Accidental Incest

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John Arnold was watching TV alone in his living room rubbing his crotch. He was very horny and this boner he was sporting wasn’t helping very much. He had only had sex twice and they were the two greatest moments of his life. John was 18 years old with a muscular build. He had broad shoulders and was a football captain. Unfortunately, the season was having its mid season vacation so he had nothing to do as he whittled away the end of his senior year.

John’s hard on had calmed down and there was nothing good on so he decided to go upstairs and see his mom. He was actually bored enough to go talk with his mom! She was in the shower a little while ago, but the water had turned off ten minutes ago so he assumed everything was all right. John opened the door to his mother’s room to see his mother walking out of her connected bathroom completely naked!


Alex Arnold, John’s mom, was in her mid thirties but definitely did not look it. She was a buxom beauty. Large perfect DD tits stuck out in front of her with no hint of sag. A luscious round ass had smooth cheeks that bounced and jiggled with every one of her steps. Her freshly shaved clit shined with wetness and her shiny brown locks fell over her flawless face and partially covered her bright blue eyes.

She whipped her head towards John and screeched for him to get out as she desperately tried to cover her big tits. John jumped back and closed her door with a bang. Susan Arnold, John’s sister jumped out of the bathroom she shared with John and yelled, “Mom! Whats the matter?!” And believe it or not she was naked too. She took after her mother in the looks department except Susan is much tanner and had brown eyes, liker her father. Her tits were the same size despite being more petite than her mother which just made them look bigger. Susan’s equally luscious ass stuck out behind her and John could see some white foam near her pussy. She had been shaving it!

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“Eeek!” She screamed, “Pervert!” and Susan sprinted back into the bathroom and slammed the door closed. John could hear it lock.

Those had been the most embarrassing two minutes of his life. He had seen his mother and his older sister, although she was only 10 months older than him- just old enough to be in a different grade, naked one right after the other! Also, although he didn’t want to admit it, John’s hard on was back. He had never thought of his sister or his mother as particularly attractive. He could certainly tell they were hot and he got enough shit from his friends about it, but he had always understood they were family and that was an uncrossable line.

Too embarrassed to stay John left his house to go to his friend Kevin Janson’s house. He and Kevin weren’t as close as they used to be, but he would understand because his mom was also an absolute fox. Mrs. Janson, or Ms. Janson as she liked to be referred since the divorce, was often mistaken for my mother’s twin because they looked so similar. Kevin and John looked pretty similar too, but not nearly as close as Mrs. Arnold and Ms. Janson. They even had the same name, just used different nicknames! The big difference was Ms. Janson had blond hair. Mr. Arnold was still in the picture, but his frequent business trips, like the one he was currently on, left Alex very sexually frustrated, although she’d never admit it.

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