Evil step sister take advantage of brother

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Serve breakfast-in-bed; Wash, dry, fold; Deliver clothes collect breakfast dishes; Mow lawn, wash car; Sweep, mop, spray and wipe; Do dishes, clean clean clean … That’s was my day, everyday; I did everything except cook. It was my 18th summer, my first since graduation high school and it was going to be the worst.

It didn’t used to be like that, before my father died our mansion was full of maids, gardeners, butlers and other people who did I don’t even know what. But then my stepmother squandered most of the money. More money still comes in from old investments but not at the rate she spends.

Last month everyone had to go, everyone except Tony the chef, he was kept on. I didn’t wonder why, not only was he the only one who knew how to cook, I had heard them having sex several times. He was about midway between our ages, and muscular, athletically built.

My stepmother doesn’t let on about her money problems though; she still goes out frequently with her aristocratic friends to lavish parties. Don’t get me wrong, there still seemed to be plenty of money for things she wanted, but why spend money on things she could have me do for free?

My work load was tripled when my stepmother’s two do-nothing daughters got home from school. My evil stepsisters; Amanda is a my age and went to a boarding school until her recent graduation, Lori is a year older and goes to an all-girl college on some mountain in Europe; Amanda will be joining her there next semester. Lori spends her time lounging out, living on what money we have left. Amanda seems to enjoy ordering me around; they both make more work for me than I can handle.

Serve breakfast-in-bed; Wash, dry, fold; Deliver clothes collect breakfast dishes; Mow lawn, wash car; Sweep, mop, spray and wipe; Do dishes, clean clean clean …

“MIKE!!” It was Amanda. I dropped what I was doing and walked quickly to her room. She was sitting on her bed talking on the phone with the TV remote hanging down between her thumb and index finger. “It needs batteries” she said. I took the remote and went to get batteries.

“MIKE!!” It was Lori this time. I headed down the long hallway to her room. She was standing in front of her opened closet. “This is all wrong!!” she yelled, “blouses go here and shirts go there!. I’m going to a party; make sure you have this fixed before I get home”.

I got the batteries, returned the remote and moved onto my next job. How could two people be so lazy and still have such gorgeous, toned bodies?

The next day I finished my afternoon chores ahead of schedule; mostly because Lori didn’t get up until almost noon. I needed a shower badly. I usually had about ten minutes before someone called for me to do something for them.

I had stepped in the shower and quickly soaped up and rinsed. My privates got a lot of extra attention; I loved the way my slippery hand felt sliding along my dick. Having a few minutes to spare, I took advantage and stroked myself hard, thinking about Tiffany, one of Amanda’s friends. I imagined her taking her clothes off, I had never been with a girl before but I saw magazines.

I quickened the pace; I closed my eyes and saw her standing there naked, red hair and tiny tits. She smiled at me and said…. “Get Out, my shower is messy and WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” My eyes popped open and saw my stepmother standing there in a towel with the shower door swung open. My cock was pointing straight up on the verge of exploding.

“N-Nothing I was just taking a shower.” I stammered. While she had never seen me in the shower before, she had come into the room at times; I knew that I wasn’t allowed to lock the bathroom door; in case someone needed something.

“Don’t give me that” she said “I know what you were doing in there, you pervert.”

I tried to deny it, I was too humiliated. It didn’t help that I was still standing there wet and naked and hard. She looked very angry but didn’t take her eyes off of my erect dick.

“Tell me what you were doing. Do I have to make you show me?”.

“No Please” I answered.

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