Horny Mommy Sucks my Dick & Get Fucked by her Male Nurse

Horny Mommy Sucks my Dick & Get Fucked by her Male Nurse Hello everyone, This is my first time writing a story about my personal experiences. This is a real story about how I developed sexual feelings towards my mother and eventually managed to satisfy my urges. So sit back and enjoy. A little background

Start of Incest with my Mommy

Start of Incest with my Mommy Hi friends, I am Vijay, age 29, and this is my first story. This is not a story. It’s an incident that happened in my life which changed the relationship between my mom and me. It started when I caught her masturbating. First, I would like to give you

Confession of a Horny Mommy

Bharti felt an unusual burning sensation inside her as she sniffed her son’s used briefs in the washroom. She knew it was a sinful act, but her body acted against her will. Her hand was constantly messaging her clit. She went sniffing the raw smell of adulthood radiating from her 19-year-old son’s briefs in the

Convinced My MILF Mommy for INCEST

I will share the best experience of my life with my Mom, how we started doing this and how I got her ready for all this. I am going to share in coming stories. First, let me give you information about me and my Mom. I am a Male, 21, from South India. We 3

My Mommy Fucked by My Best Friend

Hello friends, this is my first real story of my mom whose name is Sunita. Her measurements are 36-24-32. Her age is 42. My mother has a medium-sized body like that of actress Sunny Leone. When my mom walks, her butts bounce and jiggle like volleyballs. Many old men in our society secretly wish to

Main, Mera Dost or Meri Randi Mommy

Hello friends, I am Jake ( my pen name). I live in Kerala, India. This story is a true one. I have slightly changed the names of the characters, that’s all. The story is the reason why I mouth fucked my mom. It’ll happen in the second part, but this is the first part. This

Mommy & Me making out inside our Car

Hello everyone, my name is Karan Ahuja and I am 22 years old. I am a college student and currently doing my journalism course in Delhi. My family lives in Bhopal and I can hardly ever visit them because of my busy schedule. However, my family always makes a yearly trip and that is when

My Mummy Joins My Friends and Me

Sex storie: My Mummy Joins My Friends and Me My name is Rahul and I am studying in the final year of school in Kotturpuram, Chennai, India. During the summer season, it is sweltering hot and sweaty inside the house as we don’t have air conditioning. Hence I go up to the terrace to study

Sexting with Mommy

Sexting with Mommy Hello My Dear Readers… This is a series of text messages between Keshav and his mother, Sonam. Happy Reading!! Keshav : Hey Mom… Sonam : Hi Keshav, have you reached?? Keshav : Yes, Mom. Just got inside my room. Train was late by an hour. Sonam : I thought so, not seeing

Me & My Bengali Mommy

Lockdown with my Bengali Mom This real incident took place between my mom Shobita and me during an unknown virus outbreak that led to months long lockdown situation. My name is Roy and I work in MNC company, even though my parents never wanted me to work as we had the luxury of large irrigated

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