Bad Maternal Instincts

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Part 1 – Renewing Her Vows

The white, attractive, dominant, kinky, non-violently misogynistic and 40-y/o Delbert had been mulling a certain idea involving his and Carol, his 38-y/o wife’s twenty-second wedding anniversary before a July, Thursday evening when he and his sons, the 19-y/o Gabriel and 21-y/o Marty, were at a bookstore to buy a James Patterson novel.

Instead, Gabriel happened to find Marilyn Monroe’s nude centerfold in a magazine

‘I wonder if she ever did porn,’ he said.

‘She was America’s sweetheart and I doubt she appeared in anything hardcore. I prefer Trina Michaels, Audrey Hollander or Shay Sights, who called herself a disgusting pig in ‘Guttermouths 23, scene 2′,’ Marty replied.

‘That’s definitely hardcore,’ Gabriel answered

‘You boys are into x-rated videos?’ Delbert inquired.

‘Aren’t you?’ Marty responded.

‘Maybe,’ his father answered as he realized the youngsters were ready for his plan.

Since free, online smut had ruined business at the city’s adult theater, however, an alternative, The Blue Lights Cafe, had opened 7 months earlier. For a $20 admission fee, patrons could watch obscure movies in a lounge.

And the following night, Delbert asked, ‘Shall we try something new?’

‘Sure, dad,’ Marty said, and off they went to the cafe where Delbert paid the fee, a doorman checked their ID’s and waved them into the lounge.

Seventeen black and 14 white men were sitting at tables; Delbert, Marty and Gabriel chose the one nearest the large-screen TV.

They’d scarcely done that before the night’s feature, ‘Trick-Doll’, started playing – while Marty and Gabriel could hardly believe Carol entering a brothel parlor.

‘You’re my first john today, and I’ll satisfy you because I earned my college tuition as a call-girl,’ she informed Steward, Delbert’s 34-y/o white friend.

‘You were a slut in college?’ Steward asked,

‘I became a slut in high school,’ Carol said.


‘Yes,’ she answered.

‘Okay, undress and let me have a look at you,’ Steward said.

Carol did, with her big, yet firm tits amazing her sons.

But it pleased her for Steward to whistle, ‘Aren’t you a magnificent cunt!’

‘I’m flattered,’ she smiled.

‘According to scholars, that’s the most offensively sexist word in the English language,’ he said.

‘Some people think hustling is offensive, don’t they?’

‘That’s the reason you belong in society’s lowest dregs!’ Steward responded as he discarded his shirt and trousers.

‘Please degrade me!’ she begged him.

‘Oh, I will! Admit you’re worthless!’ he growled.

‘I’m worthless!’

‘That’s right! Now, grovel and suck – my – cock!’ he ordered.

Carol fell to her knees and fastened her lips to his 11-inched pecker.

‘You dirty bitch!’ he said as he smacked her pretty face under her reddish-blonde hair.

‘Like that?’ he snarled.

‘Uh-hmmm!’ she mumbled, while in a bit, he withdrew from her throat, crouched and roughly penetrated her twat.

‘Trash litters this hole!’ he jeered, as on and on, he hammered her until he directed his penis into her ass.

‘You’re a great bowel-fuck,’ he commented while she had a squealing orgasm.

Next, he uncoupled from her and aimed his load into her high-heeled shoes.

Nonetheless, Gabriel and Marty were astonished by him urinating into her mouth.

‘Swallow that,’ he instructed, then: – ‘Don’t get drunk, you brainless cow!’

After that, he stuffed a $50-bill into her pussy, dressed and left the parlor.

In the lounge, Marty asked, ‘Can we do that shit to mom?’

‘Absolutely,’ Delbert answered.


Despite Carol’s incestuous fantasies, her husband didn’t say anything about the way he intended to humiliate her at 11 o’clock Saturday night, once Steward agreed to pretend he was a minister.

At 10:45, Delbert said, ‘Help your mother get dressed in her bridal gown representing purity and virtue.’

‘A virtuous slut? That’s a contradiction!’ Marty replied.

‘Yeah, although she’ll demonstrate her impurity!’ his bother said, followed by him and Marty repairing to Carol’s bedroom.

‘My gown’s beautiful, isn’t it?’ she inquired.

‘Nasty, in my opinion!’ Marty smirked.

‘We know you were in ‘Trick-Doll’,’ Gabriel said.

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