Evil step sister take advantage of brother

I watched the clock go by, six , seven, almost eight o’clock. The closer the time came the more nervous I got. I told myself she probably needed me to do some dirty job that’s all, but a sinking feeling wouldn’t leave.

Eight o’clock arrived and I went to the kitchen. My stepmother was there, her face was flush and her hair was a bit messed. On the other side of the room was Tony. “I have a very special job for you” she told me. “You see we’ve fallen a little behind paying our wonderful chef here. He has very generously offered to continue until I can pay him next week”.


“However” she went on, “there is something he wants in return”.

What could he want that she needed me for? I asked her this.

She answered me, “There are some things Tony and I do together as you know”.

I told her I had no idea what she meant but she told me she knew that I had heard them before and accused me being a perverted spy. I didn’t dare contradict her again, especially since she was partially correct; I had heard them.

She continued, “But what he’s always wanted to try, what he really wants to do, is beneath me. You wouldn’t want your step mother to have to do something that demeans her, do you?”.

“No ma’am” I answered, still not exactly sure what she needed me to do.

“Good” she said, “so it’s settled, you are going to let Tony fuck you”.

“WHAT?! oh no no,” I almost fainted “I can’t” I was hoping I had been misunderstanding all of this.

“Well yes yes dear” my step mother said, “You can’t expect ME to do that. And we can’t let Tony leave and not come back until next week.”

I didn’t dare ask why Lori or Amanda couldn’t do this, at least they were girls.

She instructed me, “Before anything else you will need to help Tony get ready. It may take a little while for Tony to get hard enough to fuck you since he came just before you got here. So get on your knees, he’ll get hard faster if you use your mouth on him”.

Tony walked towards me from the other side of the big kitchen. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He wanted me to see the tool he’d be using to violate me as he approached. I watched his huge limp cock swing back and forth as he took several steps towards where I was on my knees waiting. It was so much bigger than mine.

I thought about running away but I couldn’t disobey my stepmother. She knelt beside me as Tony stepped closer. His dick was level with my nose; I could smell my stepmother’s pussy on it still. Soon I knew I would be tasting it on him.

My step mother took Tony’s limp dick and pushed my head towards it. She rubbed his head along my closed, wet lips a few times. Without arguing I opened my mouth wide and took him in. I closed my eyes and felt him on my tongue. I did what I could to make this go faster; to get it over with I sucked his dick the best I could. I had never even gotten a blow job before and now I was giving one.

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