My mom’s secret affair

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Hello friends ,

I am rohan from bareilly uttar pradesh . There are 3 member in my family including me , my mom and my dad . my name is rohan and i am first year bsc , my dad’s name is amit he is 42 years old And he is at the manager level in the bank so that he is busy throughout the day , sometime they keep working on the laptop till 2 o’clock in the night.

Heroine of this story and my mom’s name is kavya his age is 38 years But no one can tell by looking that his age is 38 years , The reason for this is that she goes to the gym every day and takes full care of her body . Mom is very sexy and beautiful looking , he always Western and wears only sexy dress like jeans top, skirt, mini dresses e.t.c And sometimes she also wears saree in wedding or party, that too with backless blouse.

Story Hero and my friend Raj his age is 26 years and he is my senior in college , We are very good friends but He never came to my house because before that we did not know each other, we became friends of each other in college.

The story starts on the day of my birthday , In the morning mom came to my room and said while removing the blanket

Mom: Wish you a very very happy birthday my son

Me : thank you mom

Then mom gave me a kiss on the head more early get up Fresh and asked to come out for breakfast. When mom was going back to the gate, I saw mom’s ass was looking in perfect shape from the nighty.

then i came out to have breakfast after taking a shower , Mom was making breakfast in the kitchen and then Raj’s call came to me.

Me : hello

Raj : hii
Happy birthday brother , God bless you

Me : thank you brother

Raj : ok bye

Me : bye

Then mom brought breakfast, then I had breakfast

Mom : whose phone was it

Me : College friend and senior to me too, was wishing a birthday

Mom: Well, did you invite him to the party or not?

Me : Haven’t done it now but I will call there is one more, he has to invite too

then i got a call from dad

Dad : happy birthday my lovely son

Me : thank you dad

Dad : Ok son i am driving see you in the evening

Me : ok dad

Then mom went to her room to take a bath and I went to college there everyone wished me a birthday and also gave a small party to my best friend.

Then I came home and After changing clothes and sitting in the lobby, then mom also came and mom brought bread for me to eat, after that I finished the meal.

Mom: Son has to do decoration too, Let’s go to the market, we will bring cakes and decoration items too.

Me : Ok mom, you get ready then let’s go

Then mom went to get ready and I waited there After about 15 minutes mom came ready and then we went to the market
First we took the decoration items and after that we took the cake from the bakery shop and ate one of the pasties there , and then come home

Then together we finished the decoration Mom went to her room to get ready and I went to my room. After about 20 minutes I got ready and came out and after a while mom also came.

mom wore a party wear sexy dress , Open hair, light makeup, bold lipstick was applied. Mom was looking very sexy, Mom’s ass was looking great and boobs also.

After a while Raj and Anshu also came, then I introduced both of them to mom.

Raj : hello aunty

Anshu : hello aunty

Mom : hi Raj , hI anshu , how are you both?

Raj : I am fine , you say

mom : i’m fine too

Then mom went to the kitchen and we started talking, after a while mom called

Mom : Rohan come

Me : coming mom

Then I cut the cake and first I fed mom dad and then I fed Raj and anshu .
Raj started the music, everyone started dancing, everyone danced for about 15 minutes. While dancing, Raj was watching mom’s jumping boobs. maybe mom knew but she kept on dancing.

Then we sat down and started talking After a while the servant came and told mom that the food is ready and put it on the table.

Mom: put it on the table

then we ate dinner And after sitting for some talk and after a while I took him to my room, talked some there and around 11 o’clock he went to his house.

Everything was fine for about a month , around 5 o’clock in the evening I got a call from Anshu and said that I want to meet you.

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