My Cousin Long Hairs

This is my 3 story on this website i love to share my experience with uh all guys many people don’t wht hair fetish is so let me explain in short its same as get turned by looking at juicy boobs ❤️❤️. My contact details where shared in my earlier story, i ‘ll try and

Sex with my mother (True story)

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom started to drink a lot. I really hated her when she was drunk because this is not the mother that raised me and my brothers and sisters. Late one night I was going to the bathroom and as I’m standing there pissing I heard someone

Sleeping wife fucked for first time

The night spent fingering Linda while she was asleep played over and over in my head and within days I was fantasising about doing it again. Here was a way that I could not only get off voyeuring Linda, I could actually touch and explore her in a way that was completely forbidden when she

Ultimate Love with Nephew

Hii friends… My name is Nilima, This is a real experience of mine. This isn’t a story but a confession and few questions for which I want answers. I am a primary school teacher. I am 45 years old and an average looking lady with fair color. My husband died 4 years back due to

Young man shares mother’s bed on a hot summer night, Sleeping with My Pregnant Mother

Young man shares mother’s bed on a hot summer night, Sleeping with My Pregnant Mother.. When I was about 18 years old, my mother got pregnant with my little sister and we moved to my grandmother’s place. We used to live in an apartment before, but with the addition of a new member to our

Mom-Daughter Team Sucks Sleepers

Mom and Daughter Team Sucks Sleepers, Mother and hot daughter visit son during parents’ weekend at college and have themselves an oral good time at the frat house with sleeping lads. My daughter and I had taken a hotel room down the street from my son’s college for parents’ weekend, not wanting to be a bother

Saving mom by fucking her

Saving mom by fucking her, Jeremy clutched his knees to his chest, “Oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God.” He kept repeating as he rocked on his ass on the floor of his closet. His eyes kept darting around the room looking for…what? What could possibly make up for what he did. His eyes saw his