Evil step sister take advantage of brother

From behind a bush I could see Lori, she looked like she was looking for someone; me. I realized that they had expected me to be at the pool, they gave me the wrong time on purpose, probably watched me from the house until everyone got there.

I made sure to avoid Lori’s searching but I couldn’t evade Amanda as well; she was suddenly in the bush next to me. “Oh there you are” she said. “What are you doing way out here?”


She gave me a towel to wrap around me and led me past the pool near the house. I walked past the gauntlet of girls, most didn’t pay attention. Until that is, Lori met us, pulled my towel off and said. “Does everyone here know our step brother? He helped get the pool ready for us”.

Everyone looked and clapped, some girls were whistling, probably NOT because I gave them a clean pool. They only had a couple of seconds view after that since I was quick to get inside. My sisters followed me in. “Wasn’t that fun?” Lori said.

“NO” I answered.

“Well our guests enjoyed it” Amanda said.

“It was humiliating to have them all see me” I said.

“Oh? Well you better hope we don’t need you to bring us more towels later” Amanda laughed.

The towels were adequate and I didn’t go near the group again. I went to my room and etched Tiffany’s topless image into my mind. I may have been humiliated in front of a bunch of girls, but it was worth it.

I was able to catch up on most of my work the next couple days. My step sisters still ogled me but let me alone otherwise. My stepmother was expected home anytime, the house was spotless.

At about four in the afternoon a car pulled up. I was near the entrance sweeping some last minute dust as my step mother came in, followed by Mrs. Wellington and her granddaughter. I stopped and froze as they walked in, I dropped the broom and they all looked my way. After a week I had almost forgotten what I was wearing.

Mrs. Wellington look like she might faint, her granddaughter though just smiled with bulging eyes. My stepmother was beside herself. “What on earth are you wearing?!?” She asked.

I bent down to get the broom, not realizing I was giving them an intimate view of my ass. I jumped up and tuned to face them. The young girl licked her lip while her grandmother daubed her forehead with a handkerchief.

Before I could answer my stepmother, Lori and Amanda came down. Seeing the scene they turned to run back up the stairs. “What is going on here?” their mother demanded, “Why is he undressed in the house?”

Realizing the explanation sounded better when they didn’t have to tell it to anyone, Amanda sheepishly said it was my uniform. My stepmother couldn’t stop herself and let out laugh, tears in her eyes. Mrs. Wellington was outside getting some fresh air, her granddaughter remained inside though.

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