My father when he is unconscious

Hi, i am Leah i am 18 but not a virgin. My father name is Richard he is a great father always been there for me and for him my mom was never home so we were always there for each other.

So coming to the story my dad had a small accident and now is in his bed rest.

I took care of him daily giving him medicines and giving him bath and all. So while giving him bath i saw through his boxers how big he was so out of curiosity i looked inside his boxers one night when he was unconscious since he was on high dosage pain killers he would be asleep till morning.

So i dared a took his cock in my hand and started stroking it i looked at him to make sure he was asleep and continued it. He had become so hard and i started sucking his cock he tasted salty but it tasted good after sometime he started moaning in his sleep i got startled and looked at him he was asleep so i continued sucking his dick and massaged his balls.

I have sucked cock before but his is big and thick after some time he cum really hard i couldn’t take all of it in so some spiled out when he was done i removed my shorts and panties a started masturbating i took his cum in my hand which has spilled out and rubbed it on my pussy it felt so good and took the rest of the cum and put it inside me it was so nice i couldn’t explain after some time even i cum i was still not satisfied so i my dads cock in my hand and pumped it few times when it got hard i placed my pussy on his cock and rubbed the tip few times on my pussy and sank down on him i felt so full it pained at first but slowly the pain vanished and i started feeling lot of pleasure i was moaning out loud my dad was groaning in his sleep after some i cum on him and he cum inside me it felt so good i left his cock inside me for sometime i just didn’t wanna leave after sometime i got out of bed cleaned up and cleaned up my dad.

I gave him one kiss on his lips before leaving and i never talked about it but i always think about it. It was my best sex and i sometimes feel his cum inside me.

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