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Hi, I am Moupriya Sen., If you think you like this sex story then please please do reply to me, give your comments. Am a married lady of 29 years old. My hubby Manoj Sen. is of 35 years working in an MNC in Mumbai We are very friendly, frank, open-minded, love to make friends

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I am Milind and this incident is from my first year of college. I am average looking guy, but have some knack for girls 😉 , I am 5ft 9 tall, average built and long hair. Girls generally fall for my hair. So..we were a group of friends – 2 guys and 2 girls. I

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Hi, this is Rahul with my sex story of how my friend Sanjay & I met a horny woman and had a threesome with her while I was working in Bangalore. Please share your comments. On a Wednesday night, on our way home, we stopped by at a pub for a drink, while we were

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Luke awoke a tiny bit sore the next morning—the event, the walking, the armor combat, and of course all of the sex had started to catch up with him. Laurel had definitely done a number on him too—he honestly couldn’t remember a wilder fuck in his life, or any girl that had ever wanted to