her face and she laughed. She was truly blissful checking my dick out. I got her delightful face and pushed my dick solidly into her throat. I screwed her mouth for some time and came in here. Presently it’s my chance to reciprocate

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