Evil step sister take advantage of brother

Serve breakfast-in-bed; Wash, dry, fold; Deliver clothes collect breakfast dishes; Mow lawn, wash car; Sweep, mop, spray and wipe; Do dishes, clean clean clean … That’s was my day, everyday; I did everything except cook. It was my 18th summer, my first since graduation high school and it was going to be the worst. It

My Indian maid catches me masturbating, and spanks me

My Indian maid catches me masturbating, and spanks me as a punishment.. Rashida had been our family maid servant for a long time. Moving to Kolkata from a distant village, and coming from a very poor family, she was merely eighteen when she started to work at my family’s place. From pictures of her that

CFNM with a cousin

My uncle’s daughter is one hell of a woman that is carved perfectly well to lure men of any kind into her. I am not any exception with the extra benefits of being close to her. Our families live two blocks away from each other and we meet a lot to play in the evenings

Ajaz gets comfortable around new maid

Dear Readers, I’m Ajaz Khan, 36 y/o businessman based out of Bombay with an athletic body a bit on the bulky muscular side. My wife Mahima and I have been married for 8 years and she runs a small music production company. We have two young girls, 4 and 6 respectively. Since we both are

Ariiti’s wild birthday party

The weekend passed by and unlike my past few weekends, this weekend was quite eventful. It was Monday night and after a stressful day, I came back to my room and after having my dinner I logged into my hangout account and saw that there a ping from a girl named Sneha. Sneha: Hi Mr.

Indian Husband Watches Wife Get Ready For Night Out

Indian Husband Watches Wife Get Ready For Night Out… It was a Saturday evening. My wife Sabrina was in front of the mirror in our huge master bedroom, getting ready for a girls’ night out. She was wearing a thin chiffon sari, the material transparent enough so one could see the milky white skin of