My Mother like my cook

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“Do you know where your mother is?”  My Mother like my cook

Her voice quivered as she tried to control her emotions even as her beautiful, black eyes overflowed and a stream of tears ran down her left cheek.


I was annoyed at having to wake up and come to the door because someone had been pounding on it for 5 minutes. That someone turned out to be a woman in her 50s. She was black with beautiful, clear skin. Her long
silky hair fell to her back. Her chocolate brown face looked soft and well cared for with not even a single blemish on the creamy dark skin even though I could see strong lines around her eyes and mouth. Her nose, a bit wide seemed perfect on her pudgy face.
But it was her eyes and full, red lips that held my attention. She was overweight, just the way I liked them. Her heavy breasts rose silently with each breath and even though she was dressed in tight business suit, I could see the shapes of those huge, spherical boobs, at least 42″ around. I wondered how she kept them so perky at her age.

Her waist was much thinner than what I’d have expected from a woman her size and her hips were round and sumptuous – about 40″ in width. A bit thinner than my mother’s massive 55″ girth they looked bigger and more toned against her beautiful, slimmer waist.

I tried to smile at her.
“Do you know?” she asked again.
“What?” I asked trying to take my eyes off her heavenly assets.
“Your mom. Do you know what she is doing?” she asked getting angry.
“What?” I didn’t understand why she wanted to know that.
“She’s in the back seat of my car.”
“So?” I thought but kept my mouth shut.
“Getting fucked.” she said definitively.
I opened my mouth to ask her something but then decided against it.

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“That bitch keeps coming to my house and fucks my baby in my house. When

I tried to stop her, she started calling him to motels and secluded parking lots.”

I stole a glance at her massive tits.
“So I am here. To tell you that this needs to stop. Or else…” she growled.
I waited.
After a few
seconds she continued.
“I wonder how she’d feel if I were to come over and sl**p with her only son.”
My heart skipped a beat. My cock didn’t and was at full mast in three seconds.
Then she abruptly turned around and walked away.
“Tell her to leave my f****y alone or else…” she threatened again.
I quietly shut the door and went back
to sl**p. It was past midnight when I heard the garage door open. Mom was finally home.

She tried to be quiet but I could hear her kicking her shoes off and unzipping her dress before she
walked into my room.

“Janine came by today.” I said, my eyes still close.
“I thought you were sl**ping” she said and even in the dark room I saw her turn around and flick the light on.

Soft glow of table lamp filled the side of the bed I was sl**ping on. She reached gently for her nightie in the closet.

I stared at her huge rear and could make out hand prints all over her white, soft ass.

“She wants you to stop.”

She pulled the nightie over her head and then pulled her shoulder length chestnut brown hair from under it.

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