Nenu na friend kalisi ma amma tho threesome chesemu (Indian)

Hello friends, Na Peru Surya nenu eroju oka real incident ni share chestuna, nenu hyd lo room lo unde vadini natho inko friend untadu memu manchi friends daily beer padalsindhey maku, Ika story loki veltey nenu na friend kalisi ma amma tho thresome sex chesemu anukokunda ipoyindhi. Nenu hyd vachina kotha lo daily intiki call … Read more

Lavanya Sister Seduced Me

Sister Seduced Me Hi All. I am KKD. Read Lustful Neighbour Sister before starting this. One day I am sitting under tree in our lawn. I heard like some one is calling me. I thought it was my mom and turned back and asked mom. She it is not me and pointed me to the … Read more

Hot Step Mom

After my folks divorced, my younger brother and I move to a different state with my Mom. But Mom had promised I could attend high school and graduate with my old friends, so I moved back in with my Dad and his new wife when I was a senior. My Step Mom Jen was 8 … Read more

Mischievous Sister In Law

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Mothers Mesmerizing Fuck In Marriage before starting this. Next morning we woke up and all the relatives went back to home and we all are planned to go home in the evening. We had our breakfast in the morning and just sitting alone. Preethi came to me and asked … Read more

Mom became fitness freak to fucking freak – Part 5

Hi All. I am KKD. After that fucking session in that night we started to fuck daily in the night and behaving as normal in the daytime. Due to having sex daily and going for running and taking high protein and energetic food. My dick became more lengthy and thick. On Friday we got an … Read more

Mom became fitness freak to fucking freak – Part 4

Hi All. I am KKD. Next day morning when I went to institution they said like they are going to start extra curricular activities and expecting every one to participate. Based on your performance we will divide you into different categories. We will be giving you three attempts to achieve if you desired to go … Read more

My First Love – Part-II

My First Love – Part-II Next day after editing everything of Mahek and mother fucker Mir of their beginning of sex till yesterday’s sex shows total compilation of 3hrs. With original audio just like a movie and the total video was shown to my mother in law and thought that Mahek will be shy for … Read more

Banging my brother. Surprised by mom too…. Part – 1

Hey everyone, myself Rhea. I’m 22 years old, 5’8 tall and a state level athlete for my college. Currently I’m wrapping up my masters and going back to my hometown Ahmedabad for a break and searching for job. I’ve missed my family a lot in these past 5 years and I’m really excited to see … Read more

Slutty Mother – Catches son in his bedroom

It was somewhere past midnight. A strong spring storm was raging outside. The sound of lightning and rain hitting the roof didn’t let Jane get her sleep. She finally go up, went out of her room and headed towards the kitchen, to have a drink of milk. Some ten minutes she stood in the kitchen … Read more

Bad Maternal Instincts

Part 1 – Renewing Her Vows The white, attractive, dominant, kinky, non-violently misogynistic and 40-y/o Delbert had been mulling a certain idea involving his and Carol, his 38-y/o wife’s twenty-second wedding anniversary before a July, Thursday evening when he and his sons, the 19-y/o Gabriel and 21-y/o Marty, were at a bookstore to buy a … Read more

My chithi tamil selvi part -1

Hello readers I’m surya from Bangalore age 21. medium fit body. I’m a lover of armpit sweat. I was staying in my chithi chithappa home. i have been reading sex stories for a long time. This story is purely true of my life incident. The story of me and my chithi(father’s younger brother’s wife) I … Read more

Son comes home for the holidays to his sexy Indian mother

Son comes home for the holidays to his sexy Indian mother As I stood outside my home in the beating rain at 11 pm, waiting for my mother to open the door, the only thing I could think of was what my mother would be wearing. Because the last time I had come home from … Read more

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