Ajaz gets comfortable around new maid

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I’m Ajaz Khan, 36 y/o businessman based out of Bombay with an athletic body a bit on the bulky muscular side. My wife Mahima and I have been married for 8 years and she runs a small music production company. We have two young girls, 4 and 6 respectively. Since we both are busy with work usually, we keep a live-in maid to take care of the house and kids. Unfortunately, our old maid Farida had to leave since she was getting married but luckily my wife’s sister suggested a new one. Since Mahima kept track of all this, I wasn’t aware about when she’ll be joining.

I came back from office around 9:30 PM and I was tired after a long day of meetings. I entered the house, greeted Mahima who informed me that dinner will be served soon. I went to my room to freshen up, washed my face, took off my coat and tie. I changed into my superman boxer shorts and put on my shirt since it was a bit chilly in the night, but kept it unbuttoned. Proceeding towards the dinner table, I saw the new maid working in the kitchen. I sat down on the table and inquired about her – her name was Mridula, around 22-23 years old and she was already married but her husband worked in some hotel in Dubai. I greeted her nicely and told her to feel completely welcome in our home.

In the meanwhile my girls were getting agitated to play till dinner was ready, so we started running around the house as usual and devolved down into a pillow fight with the cushions on the sofas. They pulled the shirt off me and continued to beat me at the fight, and as any nice father, I let them win. Mridula came to the sofas to call us back to the table and saw my bare chest and legs, felt a bit shy I’m assuming. Anyway, I’m not very shy about my body and usually while I’m home, one will find me in my boxers or briefs only, just comfortable as one can be. Unlike women, I believe men have the liberty to be unclad much more, and I don’t get easily ashamed if people can see my body. I proceeded to the dinner table in my boxers, finished the meal and after tucking the girls into bed, Mahima and I retreated to our bedrooms.

I woke up in the morning finding Mahima to have already left for work. I opened my phone to check her text saying that I needed to call my accountant for some work. While I can usually manage work from home and only have to go out for meetings, her production work can only happen in the studio – so she drops the kids off in the morning to school and either I or the driver goes to pick them in the afternoon. Anyway, I was checking my phone when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I responded saying come in, and in walks Mridula asking if she could tidy up the room since she had already cleaned the rest of the house up. I was bloody impressed, I said, “Haan bilkul. Abhi toh 10 hi baje hain, itni jaldi pura ghar saaf kar liya?” (Yes of course. It’s only 10 AM right now and you’ve already cleaned the entire house?). She just smiled and nodded. She started picking up a few fallen clothes and then reached out to making the bed. She asked if she could fold the blanket I was lying in. I responded affirmatively saying I was anyway getting up. I pulled the blanket off me and slid to the edge of the bed and stood next to her. I was wearing only my black briefs and had a semi-erect morning boner popping slightly. She looked at me and then down my entire body for a second and then continued folding the blanket.


I started proceeding in my briefs out of the room. I was going to the kitchen to make some tea, so I asked her if she wanted any. She said, “Sir, main bana deti hun?” (Sir, I’ll prepare it?), but I interjected saying trying to be a bit cheeky to make her comfortable, “Nahi. Main khud bahut achi chai banata hun. Aur please mujhe Ajaz bolo.” (No, I make pretty decent tea myself. And please call me Ajaz). I was preparing the tea when she came to the kitchen, we sat down and had tea, while I was busy reading the morning paper. I could see her eyes wander off on to my hard bulky chest and sometimes on my thighs, but mostly she was just trying hard not to look. Suddenly the bell rang and I went to open the door. It was Dhara the laundryman’s wife who had come to give the pressed clothes back. I greeted her nicely and took the clothes from her. I had to give her this month’s advance, so I asked her to wait till I get it. Dhara knows that I prefer staying in my briefs at home and she has seen me like this multiple times. I gave her the money and shut the door but Mridula now seemed visibly calmer, since she now knew that this is how I just prefer to be instead of being very naked today or with any bad intentions towards her. Soon it was time for me to call the accountant and thereafter go to pick the kids up, so I went about the day as usual.

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The next morning, I woke up to find that Mahima was just about to leave for office, so I wished her goodbye at the door and returned back to have some tea. I was wearing only my black briefs and had a semi-erect bulge in front. The kids had already gone to school with the driver, so I had nothing to do and decided to take a bath and probably visit the factory. Mridula was no where to be seen but I figured it was earlier in the morning so she must be cleaning some room. I walked back into my room to find that Mridula was standing there in front of the bathroom door with two three big buckets and a wiper. “Sir, main sirf bathroom saaf karne jaa rahi thi” (Sir, I was just about to go clean the bathroom), she said while taking her eyes up to down upon my body. I responded quickly with a comforting smile, “Arrey main abhi nahane hi jaa raha tha. Please Ajaz bolo mujhe ya bhaiya” (Oh, I was just planning to have a bath right now. Also, please call me ajaz or brother). She hesitantly asked if she should go clean some other room first, and started picking up the many buckets and sprays she had laid out to clean the bathroom. I felt bad because she had already made her spread to clean the bathroom, so I walked nearer to the bathroom door. Our bathroom was made such that the powder room, basin and everything else was at the entrance and on one side there was a semi-separated glass area for the shower, so that the shower doesn’t damped the whole place. I pointed towards the shower area and said, “Acha mujhe toh 5 minute lagenge nahane mein, tum tab tak baaki sab ki safai shuru kar do” (Okay I’ll only take some 5 mins to take a shower, you clean up the rest of the place till then). She took a pause and seemed resistant to the idea.

Looking at her resistance, I proceeded to clarify that I wasn’t implying that I’ll be completely naked, I was indeed planning to have a bath in briefs only. She nodded slightly and I took the cue and prodded to the shower stall. I turned the shower on and let the warm water seep all through my body. Mridula had also started cleaning up the sink and dusting the shelves while I was soaping myself in completely drenches undies in front her. My Armani briefs were so drenched that the shape of my cock and balls was completely visible through them. She would take small breaks in between her cleaning to look intently at my wet body, the water dripping from my well-built chest pecs to my navel surrounded by my abs and finally down my thick strong thighs. In less than 5 minutes I was done with my quick shower. I had forgotten to take a towel in all the rush, so I came out of the stall in my wet undies and asked Mridula to find me a towel. There was a huge bulge in my briefs and it was clearly visible – even the dickhead was making an impression on the black cloth.

Mridula came back from the bedroom with a white towel in her hands, “Yeh lo, Ajaz”, (There you go, Ajaz) she said. I took the towel and rubbed the water droplets from my body, starting with my hair, neck, bulging pecs, and my thighs and feet. I still felt a little wet on my back so I asked Mridula, “Yeh zara peeche saaf kardo?” (Just rub me from behind), while handing her the towel. She softly dabbed my flexed back muscles with the towel. As she reached my lower back, I sneezed suddenly. I had caught a slight cold. “Yaar yeh sardi kaise lag gayi?”, (Damnit, how did I catch the cold breeze?), I exclaimed to myself. I wasn’t expecting an answer but she retorted, “Gila kapda pehna hai aapne” (You’re wearing wet clothes), pointing to my undies. I smiled at her in an understanding way and nodded in agreement. “Sahi baat hai” (You’re right), I said, while loosely tying the towel around my waist and taking one hand inside the towel to push down the brief. I then held the towel with the other hand and put my hand from beneath the towel to tug my wet briefs off. I then tied my towel tightly and handed her the briefs to put for a wash. I walked into the bedroom, opened my underwear drawer, took another pair out and with my towel tied to my waist, put one leg after another in the briefs and pulled them up. When it was halfway up, I took my towel off with my back towards the bathroom door and slid the brief all the way up.

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The next morning I had a marathon practice with my gym-buddies, so I got ready and left along with Mahima only. I was back home in a couple of hours though, Mridula opened the door to me. I was sweating profusely and asked her to make me a limesoda, as I paced towards my room having picked up a banana from the dining table. I usually don’t close doors and I walked into my room, turned the AC on, ate my banana. I was just pulling my vest off my chest when I heard Mridula walk in. I smiled at her nicely, handed her the banana peel asking her to chuck it into the trash, and then also proceeded to hand her my vest to put in the washing machine. She was about to turn away and exit, when I said, “Arrey yeh bhi le jao” (Arrey, take this also), tugging on my gym shorts and taking them off. I handed it to her but she looked a bit perplexed. I was confused when I finally felt a cold breeze brush my butt-cheeks. Then I realised that I was wearing just a jockstrap underneath the shorts and nothing else. “Ah, acha. Yeh bhi underwear hi hai, kya hua?” (Oh, okay. This is also an underwear only, what happened?) I responded curtly as if it’s completely natural, as it is for me. She just nodded and now her eyes left the ground and were more comfortable looking at everything around and me as well.

I finished my limesoda and took the glass downstairs to the kitchen where she was sitting. She asked if she should put the food out for me and promptly started heating everything up. I sat myself at the head of the dining table which was adjacent to the bathroom door in the drawing room. I asked her to come sit and eat with me and she nicely obliged. I finished my food faster, kept the plates in the kitchen and asked her if she wanted something else from the kitchen. “Nahi, bhaiya”, she said. I walked past her into the bathroom, only slightly moving the door, it was far from still being shut. I knew that she could only see my ass and nothing further from where she was sitting, so without caring, I took out my cock from the pouch and started pissing into the pot. I washed my hands and I looked sideways to see her sitting at the dining table looking inside the bathroom as well. I gave her a comforting smile and walked out to her.

For a few hours, I was relaxing in front of the tv in my jockstrap only while Mridula was busy dusting the house around me. Soon, the doorbell rang. She went to open it and it was Dhara, who walked inside to me and said, “Bhaiya, woh bhabhi ne kapke nikale honge. Unhone bola aapse jaake le lun” (Brother, your wife must’ve taken some old clothes out for me to take, she asked me to take them for you). “Acha haan, woh rakh ke gayi hai. Purana computer bhi padha hai peeche tumhare bete ke liye” (Oh yes, she has kept them. An old computer is also lying in the storage for your son, if you want), I said, and without waiting for her response, I continued, “Aao main nikal deta hun” (Come, I’ll take it out). I got up from my seat and started walking towards the storage at the back. Dhara was shocked to see my bare ass, she hadn’t seen it ever. She didn’t follow me, instead I heard her whisper to Mridula, something along the lines of “Aaj toh aur bhi chotta underwear pehna hai” (Today he’s wearing an even smaller underwear) and “Bhaiya ki body kitni achi hai” (Brother’s body is so nice).

I ducked and squatted down to take out two rather heavy bags of old clothes from the storage that was fuming with the heat. Dhara and Mridula had finally also come to the storage. Dhara stood incredibly close to my butt, and as I squatted sometimes it touched her bare toes. I picked up the bags one by one and placed them outside the door. I then pulled on a dusty blanket covering the old desktop and the dust flew around a bit. It stuck to my chest and legs due to the intense sweat. I patted it away but some of it just smudged around my bulging chest and upper abs. I started taking out each part of the desktop separately, the CPU, Monitor, speakers etc. I would again and again wipe the sweat away from my forehead and chest with my arms. After good 20 minutes, I had dissembled and put together the desktop in the growing heat.

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“Bhaiya, aapko kitna paseena aa raha hai” (Brother, you’re sweating so profusely) Dhara said and continued, “Mridula thoda thanda le aa inke liye” (Mridula, go get something cold to drink for him). I was sweating pretty hard from lifting the heavy electronics. Panting a little too. I was drenched, droplets of sweat dripping down from my neck to chest to abdomen and soaking the white pouch of my jockstrap. Dhara took an edge of her dhupatta and started dabbing my forehead, “Lao bhaiya, main kar deti hun” (Here brother, let me do it). She dabbed my neck and shoulders, reaching finally for around my hard nipples when Mridula also came back with a lime-soda. I drank it in a single sip. I was panting no more.

Dhara quickly took the glass from my hand and retorted, “Bhaiya aap gile kapde se saaf karlo” (Brother, clean yourself up with this wet wipe). While I was cleaning myself with the wet wipe, Dhara crouched and started using her dupatta to dab along my thighs and legs. Her eyes were completely in line with my now bulging cock and I wouldn’t even have noticed it unless I caught Mridula also standing there in pause with her eyes glued to my sack. I looked down to realise that the soaked cloth had become completely transparent and my pink cock was completely visible.

I quickly retracted and took a step back and Dhara realized that I have gotten to know that I’m unknowingly flashing these girls. I didn’t care to cover up but I retracted and became slightly awkward. Dhara, quickly realising I was a bit awkward added fuel to the fire. She giggled and said, “Bhaiya aap pareshan mat ho, chalta hai, kyun Mridula?” (Brother, don’t fret, this all is normal. Is it not, Mridula?). Mridula didn’t respond. I jumped in – “Hahaha nahi mujhe kahan koi problem hai” (No, how do I have a problem?) trying to feign confidence about this situation.

“Haan mujhe toh pata hai, bhaiya humare sharmate nahi hai” (Yeah I know, our brother isn’t the shy kinds), cheekily said Dhara. I giggled. I thought it best to remove myself from the situation, so I just used my on-going giggle to shift away and move into my room. I was climbing the stairs to my room when the thought of two young girls lusting over my naked body started running through my mind. I reached my room, shut the door, but my heart was panting. I was getting harder and harder to the extent that the tight jockstrap starting paining – I took off the white pouch and stood in my room in full glory. My 8.5 inch circumcised cock was fully erect and my air felt so good. I felt so liberated, it was almost a moment of exhibitionist reckoning.

Without further thought, I walked out of the door into the gallery where I could be seen by the two girls still chatting and giggling. I walked down the stairs letting my cock hang loose flipping around from one side to the other. I came downstairs near them and just made myself comfortable on the sofa, my dick fully alert and the pink cockhead popping out. The two girls were stumped, they couldn’t say anything, not even giggle. They stared blankly. In between intermittently I would give my cock one odd stroke. This went on for about half hour where Dhara and Mridula just stared at my cock while going about their work (or pretending to).

This became routine for me now. I would snap out of my clothes everytime I was home and Mridula got used to it herself. She and I never had any sexual encounter but the fact that I could be comfortable enough to be stark naked in front of her is very erotic in itself. In a few weeks, even Mahima got to know that I am naked at home and I don’t know what she feels but I continue to roam around my house like a king, naked, hard and never more confident.

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