Moupriya fulfil her submissive fantasy with a Dom man in newyork along his hubby – Part2

Hi friends, this is the second part of Moupriya fulfil her submissive fantasy with a Dom man in newyork along his hubby Part2 in this story you will come to know what happend on next day if u have not yet read the 1st part then go threw that then read this part.

Then next day at 5.30am he wake up & called me I also wake up get fresh Mark took out a long jacket told me just to wear this nothing else .Now I will take you to show you new York early morning. so I wake up & went to the wash room which Is just beside our bed but there was no wall there was a transparent glass with white colour curtain which he was already removed last night i get fresh he was smoking a cigarette and was watching me and was taking few pics i get fresh and came out from washroom then wear the jacket he was select for me to wear. After that we went out of the hotel .Manoj was till sleeping deeply.

We went somewhere he shows me the Newyork many place then we went to a cafe for breakfast there we had tea. There we were gossiping in different topic. Finally I ask him why he make me expose to the room service guy last night .He reply you are amazing I love to expose you and feel you people regret for shout on me last eve for came bit late, which I know you people also want to be. U look amazing you must show your beauty to every 1.

I get mixed filings I look down. he also told me you people was told me u want for 24 hours but I will not return your passport until the last moment when you people will return to India. so till then I am yours master your my bitch and your hubby Is my dog. You people are going do all just I want nothing else. I told him please not to do like that. Manoj will be not like that but In my mind I was confused what to do should I make him stop or let him do all he want .He told me shut up u have submissive me yours passport visa tickets everything along with both of you last night don’t u remember or what ? I keep silent.

After complete our breakfast we was walking that area Mark took me to a sex toys shop i was so shock seen all those as 1st time I went to a sex toy shop there was many things Mark make me buy a vibrator,a remote vibrator dildo ,a normal dildo, a spanking scale 4 handcuffs ,2 blind folds ,and few more toys. I was thinking now what is his plan last night he was make me so so so wild I don’t know now what he will do? I was thinking that and was enjoying and bit scared also.

Now we were coming back to our hotel from a highway road. Where 2 big lane and forest was both side. We was crossing from there I was got pee so I told him please take me some where I can do pee I got badly .after going few away he stop the car told me to get out of car I was confused but I did then he told me to take off the coat go near side of road then do pee come back to cab and wear the coat .I was getting so shock so shame . but I was no option also as I was got pee very much so nothing to do I have to lessen to him .Finally I open my coat get nude In the road went to the side of road pee there .He took few pics of my there .

Then when I was coming to the taxi I seen he start his car and going slowly I was get so afraid & shame as I was nude there road was empty but few car was passing people was watching me I was running nude In road back to a taxi .He make me run at least 4/5 Minute .Then he stop the car I get In to the car .He threw me my coat . I was very angry but he just stop the car hold me tightly and start smooch me press my boobs so harder very badly I get melt I also start enjoying there. then he took out his dick make me suck his big giant dick I get melt like anything and start lick him give him blowjob forget everything I don’t remember anything that I was In road I was nude I was doing sex with a stranger everything he then just fuck me In his car like anything I was also enjoy there a lot then finally he came In my mouth I swallow that. Then he close his zip and i wear the coat but not tie the knot whole road actually slowly i was also start liking his nasty exposing idea .

we came back we was gossiping I told him you are so nasty naughty man. Mark ask me tell me truly what you like on me ? I keep silent for few moments then I say It was my fantasy to submit myself to sum 1 like you who can make me completely dance on the tip on his figure & and make me do anything he just want no matter what was that .Not only sex but something also your doing to me like last nit u make me & my hubby did sex In front of you then u expose me to the room service guy bang me In balcony then today here you make me walk nude In road fucked me In car all I like the way you was treating us .He just gave a smile and told me don’t worry bitch this Is just a start just wait and watch what I will make you people do more I have lots of Ideas. I told him ok sir we are all yours whatever you want I will do and will make my hubby also to do to make you happy. Mark told me good bitch you are.

Then we came to our hotel at 7;30 am we came to our room open the door came In seen Manoj was sitting nude & surfing his mobile .he ask us where we was gone? Last night mark was taken all our dress and keep In the cupboard and was locked that so he was not able to wear anything. Mark told hey dog we were gone out. Manoj told what you called me? I explain to Manoj yes honey we are still In his submissive he told he will call us dog and bitch i love this name also. Then Manoj say ok. After that Manoj told ok mark so give my dress now so that I can wear some dress he told ok and he gave him only a jockey and told me to get nude and just to wear a same colour bikini set which hardly cover half of my boobs and buts was open only string kind panty. Nothing else we was feeling little embarrassment as we was in our inners only in front of a stranger man to whom we was not knowing before 24 hours also and last evening as i was shout on him for coming delay and now the way he was controlling us but I start like his Ideas .

Mark call room service and told to give our breakfast .we was sitting In the balcony , we was gossiping .but me and Manoj was getting shame as we he was only In his jockey and I was In my one same colour bikini set .After few minute the room service guy came he told me to open the door took the food I went to the door open the door was feeling very shame but nothing to do he came Inside gave our breakfast In balcony then he gone.

While having our breakfast he told lets have our breakfast then we will go to the pool which cans b seen from our balcony down. we love to swim so I say very excitedly yes . we complete our breakfast .& mark told me just to wear the overcoat and inside a bra panty set and Manoj also to wear another over coat Inside a jockey which he was wear.. From laundry he called and ask for 1 more over coat for Mark that he wear.

Then we all 3 gone to the pool. after we reach there we came to know we cant go to the pool with our dress we have to hire dress .so from there mark took a half pant for him and for Manoj he take a short pant .For me he took a bikini which Is to cover my boobs and panty which have string only cover my pussy nothing else. I feel shame Manoj told no change It mark told shut up u dog who gave you rights to speak on me. She will wear this only. I get bit afraid and Manoj also so he doesn’t say anything else and we did change.

Then came to the pool but no one was looking to me weirdly everyone was busy among themselves, that make me bit confidence I understood it is normal here but till I was feeling shame. then we all jump to the pool there we swim after few time I don’t understand how from my back side mark was came and he just pull and my bra get open and before I could understand anything he threw that away from pool. I was so shock Manoj was not seen only what happen I put my hands in my boobs and tried to cover them and told Mark please give that he told there are 2 foreigners old lady also who was lying In the pool rest chair without bra and was taking sun bath. You was told me few hours back you will do all I want what happened now? I turn back and saw2 foreigners old lady that and understand its normal here and I am not In India.

Make my hubby also understood that then we 3 swim there for few time after that we all came out from pool like that and I took the bra which mark was thrown away and we took 3 rest chair 1 side mark lie then me then Manoj. I was lying there only In my panty I was telling mark to plz let us go from here he told no not now when I will want then. after a long again we went to pool swim for few more minutes there without my bra only In panty many people was seen me there then we came out and went to our locker and mark told not to wear us the court only me to wear the inners not to wear the coat both of us we do as he told.

we return the bikini which we hire for going to pool & I was coming In my own inners which I was wear below the coat .now from the hotel lobby I was walking In my bra panty Manoj In jockey then we get Inside the lift after few moment mark was standing of my back he directly insert his hand in to my panty and start crashing & figuring me deeply i start moan o mark please don’t do here please please lets go to room and there you do whatever you want to do with us please i was start moaning ummmmmmmmm umm aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa
he told Manoj dog how do u like all ?Manoj say i was never expect this. Mark told to my hubby dog open her bra .he say not here again please. Mark says my order is order do as I say ask her she also want this? My hubby ask me do u also want to open I was going to say no but I just look In to mark eyes & I don’t know what happen to me I told him yes please open then mark told open It dog & then Manoj open my bra In the lift only he start press my 1sIde & told Manoj to press another side they start kiss In my neck & was fingering me so badly Mark was make me so wet I get so horny .our floor came open the lift we came out I cover my boobs with my hands and ran to my room .
I only myself open my panty told Manoj also to open his jockey we get nude .then mark told me to give Manoj blow job I was sucking my hubby dick . Honestly to say after suck mark so big giant size big fat juicy dick I did not liking my hubby dick much.
so I start tease Manoj saying I want to suck our master dick he have so big your Is so small like this Manoj was telling Mou don’t say like this you like my dick all time .please suck me Mark was lying In bed his1 side I was sitting & another side my hubby was there watching.
but In that time I went near to mark dick & start lick kiss his dick top of his pant and was begging to Mark please give me your dick master please Mark was not allowing me to take out his dick from the pant so i was kissing licking rubbing my face on his dick and was keep begging and by another hand was stroking Manoj dick finally Mark open his pant i start lick kiss suck rub my face in Mark dick

I get so horny I think to let’s give some more pleasure to mark so I pull my hubby head & Insert his dick in Manoj mouth everybody was shock but later mark also like that he then force Manoj to suck him & told me to suck him together mean he was lying In bed & me & my hubby was sucking him. After some time my hubby was also start sucking him all over from his own which I got so shock. Then he wake up told my hubby to suck my pussy i lay in missionary pose my hubby Insert his tong In my clits.& mark was fucking my moth deeper and deeper with his giant juicy dick i was not avail to moan also .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..I was not able to moan also in pleasure properly.

Was simply dying. Mark told to Manoj fuck this bitch in this doggy style & then he lie In bed & I was In doggy style my hubby was banging me & I was till sucking his dick. & moaning like uufffffffffffffffff yaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaa
but my body was need of mark dick that time .after getting bang from mark I was not licking my hubby’s small dick then I told please o my master you bang me please so many times then he told Manoj to lie In bed me to sit In Manoj mouth so that Manoj can suck me In doggy style & then mark start fuck me so nicely hardly & sum time while doing that he was taking out his dick from my pussy & Inserting to my hubby mouth forcefully then & I was sucking my hubby & I was screaming also uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee I am yours slut used me like a bitchy slut am all yours like this was shouting & saying & finally when he understand he will cum he Insert his dick In Manoj mouth & cum & told Manoj to don’t threw that give my cum in your wife mouth hubby split Mark sperm to my mouth .

After that we all went to the bathroom for shower there was a big round bathtub we went there we 3 sit In 3 different side. Just beside our tub there was a big transparent glass window by which our washroom can be seen from outside very clearly mark open that windows curtain manoj was going to say him no but I stop manoj .

Now we was drinking & taking shower then he told u both are just awesome. Manoj told you are very kinky type we was not expect so much you will be. Mark told you are kinky you suck my dick .Manoj get shame then mark directly put his1 feet on Manoj chest & another leg on my boobs & told us to lick his toe finger
We feel very humiliating but don’t know why I start & told Manoj also to do. then we both was liking his toe figure about 15/20 min mark was getting so pleasure he was almost sleep after a long time he told us to suck his dick together until he comes then we both start suck him together Finally he came In tub only.
after 2 minute he told you people take shower I am done he came out from the tub but again he told to come to him he pull both of us hair from back took our face near to his dick I thought he want to make us suck him again but he start doing pee in our face body all over & he Lough & gone to the room & rub his body & get ready we was so blank not understand what to say or what to do.

anyways we both again used soap take shower rub our self and came out he open the cupboard gave me a panty a hot pant a top and he gave a t-shirt and a half pant to wear we all dressed then we was just about to go out from our room to hotel restaurant for lunch suddenly mark call me told me bitch pull down your pant I did then Mark insert the remote vibrator inside my pussy at first I was not understand what was that.
We then went to the restaurant while I was giving our food order mark was turn on suddenly the vibrator o my god that was so uncomfortable and embarrassment situation he keep turn off turn on increasing decreasing the vibration speed some time in high mode some time in low sometime in mid after we all had our food we went out we visit few place he keep play with the remote I was in so much embarrassment situation i came several times also. But I was enjoying that.

At 6 pm we came back to our hotel room I was trying to take out that remote control vibrator he told not to take out that he order us to just stay in your inners.

But I was in mood to stay nude for him I told master no I want to stay completely naked in front of you now please don’t keep us in inners. Mark told seen I make you like a true slut who want to be stay naked ok fine then both of you come to me lick my feet and beg what you wants.
Manoj was actually not wanting that so I ran immediately on mark feet start lick his feet and beg to him for please keep us naked now and make me do anything you want please again and again finally mark laugh & agree just gave us a smile Manoj was shock to me this situation’s immediately take off my bra panty and gave that to mark and told him thanks sir.

mark told Manoj to collect all our cloths and keep them in cupboard and lock that then give key to mark he did that mark took the key and gone out of room I thought he must be back with some new ideas but after wait a long time he was not came back. We were so confused what happened & all we was not understand what to do.

we have nothing to wear I have only the bikini & Manoj have only the jockey inside the washroom which we was wear at morning when we went to the pool as he already keep all our dress In cupboard. so we can’t wear also Manoj get afraid he told I think he gone as we was told him for 24 hrs so he might gone.
I told him the last night Incident that he make me a written of the note he took our passport visa tickets after listen to all we fall In tension but nothing to do.

Then what to do I told to Manoj all what he did with me last night. We were thinking what to do but nothing coming to our mind but we were confirm he will be back. After thinking a lots we was not find any solution finally we think he will be back at night may be now he has gone for some work.
we call the room service order few drinks and snacks as we have bikini & jockey in washroom but those are wet till we took those and wear those just to received the orders finally the room service guy came & serve us Manoj was taken the delivery’s recognised the room service guy he was the same guy who was came last night when I was dancing nude for mark and mark was offer him to watch my dance in few songs.
He delivers the foods he was looking for mark but he just gave a smile at me and he gone.
Then we went to couch & we was taking about him we was discussing he is the exact man whom I was looking for very dominating wild nasty naughty very kinky aged man. Somehow we get horny again we had a round of sex that was so best sex then we was watching television and having drinks.

Suddenly we listen the sound of some1 opening the door with key from outside. We saw Mr Mark was come back. I gave him a smile & ask him where was u gone? He told I have much other duty also Bitch so I went there.
Manoj also talk to him a few then Mark ask us why both of you are in bikini & jockey I was told to stay nude till I want.
We told him you was not here so. He Told us you both has broke my rule now both of you will be punish for this. Now get naked & come to me in dog & bitch position he was sitting in the couch we was in the bed,

without asking him anything we went to him in our 4 feet’s then he open his jeans he was in a half pant he told us to lick his feet we start lick his feet for a long then he told Manoj to like your wife pussy & ass hole while I was licking his feet & legs while he was taking some 1 in his phone then I was getting mad to take is big dick in my mouth I was tried also two times but he slap on my mouth after that he push me & while taking on his mobile he went to the balcony then again he call us to him instruct us with his figure in the doggy pose we again went to him there he took out his dick & instruct both of us to give him a blow job Manoj was hesitating but I push Manoj head for suck mark and give Mark max satisfaction

Mark complete his call & hold both of us head from back pull our hairs & he start insert his dick once in my mouth & 1ce in Manoj mouth then he made us suck them together. while doing this suddenly the bell rang he told come in the hotel room service guy was came to clean the room he enter the room & saw we both hubby & wife is completely nude sitting on his feet & giving him blow job.
Then after the room service guy gone. Mark came in Manoj mouth & then mark told to Manoj split my sperm in your wife mouth .after that he stand & hold our hairs & tie the lash in our neck make us walk in our 4 feet’s like a dog & a bitch to the every corner of our room like last night Mark was making me walk .then he took us to the washroom he went to the tub

Told us to give him his mobile & to do sex in the washroom floor me & Manoj we start kiss each other and mark again start record us in his mobile sit in front of Manoj start suck his dick his ball and keep saying Manoj your dick is so small I don’t like your this small dick I love mark sir dick and Manoj was feeling so hot as I was sucking Manoj small thin dick then Manoj make me lie down in the washroom floor and start suck me harder I was moaning aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooouuuuuuuu mmmmmmmmmm yaaaaaaaa harder Manoj please fuck me harder . lot then Manoj start put his dick in my clits and keep me fuck i was feeling good 1st we was doing sex in the missionary position in the floor then in doggy pose and then again in missionary pose finally after Manoj came inside me we was sitting in the floor he came to us & pee on both of us & he start laugh & told us you dog & bitch remember yesterday you both was shouting on me now you both are my pee slut we both say him we are sorry master please don’t make us remind that and make us feel embarrassment .he told complete your shower & come to the room we did as per his instruction we don’t have any other option also. so after complete sex & shower we came out.

He give me panty bra a skirt & a top & gave a t-shirt to Manoj & a jeans we wear that .then I understood now we will go for dinner it was already 8.30 pm when we was about to go out from the room he call me near to him told me to pull down your skirt and panty & he took out a that remote control vibrator & put it in my pussy I was not expected I told him please not this again he just slap in my face and smooch me ?he told me only 1 thing shut up & told me to wear my panty and skirt as it was before I obey him.
we went to the restaurant while I was giving the food order to the waiter he start control that device (remote control vibrator ) I was getting mad he was used that full time some time he was increasing the speed a lot some time normal i was just simply dying but nothing to do i was so helpless .

after the dinner we went out of the restaurant & went few place there also he keep using that way then at nigh we came to the hotel he told me to take out that device i follow his instruction then we all was gossiping normally while having drinks.

He told me bitch u start a strip dance & dog u sit in the floor give me blow & bitch will keep on dance until the dog don’t make me cum. we have no option so I wake up from bed mark start the song from our laptop & i start dance with Deedar De then Sheila Ki Jawani then Laila Main Laila
& Manoj give him blow job he took 20 minutes to cum & I did strip dance to nude dance for him after he cum he call me & told me again to lick him & make his dick hard as he want to fuck me so i start lick his dick which was full of his sperm & saliva of Manoj i suck that, mark get hard mark made Manoj lie on the corner of bed made me sit on Manoj mouth told Manoj to lick my pussy & he start fuck my ass i was just dying in the pain & pleasure of anal sex & liking my pussy .I was screaming in pleasure while fucking my ass I was tryed to say him please no stop mark but who will lessen to me mark slowly start fuck my ass then little faster .it was so pleasurable 1st time somebody fuck my ass hole .that night I was feeling am in the heaven i was screaming with pain and pleasure aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooyaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaa ummmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck me plz fuck e harder aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa some time mark was also fucking my pussy & also Manoj mouth so he have 3 holes for fuck at a same time he was doing that then he came inside my ass hole & say Manoj to lick & clean those he did after this Mark told Manoj to fuck the bitch now Manoj also fuck me for few minute and he came very fast then we all sleep in the bed.

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