Evil step sister take advantage of brother

I imagined what her nipples would feel like and this time her pussy was shaved. A few more strokes and I would shoot onto her body. She smiled at me and said….in Amanda’s voice “HEY! When you’re done in there come to my room. I have your new uniform ready”.

I thought I had a heart attack. I stopped what I was doing and froze but it was too late. I felt my orgasm building, for a second I was glad the shower doors were frosted glass. But then; “what ARE you doing anyway?” she continued. She swung the door open just as I ejaculated. My first shot nearly hit her. She looked at my face and then we both looked down.


She stood there with the door in her hand watching as my dick throbbed and spit out semen. She saw my cum drop to the shower floor and get washed down the drain. I could do nothing but wait helplessly for it to stop. I was mortified and terrified. I was about to beg for mercy since denial was useless. But Amanda just stared wide-eyed; she didn’t move but continued to watch until my cock went from solid to flaccid.

She didn’t yell or even seem to get angry. We both knew I wasn’t allowed to do that, but she just smirked at me and shook her head back and forth as if to say “tsk tsk”. She tried to look cool and calm but I could tell she was a bit flustered if not excited. “Don’t forget to come get the uniform I picked out for you”. And she left.

From her reaction, I realized that she had probably never seen that before. Had she never seen a guy naked before either?. She and Lori both led sheltered lives; they went to private all-girl schools so it was possible she hadn’t. What about Lori?

I got dressed and went to Amanda’s room. On the way I tried not to worry about my new “uniform”. I wondered what she had come up with. A butler outfit? Wait, Oh my… she wouldn’t make me wear a French maid costume… would she? I would wear anything but that.

When I got to her room I saw her and Lori both sitting up in her bed. They had their arms crossed and were wearing big smiles. At the foot of the bed was a small box, a very small box.

“Well ain’t ya gonna open it?” Amanda asked.

“What is it, a joke?” I replied.

“No silly, it’s your uniform.” Lori answered, “You heard mom. She doesn’t want you looking all messy anymore and she put me in charge. Although I have to give credit to our sister for picking it out.”

I opened the box. Inside was … something. I lifted it up to see what it was. It was a small piece of cloth with some strings hanging from it. My face turned red and the girls laughed when they saw my reaction.

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