Quarantine Sex with Mom

Hello everyone! My name is Raj and I am from Hyderabad. I want to share my real sex experience I had with my mother with you guys.

Let me give a brief introduction of my mother. Her name is Deepti. She is 46 years old. She is of fair complexion. She has a habit of doing yoga, so naturally she has a fit body. My mother has big boobs and a very juicy ass. Her body measurements are 36-32-36.

Coming to me, I am 21 years old. I am in the 8th semester of B.Tech. So, I only have to do project. I am 6 feet tall and have a 6 inch tool. Initially, I never had any bad intention towards my mother. But that changed gradually.

When I hit 20, my sex drive was at its peak. I always use to think of having sex. I didn’t had any luck in college when it comes to girls.

My dad is a businessman and had to travel a lot. Once he had a trip to Delhi for 2 weeks as he had some work to attend there. There were come cases of Corona in our country and one day suddenly, the PM had declared 3 weeks of lockdown. My dad was stuck in Delhi. Even I was spending most of my time at home.

I and my mom were always very close. She use to take good care of me. My mom wears both traditional and western clothes. And no matter what she wears, she looks super sexy in it!

My mom does household work. That day, she was wearing a loose t-shirt. I was watching TV and my mom was cleaning the room. Suddenly, when she bent, I had an excellent view of her boobs. I was lost and was continuously staring at my mother’s boobs! They were inviting me to suck on them!! I had a raging boner.

My mom suddenly looked at me and saw what I was doing. But instead of getting angry, she just gave a small smile and left the room. That day, I made up my mind that no matter what, I will fuck my mom in this quarantine period!

Whenever my dad was out of town, I and my mom sleep on the same bed. So that day also we were sleeping on the same bed.

My mom was sleeping in a saree which she usually wears below her navel. I was wearing a t-shirt and a boxer. I waited for her to sleep.

After she slept, I slowly first put my hand on her hand. There was no movement in her. Then, slowly I put my hand on my mom’s navel. GOD! It was so fair and soft!

I slowly started squeezing her sexy navel. After some time, I kept my hand on her boobs. It was my first time I ever touched a boob that big! They were so soft! I just wanted to rip off her clothes and fuck her but I controlled my urges somehow.

The next day, by the time I woke up, my mother was not on the bed. I went down and found that she was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. My mom usually takes bath in the morning itself. She was wearing a tight short and tight t-shirt. Her back was just inviting me to grind her. I slowly went and hugged her from behind.

Mom: Oh son, you woke up! How did you sleep last night?

Me: I selpt fine, mom. What are you making for breakfast?

I put my hands on her hips and my cock was instantly rock hard and between her ass crack! I was sure she must have felt my dick too.

Mom: Bread omlet. Go freshen up and we both can have breakfast together.

Me : Okay, mom. Love you.

Saying this, I kissed on her shoulder and then her neck and then her cheek. And just before letting her go, I slightly squeezed her belly and pushed my dick further into her.

Mom: Love you too, honey.

And she kissed me on my cheek.

Later that evening, my mom was going for a bath. I was in her room using my mobile. While my mother was taking her clothes to the washroom, her bra fell down. I picked it up and while giving it to my mom, I asked, “How big are they?”

I just couldn’t believe what I asked. She took it casually and answered, “36.”

Me: Wow! Dad must be a lucky guy.

Mom: Why is that so?

Me: Because, he gets to touch them whenever he wants to!

Mom: Don’t be silly. Do you want to touch them?

Me: Are you serious??!

Mom: What’s wrong in that? It’s perfectly natural for a son to touch his mother’s boobs.

I just couldn’t believe what my mom just said!

Me: Can I touch them now?

Mom: Of course,honey.

I didn’t waste a second. I immediately rushed towards my mom and started squeezing her boobs over her t-shirt. Oh my god! They were so soft and amazing.

After squeezing my mom’s breasts for 5 minutes, my mom said, “Okay, let me take a bath now. You will have a lot of time to play with these later.”

I simply said, “Okay” and gave her one last squeeze and kissed her right boob over her t-shirt. My mom gave a smile and said, “You naughty boy” and left to take a bath.

Later that day, I was sitting in my room and just thinking about what had happened. I decided to take a shower. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier. Soon, I started masturbating while in the shower.

And then I remembered that my mom was okay with me playing with her boobs whenever I wanted. So I wrapped a towel around my waist and went searching for my mother.

She was preparing dinner in the kitchen. She was in a nighty. I just went and hugged her from behind.

Mom: Careful. I am preparing dinner for us.

Me: Sorry.

And slowly I put my hands on my mother’s boobs and started playing with them.

Mom: You still crave for these, huh?! Back when you were a kid, you always used to cry for your mother’s milk.

Me: Really?! Do they still have milk?

Mom: Probably not.

Me: Come on. Let’s at least try.

Mom: You are such a demanding kid. Okay, you can try but do not utter a single word about this to your father.

Me: Of course, I wouldn’t.

And I turned my mother towards me. Slowly, I unbuttoned her. She was not wearing anything under her nighty.

I started sucking on her tits. Initially, I was slow and gentle but gradually, I started increasing the pace. My dick was rock hard and was poking my mom by that time.

Mom: Honey, your dick is very hard.

Me: I cant help, mom. You are turning me on!

Mom: What are you going to do about it?

Me: I don’t know. Probably masturbate later.

Mom: And waste all that young cum down the drain?! If it is okay with you, I can take care of that.

Me: How?

Without answering, my mom removed my towel and made me completely naked. Then she removed her nighty. She slowly bent down and started sucking my cock!! GOD!!! My own mom’s mouth on my cock felt so amazing! I came in her mouth after a few minutes and she drank every single drop of my cum.

Then I just looked at my mom. She stood up and was looking like a sex goddess. In no time, my cock got rock hard again. I just couldn’t control myself, I lifted my mom in my arms in such a way that a hero carries his heroine. I took her to the bedroom, threw her on the bed and started licking mom’s pussy.

She started moaning, “Aaahhhh..ahhh… aaahhhhh..beta..slowly…”

After 5 minutes, I positioned myself in missionary style. I and my mom were just staring at each other for a few seconds. And then, my dick found its entry – the place from where I once came out. With a full thrust, I pushed my dick into my mother’s wet pussy.

With that one thrust, my dick went balls deep into her and she moaned loudly,


I fucked my mom very hard whilst sucking and biting her large nipples.

Then we changed position into doggy style. God! I just realised the definition of heaven. I was fucking her like an animal and squeezing her boobs.

We continued for 15 minutes and I was ready to come.

Me: Mom, I am gonna cum!

Mom: I can’t get pregnant, son. Just shoot your young cum right into my pussy.

That gave me all the confidence I needed. Now I was making a rampage near her pussy. I felt my mom’s pussy got tighter, she was about to cum too! And then I pumped my cum deep into her pussy.

From that day onwards, I am spending my quarantine with my mom by fucking her. I used to fuck her whenever and where ever in our house. On sofa, in kitchen, middle of the night – we fucked at every corner of my house.

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear feedback on this story. Reach out to me by email/Hangouts at [email protected]

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