Forging of a Cuckold – 1 (The Inception)

This is the story of my inception of cuckoldness My mom became a widow in very young age , i was just 1.5 years old and she was just 24 years old. And there she was with her husband dead. She had parents and two older brothers, but they wanted nothing to do with her … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 44

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 43 ). Now let’s continue Guru asked “so what is the problem now”? I said “well I am not sure if I might have made the wrong decision”. He asked “does the other person also feel the same”? I said “no, I don’t think … Read more

USA story reader ni meet ayyanu finally she is my childhood friend baga massage chesi dengi satisfy chesanu

Hi all readers Andharu ela unnaru nenu mee raj idhi na second story and jarigi chala roju ku ayyindi story USA lo na childhood friend ni anukokunda meet ayyanu rough sex chepinchukundi nenu ela dengano e story lo chepthanu Na peru raj age 27 6 feet slim 6 inch dick size Virginia state lo untanu … Read more

USA lo anukokunda kalisina childhood friend last ki chance icchindi baga dengi sukhapettanu part 1

Hello Meru ela unnaru? Na Peru raja age 27 years. Ee story Nenu America lo chaduvukuntaniki vacchinappudu jarigina story Koncham imagination lo add chesi e story rastunnanu Nenu na chinnappati class mate ni America lo teliyakunda meet ayyi sex chesanu Nenu Virginia State or some times south Boston lo untanu and baga ekkuva trips chestu … Read more

Hyderabad Office Colleague Swetha (Indian)

Adi naa life lo jarigina oka andamaina sanghatana. Nenu kastapadi btech pass ayaaka manchi offer tho join ayyanu. Inka naa life career inko step fast ekkali anukunna. Dani kosam chala kastapadda. Job lo new things nerchukuntunna and manchi project lo veesaru danitho experience vasthadani. Inka teruguleni life and career set avvadaniki first step padinidi anukunna. … Read more

Anathapur Cuckold Husband and Wife Tho

Hii friends, Im Praveen from Anantapuram. Na age 25 height 5. 11. Mamulu bo A1dy ne, skin tone pure white dick size antha entha ani cheppanu. Na body thagattu untundi full satisfaction istha. Cuckold couples names Varun and Preethi (names changed ). Husband age 33years wife age 29 years. Preethi fair color and sizes 34b-32-36 … Read more

Avinash, His Sister Megha and his 2 best friends Keshav & Raju

Hi, readers, my name is Avinash 22 yrs. old from Chennai I am currently doing my final year of engineering in Coimbatore. This is a sex story of how I and two of my roommates (Raju and Keshav) seduced and fucked my sister in the hotel during a trip. I was living with my friends … Read more

Pondicherry Trip with office colleague

Hi, this is Praveen and this is my one experience. I am here to submit my own experience which happened 3 months ago. After reading the story, please give your suggestions without fail. Now, let the story begin. I currently live in Bangalore as I work in Bangalore. I used to go out on weekends. … Read more

Telugu – America lo na story reader tho sex chesanu part-3

Hello andharu ela unnaru thanks for your feedback and support. Inka evarina feedback ivvali anukunte or evarina USA lo Meet avvali anukunte direct ga email or hangouts lo message cheyyandi. Inka story ki vasthe Inka roju chat chesukone vallam and maximum Anju sex gurinchi matladedi. Ela chestavu entha sepu chestavu ila anni matladedi. Oka roju … Read more

Telugu story -Junior pilla ni baga tempt chesi dengamu India lo unnappudu

Hello andharu ela unnaru thanks for your feedback and support. Inka evarina feedback ivvali anukunte or evarina USA lo Meet avvali anukunte direct ga email or hangouts lo message cheyyandi. Na friend Strory Nenu cheptunnanu na story kadu idhi Na peru Sunny, appudu na age 23 slim fit 70kgs 5.9 untanu, 6.5 inch untundi dick. … Read more

Indian students rough sex in America

Hi friends, This is the real story and added some fantasy to make it more spicy to had enough for both men and women to get pleasure while reading, Readers this is just for pleasure just read and enjoy and leave it. And this an adult story is about sexual life if anybody doesn’t like … Read more

Naa Girlfriend Tho Hardcore Sex (Telugu)

Hi readers andaru bagunaru ani anukuntuna. This is Praveen again with a new story. Inka story loki vochesta ee story naku na junior from school ki jarigina story. Nenu school lo unapudu koncham hiper active ga undevadini. Nenu max anni classes valaki telusu because nenu school CR ga undevadini. Tanu na sub junior apatlo same … Read more

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